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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Flat Price Moving And Auto Shipping at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Flat Price Moving And Auto Shipping
  • Address: 22nd Street Northwest
  • City: Washington
  • State: DC
  • Phone: (202) 389-9997
  • Website: http://y.flatpriceautotransport.com
  • Reported Loss: 200 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely Low


Original Complaint against Flat Price Moving And Auto Shipping published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


We moved from Washington, DC to Las Vegas. Our 1-bedroom apartment and our two cars needed to make the trip. I came to Dirty Scam in May/June to find some options for movers, and I found Flat Price. The reviews were great (I don’t really think they’re all that reliable now), and the price they quoted me was too good to be true (red flag in hindsight). I decided to move forward with them.Let me get this out of the way first – the furniture move was fantastic. This review is about the cars. Flat Price contracted out to a company called US Auto Transport. From all the info I have, they’re based in or around Philadelphia. (It’s worth noting that all communication regarding the car transport came from “Flat Price Auto Dispatch,” so I’m skeptical that this is actually a separate company.) First, their dispatcher called me and informed me that they “could not bring their carrier into DC.” We arranged to meet at a Porsche dealership in Arlington, VA. The car pickup was scheduled for 6/27. The day comes, and one of the drivers of the carrier calls about an hour prior to their scheduled arrival. They’re going to be 3-4 hours late. Finally, they call us – they’re a half hour out. We make our way to the Porsche dealership. About an hour later, they’re there. We load up the cars onto the truck. The estimated delivery date is 6/30, so I make arrangements with my work colleague to meet them on 6/30 to take delivery as we wouldn’t be arriving in Las Vegas until 7/1.The next 2 days were spent with friends and family, enjoying our remaining time on the East Coast. On Friday 6/29, we receive a call from one of the drivers of the car carrier confirming the delivery on 6/30. After this, things go as wrong as you can imagine.The morning of 6/30, we receive no updates from the drivers. In fact, we have no contact from anyone from Flat Price throughout the day, and repeated calls to the drivers’ phone went unanswered. Around 11:30AM PDT, I tried calling the drivers’ phone again. This time someone answered – a security officer at Railroad Pass Casino and Hotel in Boulder City, NV. The officer told me that the phone had been left at the hotel. The scheduled delivery time, 12:00PM, came and went. Still nothing. My colleague waited for them at the designated meeting place for 45 minutes. No sign of the carrier or our cars. I start making phone calls to the phone numbers I have for Flat Price. All numbers either route to voicemail or a call center representative unable to provide any help.At 4:20PM, I sent an email to all the Flat Price email addresses I had requesting an update and informing them what I had found out from the casino security guard. At 5:00PM, Sam from Flat Price responded saying that they “are actively working on resolving this situation.” I just wanted to know two things – do they know where the cars are and have they talked to the drivers. I reply right away, asking those questions. At 5:52PM, I receive a response from Mike at Flat Price. In his response he says that my “vehicles are in the surrounding area but we just cannot reach the driver.” He went on to add that they “understand your position, but on the other side, you don’t have to be worried at all.” He told me that he wouldn’t “be surprised if driver give [me] a call directly.” That was the last we heard from anyone at Flat Price or “US Auto Transport” until the next morning.On 7/1, we make our way to Reagan National, board our plane, and fly to Las Vegas. At around 11:00AM, we land, and I have a voice mail. It was someone – it was unintelligible when they said their name — from US Auto Transport, and I needed to call him back. I do, and they give me the news – the car carrier rolled over on Saturday morning. He told me that the vehicles were totaled. He told me the accident was “south of Hoover Dam,” and he would not tell me where the cars were located, and told me to “try to call the police” to find out anything more.We do some research, and we find the cars at a tow yard in Dolan Springs, AZ. Not only that, but we find the rest of the cars that were on the carrier and the tractor and the trailer. The cars were destroyed. At first, Jordan from Flat Price told us that they would “do everything they could to make sure [we were] satisfied.” I then spoke with Nicky, who promptly referred us to US Auto Transport’s insurance company. He then offered a refund of the cost to transport the cars. (I finally got that refund 3 weeks and 2 phone calls later.)Their insurer was kind enough to let us know that US Auto Transport likely didn’t have a high enough policy limit to cover all of the totaled vehicles, and that we would be better off going through our own insurance company. They also let us know that the accident was allegedly due to poor vehicle maintenance. After paying $1000 in deductibles to cover our cars (which we never plan on getting back), our move was finally over.Long story short: use these guys at your own risk.


Flat Price Moving And Auto Shipping

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