Bond Review celebrates 3rd birthday


Today marks the third anniversary of Bond Review’s first ever article, our review of London Capital & Finance, which went on to collapse owing £240m to investors.

So far Bond Review’s three years have seen:

  • 114 reviews of high-risk, mostly unregulated investments promoted to the public
  • 380 total articles keeping you up to date with news, developments and occasional commentary on the unregulated investment world
  • 13 legal threats (not counting duplicate threats from the same scheme)
  • 0 court proceedings

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As ever, thank you to those who have donated already. The knowledge that somebody values what I’m doing is as important than the money towards the hosting costs.

Highlights of 2020

In the holiday tradition of reminiscing on the year just gone (if we really must), here’s a roundup of some of the bigger articles of 2020:

Blind item: Which EIS scheme is fraudulently claiming Advance Assurance it hasn’t got?

High Street Group CEO is ex bankrupt, legal threats against Bond Review continue

FCA did betray investors and surrender to OneCoin Ponzi scheme, BBC podcast reveals

Magna Global’s MIX2 posts £1 million loss as owner scrubs luxury lifestyle from Insta

MJS Capital update: most of investors’ £42 million written off by directors

Accumulate Capital follows Signature playbook, threatens legal action, claims 8 x 3 is not 24

Were Basset & Gold bonds risk-free after all?

Coronavirus to mean both bust and boom for unregulated investments

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