Fluid Trust plc (Fluid ISA) subject to strike-off notice

Fluid Trust plc has been issued with a strike-off notice by Companies House after failing to file up to date annual accounts since September 2020.

Unless the company files its accounts, or a creditor or other third party successfully objects to the striking-off, Fluid Trust plc will be removed from the register and all its assets will become legally property of the Government (though this can be reversed).

Fluid Trust, part of the stable of Northern Provident Financial, raised money from investors in IFISA bonds paying 6% per year. How much it has raised is unknown due to its failure to file accounts, but the company has a total of 63 reviews on Trustpilot, universally from investors singing its praises (despite the company being too new to have any real track record).

Fluid Trust took the time to reply to all of its Trustpilot reviews, which throws its failure to keep up with its legal duties under the Companies Act into starker relief.

The company has shuttered its website (replacing it with a “down for maintenance” notice), citing the restrictions on mini-bond marketing introduced after the collapse of London Capital and Finance. Fluid also abandoned its Twitter account in October 2019.

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