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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against General Steel Corporation at


Business Details –

  • Name: General Steel Corporation
  • Address: West Bradford Road
  • City: Littleton
  • State: CO
  • Phone: +1 800 745 2685
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 2000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against General Steel Corporation published at says, verbatim –


I ordered an 18′ x 22′ prefab steel building from General Steel and hired a contractor to erect it. When the contractor started doing the work, he discovered design issues that required modifications to the building.The 1st modification included two steel plates to fill space (1″) between two flanges that weren’t spaced correctly. To this, I questioned the modification because adding two steel plates could potentially compromise the integrity of the structure. I asked him to provide proof from engineering that the modification was acceptable and did not compromise the structure, however, she told me she was unable to forward the written authorization that was supposedly received from the engineers. It was a bit weird she could not share the approval she received from the Engineers. But I let it pass under my nose.After the addition of the two plates was made as she wanted. And about which I was skeptical. The contractor discovered a second design flaw which required adding two steel channels because the overhead door did not have enough clearance to open. Since then, I have sought legal advice and have requested written detail of these modifications but have yet to receive them. After I received no logical explanation of the first question that I had asked, I became more sceptical than I am with anyone whom I have hired for the first time, but who provides me a logical explanation to my questions.Even this request of mine, however, did prompt General Steel to add yet another channel because apparently their 1st modification wasn’t strong enough. The building providing by General Steel is not structurally sound and doesn’t match the plans I originally signed off on. They are not willing to provide proof that the modifications were in fact approved by the engineers, the same engineers that created a flawed design in the first place.After that I had ordered a 30 x 40 building from General Steel and from the start they knew it was intended for Lincoln, NE. They assured me that their engineer was qualified to provide me with acquit blueprints to build with. I was told by the city officials that the snow load 25psi was not correct and I was denied my building permit. I contacted general steel to cancel the building and was told to late you must pay for it. I also asked that the engineering dept. Try to fix the prints so I could obtain a building permit and be told they might be able to but haven’t heard anything from them. I am already out $5000 for a down payment and after Friday it will jump to $ 23, 000. If their engineering department is qualified to do prints in other states then why did they not know about the snow load where this building is to be put up, and why can’t I get any help from them in regards to fixing the problem so I can build.General Steel has not fulfilled my request as there appear to be more modifications to my building but there is massive confusion at their organization. While I thought that my project was completed weeks ago, Engineers decided to add a third channel because the initial modification that included two channels wasn’t enough. I just received an email this morning stating there are TWO more channel braces that need to be added, not just a third, but a third and a fourth. Additionally, I have not received anything from General Steel stating my warranty is still valid despite the modifications. Their statements, my request “has been fulfilled by General Steel”, “BBB should be able to consider this matter resolved”, “General Steel has received his desired solution”, and ‘this response is sufficient for the BBB to close this file” is totally false and misleading. This matter is far from being resolved and General steel is making false statements.In return for my written emails, all I get from them is just verbal assurances. Not legit has been purposely given to me so that I cannot sue them. Good were those days when a person whom you physically knew or your friend physically knew was someone whom you trusted and gave the responsibility for engineering the place which you call home. These days anybody and everybody is so busy calling themselves certified builders and engineers and god knows what that it is almost impossible to differentiate the original ones from the fraudsters. The only way to know it is to experience it. And to experience it is to mean that you are subjecting the place which you call home, open to experiments in the hands of novices. This I think is inevitable and whether it is technology that has made this condition fall apart of just these kinds of fraudsters who existed back then too but you did not have to face this just because all the work happened in front of you and only the known ones were given the opportunity is completely different question altogether. But today these sorts of things are happening and in 8/10 cases people aren’t satisfied so, yes! Something has definitely changed that makes you hear 8/10 cases of dissatisfaction. Back then it was really opposite. Then you had 8/10 cases who were satisfactory. Even if they weren’t satisfactory, people who were blamed for dissatisfaction apologized and guaranteed to fix what wasn’t fixed. Nowadays even that is not happening.I asked General Steel for compensation or for fixture of the mishandling that they had done. But nothing fruitful has turned up yet and I know it won’t form the kind of attitude with which they talk with people, it is almost as if, we are obliged in appointing them and not that they are obliged to work for us. This shift in these times compared to those is very bad and I strongly recommend you guys to beware of these fraudsters who call themselves General Steel.


General Steel Corporation

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