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Business Details –

  • Name: Finance of America Mortgage
  • Address: North 16th Street
  • City: Phoenix
  • State: AZ
  • Phone: (602) 463-6903
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 25000 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Finance of America Mortgage published at says, verbatim –


PCM seems friendly and helpful. And then I ran into something that even blew my agent’s mind. I had a 4000 page review on Finance of America Mortgage, but let me rewrite that and boil it down for you.If Kyren had his own  entry, I would give him 5 stars. HE deserves 5 stars. But his company killed trust and they get the 1 star.Long story short: I had a deal fall through after inspection. The appraisal that came through was fraudulent.Tail wagging the dog to get a property to be worth about $25K more than it should have.What property gains 14% weeks after it was last sold (previous buyers relisted 3 weeks after closing due to buyer’s remorse).Everybody was shocked at the appraisal using “comps” from a fancier neighborhood miles away, homes built 25 years after the one I was trying to buy.So the appraiser is a jerk and I’m handling that complaint separately. This one star isn’t for him.But what really killed trust was this sequence of events:1) Email Kyren that I’m going to complain to the appraiser. 2) Send appraiser a 4 page complaint about his appraisal and asking for resolution. 3) Appraiser writes back rather quickly with a very professional f*** you. 4) Email Kyren to tell him oh well, thanks, bye, I’m going to put buying something on hold. 5) Get back an autoreply from the company email server that I’ve been blocked as a spammer.You read that right. I got an email saying a CUSTOM RULE was created in the email system at Finance of America (evidently PCM’s parent company) that I’m a spammer and I can’t email Kyren.I try emailing Kyren from the other address he had for me. That one was blocked as a spammer too.I give up and assume that someone over there feels a little guilty about something that’s going down with the appraiser.I can only hypothesise, guess, piece some things together, etc…I can’t prove it. But I do opine and suspect that someone at PCM or the parent company whispered to the appraiser that Debbie won’t have *another* deal fall through because of a really low appraisal.Perhaps this one comes in at the contract price.And with the deal already dead and me freaking out over paying $475 for an unethical bucket of lies, perhaps the appraiser felt a little hung out to dry.And perhaps someone thought the best way to deal with me was to cut me off.Who can say, right? But it’s all very interesting, isn’t it. I think Kyren is a good guy with a good future.I trusted him. He was making me a deal I thought was good. He was helpful and attentive. HE gets five stars.But when a company or their parent company blocks both your email addresses as spam RIGHT after you complain to an appraiser. and magically you are UNBLOCKED after leaving a 1-star review. and Kyren can’t seem to figure out how this happened… peeps, I am suspicious as all hell though not of Kyren.I think he had no idea this was going on.I would not work with this company again. If I stumbled into Kyren at another company, I’d give him another shot. That’s just one woman’s opinion.28 Aug 2017 update: Biz owner leaves this reply: “You have a voicemail from me personally to go over this.”1) I don’t. I have no call, missed call, or voicemail. So, no, you haven’t contacted me.2) I don’t want to talk to you. I’ve spoken to a lot of people lately about this and about your company. There is nothing for us to discuss.Please don’t be in touch and further waste my time. I’d like this to be in the past. Thanks.2 July 2018 update: This biz is so attentive and wonderful that they JUST responded to a review I left a year ago. Are they still thinking about me? Talking about me? How creepy.


Finance of America Mortgage

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