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Business Details –

  • Name: Goldline, LLC
  • Address: Santa Ana Avenue
  • City: Fontana
  • State: CA
  • Phone: +1 (877) 376-2646
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 4000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Goldline, LLC published at says, verbatim –


I am not an expert in investments. However, I was advised to roll over my IRA funds to gold coins. I took that advice and contacted Gold Line to understand the prices and returns. The sales person was polite in the beginning but that was only until I made the payment.They also provided me the details of their buyback value and how it could be beneficial to me. I again listened to them and invested a lot of money that I did not even plan to invest. The sales person was too cunning, that is for sure I know now.However, I got to know how they cheated me only after I received my first statement. According to the statement, the value was 40% less than of what I had invested. Is that possible with gold to happen in a month’s time?They never provided me the number of coins that I paid for. When I called them, the person on the other end was fast talking and I was not able to understand any bit of it. It was not the way I was welcomed before.I asked them about the statement and he continued saying that it was the price for the month. This is insane. The prices of gold were at peak at that time and in no case, this would have been the difference in the prices that I funded and the amount that the statement reflected.These people are cunning and scammers. They overcharge for their coins and then provide the statement with the current pricing making a huge difference in the profit only for themselves.I also purchased the specialty card from them. It was a 1/10 ounce bullion bar. I made the payment in full and it arrived after a weeks’ time. I even checked it with a jeweler and he showed doubts about the quality of the bar.I am completely ripped off by these frauds. The company is overpriced and cheating its customers by false pretense. In short, they make customers believe in something and then scam them by taking the money that they never provide coins for.I have checked other Goldline reviews here and they all are screaming with pain. Some of them lost thousands of dollars because of these idiots. The company is making illusionary claims and is putting its customers in trouble.I wish I had researched about this company online before giving my money to these guys. I am not in a position to advise others as I am the one who made the wrong decision. However, I want to warn customers not to deal with this company.Any other company would provide a better price than this company. If you want to save your time and money, this place is not for you. I am going to write about these scammers on every portal possible. At least, they should know that we are dumb. These guys took me for granted once, now they will never have the opportunity to serve me in future.


Goldline, LLC

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