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Business Details –

  • Name: Glo Medspa
  • Address: East Shea Boulevard
  • City: Scottsdale
  • State: AZ
  • Phone: (480) 245-6881
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 3000 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Glo Medspa published at says, verbatim –


Glo Medspa has been nightmare to me since the day I had my social security number with them. I am trying to get my medical records which is “my right” and I was sent a very strange form. I was advised to not fill out that form, even wanted my ss# and related to alcohol on it??!! My legal consultant said that they have dealt with medical release forms and this was not what I should sign, and to read the small print at the bottom.I have questioned Charles attitude toward me because instead of dealing with the issue at hand he criticizes and then says he will block you from his email. If you bring up his past issues with licensing, you will be blocked.I went to a different Med Spa to get botox, they asked me how I had heard of them, I said a friend recommended me because I had a bad experience with another place.I said I didn’t want to get into details because I did not want to look like a person that rips on businesses. They said “Oh,was it GloMed”? My jaw hit the floor. I was literally shocked they asked me that. And at that point I knew something was not right. I was told just wait, he will treat you like you did something wrong and then block you, he will insult you or act like he does not know you. Part of that had already happened to me….I had not written a review, but after he blocked me yesterday for questioning him again, here is my review!I really think a business owner should “own” their mistakes and definitely refund a clients money if the service that was paid for was not performed correctly. I would, and I have refunded a clients money and made the service correct when I owned a salon for over 25 years.I spent a lot of money on the ultrasound machine that was supposed to break down your fat…..Charles then claimed the machine was not working properly and I should have seen results. He was given a new machine, and offered me 3 new sessions with the new machine (which I thought was a good business move)then after one session,I got an email that he took the liberty to cancel my other two sessions because he said his employee said I was complaining about all the extra time I had to spend there getting it re-done….? What???? Does that even make sense? Then when I questioned him on that because I adored his employee and could not see her saying anything like that, he then made reference to my eating and drinking habits….that was the reason the ultrasound was not working. THAT was the final insult. I am not a big girl…I don’t have eating and/or drinking issues, I just have stubborn areas that I wanted zapped.I then had a legal consultation and I will be seeing Charles in small claims court to get my money refunded. No one should be treated this way in any business. And even if I had complained about my time, what does he care…..he told me the machine was not working correctly and I should have seen results.BTW….he then sent me an email saying he had diagnostics done on the old machine and it was working properly all along…..hmm……which one is it? The machine? My mystery complaining? My eating and drinking? Because I would like my 3000 back!*************UPDATE AFTER RESPONSE FROM CHARLES*********************Verbal abuse? I think you are confusing rude with stating the facts. I was not rude to you.Commenting on a public review site about giving me free services just solidifies the fact that you once again do not think your service that I paid a large amount of money for had results. So telling me I was rude is not going to change the fact that I still have the emails from you telling me why you cancelled my appointments. In fact I am not sure I have ever been called rude in my life.Like I said in my review I thought your employee was adorable and we got along fabulously. I am not sure when it went from point A to point B with you as the business owner. Meghan is a fabulous aesthetician and if I was so rude, why did she ask me to come in and be her model? I even sent her a text saying I no longer feel comfortable coming in there after this whole scenario…. So if you offered me free serviceswhy would you do that if you felt your machine was working correctly? I also recall asking your employee “wow, because of this machine not working correctly how many people do you have to re-do?” Her answer was “oh we are only re-doing a few” What about all the other people that spent money on this service with a broken machine? Do they know it was broken? Why did you come to me and ask me to talk to you and show you my treated areas? Then said they were not any different? Verbal abuse and Rude….hmmm


Glo Medspa

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