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Business Details –

  • Name: Fruit Street
  • Address:
  • City:
  • State:
  • Phone: +1(347) 202-1101
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 500 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Fruit Street published at says, verbatim –


The real problem currently is to differentiate between real and fake reviews. After I got diagnosed with diabetes type 2, my doctor suggested me to get a dietician who could regularly manage my diets. So, I went online and did a little bit of research about different service offerors. Fruit Street came across one of the names in managing the diets and also losing weight. On their website it is written that they offer two programs, one is monthly and the other one is annual. Since the annual one is cheaper than monthly, I opted for it by paying $500. This is where I think most of the people are also mistaken like I was. Even if the monthly subscription is a lot expensive compared to the annual one, it is worth trying because after getting service for a month you can decide further. Which is, whether to keep the service or change it! But I got carried away by reading its online reviews which, I now think are fake. After my subscription, I was given access to have a video chat with “registered dieticians.” Since I was curious about the dubious word “registered” I asked one of the people talking to me the first day, via video chat. I asked him if he could you show his certificate of registration. He said he didn’t have one. He said that he was a local dietician, who, for part-time money was associated with Fruit Street. And he wasn’t even full time with them. I put up this query with Fruit Street executive whose number I got after calling them 5 times. Fruit Street has this annoying application which is like Facebook. Where everything is available except what you need. Information, information and lots of information wherein it would take months for you to get used to it! And then too, it wouldn’t turn out to be accountable. After my talk with the executive, he apologized to me and said that they will compensate for it. But that I would have to wait for the compensation. I waited for a week, but I got no feedback from them. In the meantime, they said they will arrange for another dietician who is a real registered dietician. But then I had to wait for two weeks until I got another; that was shocking. Until then, I wasn’t given any proper diet which I had to follow. My blood sugar levels weren’t under control, it amounted to be 200 FBS and 300 in PPUS. This time too when I complain, I said I would be offered compensation. Instead when I asked them to put me through the manager and give me everything that had happened to me, in a written email. The manager was such a liar! After two or three talks, he started ignoring my calls. Later I only had the number of dietician who wasn’t registered, I tried to contact him. He started abusing Fruit Street for not having paid his dues on time. And he said that he had filed an official lawsuit against Fruit Street for the same. He recited the whole incident that happened after I complain to Fruit Street about giving me an unregistered dietician! He said that his part-time job was taken away from him because he mentioned to me that he was not a registered dietician. Also, Fruit Street had many other dieticians like him, with them and all of them worked by telling lies to their customers that they were registered, dieticians. When I was finally contacted by Fruit Street, I asked them to put this dietician back to a job and enquired about my compensation. I was told by them that the manager had been changed last week and that whatever happened with me, was to be given to them in an email. They said that I had to give all that is written within 3 days-time otherwise my subscription would be canceled. How can they do this to me? First, they don’t offer me the guaranteed services, then they don’t offer me the compensation. They do not even mention when I would be offered compensation that they had promised me. Those are all the reasons that I have in the world to term them strictly unprofessional. I wrote everything in the email and asked them to cancel my contract and give me my complete $500 back. I even asked them to take back their gifts which they had given to me i.e. Fitbit. (They do not offer you original Fitbit, the offer you a local one. Which is not waterproof and they do not inform this you any prior. Once you go back to them with a complaint, that’s when this point comes up. They replied to me instantly denying that they would offer me any compensation or cancel the contract. Instead, they said that I would have to either continue with their program with a changed dietician or lose all the money that I had paid. I wrote to them about the time that I had wasted, with the scanned photographs of my tests that were not good, after I joined Fruit Street and asked compensation for the same. No reply from the manager regarding this! The next day when I woke up, I got a call from an unknown number informing me that he is my new dietician. And that because he was a registered dietician, I had to pay him $5 for one sitting. I asked him, who gave him my contact number? He said that Fruit Street’s manager gave him my number. What kind of logic is this? Fruit Street is a total money waster. They charge you $500 and give you nothing. These guys promised me that they would work harder on my weight issues and would get it back to normal after registration. Nothing of that sort has happened yet! It’s been 4 months now and I am still waiting for my compensation, my diabetes to get in the normal range and to be consulted by a registered dietician without paying extra. This is all because I fell for that fake reviews that are mentioned online about Fruit Street. They all are fake! Please do not trust them. Later did I learn about how brands post fake interviews to boast about themselves! Fruit Street is one such brand. They do not offer any satisfactory service according to their promise. After a few days of this incident, I was contacted by another person, who said that what had happened to me was nothing strange. This is what Fruit Street had done with him as well. I asked him if he got any compensation, he said no. He even said that Fruit Street regularly used to charge him $5 for getting him consulted from a registered dietician. This is absurd! When I asked him what was his dietician’s name? He told me the name of that dietician who told me that he was not a registered dietician. Fruit Street charged him with $500 extra than the annual fees. He said that he wasn’t even given the free Fitbit after two classes. Instead, he was even charged for that too. When he denied, that he didn’t want it because they were charging him $10 extra than the regular one by telling him that this one had extra features, they told that he had to take it otherwise, they wouldn’t treat him. Not only was this guy conned by Fruit Street and charged extra, but also was his diabetes report not normal, even after getting associated with Fruit Street for a year. I wonder what is the efficiency of Fruit Street, and based on which they lay such claims openly on their website! And who writes positive reviews about them on the Internet. In reality, their firm is a cheat. They conned that person, they have conned me. Later I also learned that their old manager, whom I was told had left Fruit Street was still with them. This was told to me by my colleagues who also wanted to report with me against Fruit Street’s injustice that they too had to face through. Please beware of such ongoing Internet frauds by companies such as Fruit Street that promise you services and grab your money. Once the money is in their accounts they run away. Their services turn out to be fake ones. And their employees are just like their managers, they are all fraudsters. I wonder how many such $500 would have been present in Fruit Street’s manager’s account! And how many lawsuits are filed against Fruit Street? Never take into account positive online reviews that are full of sweet words. They are all trap and crap. Along with this other person, I have filed a lawsuit against Fruit Street for robbing us of $500 each, in the name of bringing our diabetes level to a normal range and decreasing our weights. We are going to see that Fruit Street suffers for all the bad deeds that they have done to us.


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