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Business Details –

  • Name: First Community Credit Union
  • Address: Westview Drive
  • City: Houston
  • State: TX
  • Phone: (281) 856-5300
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 3698 $
  • Severity of Scam: Medium


Original Complaint against First Community Credit Union published at says, verbatim –


I have been a member of First Community Credit Union for almost a year. I have a credit card, Checking account, Savings account with a good amount in it, security deposit box, and (Car Loan) which is what I am writing this short story about.I went into see them about a truck loan I sat down, the guy pulled my credit says its no problem.I have never missed a payment I have financed six cars never a day late on the payments.I have had 2 cars in my name at the same time totaling 1300 a month in payments.So i have the credit and the history and a good score so i sit down with the guy and he says ok I got you at a 4%. If you get a credit card.I can get it down to 3.5% so i said sure so he processes the credit card first and it was no problem i was auto approved on the spot for 2000 and i did not even specify what i wanted.Then it comes down to the auto loan that I supposedly already (had) and the banker has no idea what hes doing he ask me to go get my tax returns so i do even though i know i dont have to because im a W-2 employee.I am in underwriting for an hour the underwriter sends the banker a message asking about my employment and a company i have never worked for in my life.I gave them check stubs W-2’s and 3 years tax returns. Long story short they turned me down after they conned me into a credit card.So then I go to the Dealership/Butcher which is what your (Credit Union) is suppose to protect you from.I get there they pull my credit 8 times thanks First Community, and then your not going to believe who decided to pick up my car loan at the dealer that’s right First Community Credit Union.So they were not willing to give me a loan at 3.5 for 45,000 which they said was no problem.But they were willing to give me a loan through the dealer/ butcher at 6.79% for 52000.So they let the dealer make 2 points on me which cost me an extra 5000 at the end of the loan the dealer gets 1500 of that in reserve and the credit union get the rest do not let them fool you.They should be called First Community Bank because real credit unions do not rip off their members.So i go to them ask them to refinance me because im going to buy a house from them.And the loan numbers do not work out with them ripping me off on the car loan.Now a real credit union would realize they stand to make way more on a house than a car loan.So now I have pulled my money out of their (bank) im canceling my credit card and im not buying a house from them and im refinancing with someone else.So where they could have made 20,000 in interest on me over 15 years now they that number is 0 dollars.Not only is this not a way to treat a credit union member with established credit but it is horrible business practice.If you go into the branch they have signs stating that they are trustworthy that they have integrity.When what they did to me and more than likely a lot of other members is the exact opposite of trustworthiness and integrity.If their is an employee there that has (integrity) and not just and order taker with a computer program that does not know how to pick up the phone.Feel free to call me like an adult you got my number. P.S. they might respond to this and try to justify this if they are even professional enough to check their reviews.Do not buy what they are selling there is no justifying what happened.No Regards, Christopher Cherry


First Community Credit Union

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