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Business Details –

  • Name: Grant Cardone
  • Address: Northeast 29th Avenue
  • City: Aventura
  • State: FL
  • Phone: +1800-368-5771
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 185000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Grant Cardone published at says, verbatim –


Cardone Capital is owned by Grant Cardone and it’s a dubious investment scam. You would be churned and burned out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.I am one of the victims who bought Grant Cardone course paying tens of thousands of dollars for a corporate plan and I got nothing. This was the most dreadful experience of my life.When my company was already suffering from a lot of trouble and sales problem, this investment made the entire situation fall apart and asked me get in touch with cardone capitalI am a businessman and likes to invest in things after proper investigation, especially when things are working against my direction. I was happy to find that the website has so much to showcase.When I was in the middle of a breakdown, my friend suggested me to look for the cardone capital which I was skeptical in the beginning, however, after visiting his website and knowing that the reference was from a very close friend, I could not stop the excitement to join the course.I checked so many experts offering their precious knowledge on entrepreneurship and sales that I could not resist. I also checked the price which was too high for an individual course for a year’s subscription. There was no mention of the corporate plan on their website and I had to contact the team to know about the same.At first, I was taken back after listening to their subscription cost. But, my friend also suggested that the results would compensate for the investment in very little time. Getting his feedback was the first thing that encouraged me to move forward.The thing is, my friend was not an entrepreneur. He had known about the course by some digging and was no expert to suggest the same. However, I ignored those details and the website did play its charm.I paid them a lot of dollars for subscription of 5 months. I cannot talk about the price as they made me sign the terms and condition which mentioned that I should not share it with others.But for you to know, it was huge. If I could have used it for something worthful, I would have been doing great in my business. I failed myself and my employees. I made the worst decision of my life by enrolling for the course.After I made the payment, the course was made available to us online. It was huge and a lot of information was shared through the online portal. In the beginning, I found it difficult to go through all the details. But paying so much came with some liabilities. I had to complete the course for making my sales bigger and profitable.When I started reading through the pages, I found that the course was only to mislead people. There was nothing useful included. It felt as if a rough note taken by the school student.They had everything in it that you can find on Google. They have not even tried to mend things to suit the course requirement. The entire program was full of crap and nonsense.Only after three months, I got irritated. Waiting for something important to pop up, I invested 3 months going through every section of the course in detail. And, I got nothing.I even asked my friend about what he found so special about the course and he had nothing to explain. He said that it was just a mere suggestion which he came across on the internet and found Grant impressive and the course seemed legitimate and worth the money.Listening to that would have given me a heart attack. My friend was sorry too. But, that would not have gotten back my money and time. I was already short in my funds. This course made things more complicated.Also, one thing that I noticed during the course made me sure that the course was a scam. When I enrolled for the course, they said that there were not many mentors present and I will have to communicate with Grant cardone for any clarification. This seemed okay until I discovered that Grant is full of shit. He uses all the bad words and make people feel bad about themselves.Grant never answered my questions. I further googled about him and discovered that he was a drug addict and got sober when he was 24. He also has mentioned in one of his videos that he worked as a car salesman when he was in college. He failed at that too.He talks about his hard work and commitment which has gotten him where he is today. But this is also not true. From where I can see him, he is no different from any of the scammers out there.It makes me even angrier to know that I trusted a con artist and made things worse for myself. The only way he can earn money is through scamming people.He only responds to encourage you for payment for the course. Once you make the payment, he won’t bother about your problems. At least this is what he did to me.After three months, I decided to unsubscribe for the course. I was looking forward to the refund for the remaining month which I did not utilized. He should have easily paid back the two months cost. However, he does not have any refund policy.It was mentioned somewhere in his huge terms and conditions copy which seemed hidden from the rest of the clauses. He did not even bother to tell me if that was the case while I was paying a huge amount for the course.Not just this, the employees at the Grant Cardone’s company Cardone Capital are no different from their master. These people do not feel anything while abusing you.When I asked for the refund, I was given a lot of cusses. The employee told me that I should rather subscribe for a year’s subscription to get the full benefit. However, I had made up my mind. I knew that the course was worth nothing.When he realized that I was not going to pay any further, he stopped being polite and made me suffer a lot before he cancelled the subscription. He also did not inform me about the refund.After getting a mail for cancellation of my subscription, I thought that the money for the remaining month would be refunded to my account in few days.After waiting for a month, I called back to know what happened to the refund. That is when I was told that the refund policy is not there in the clause.I was taken off the course and they kept the payment for those extra months. Isn’t this complete scam. If I would have known something like this will happen, I would have unsubscribed after two months. My money was already paid.I had few arguments with the representative and he finally decided to disconnect my call without providing me any answer or meaningful reason for the same. I have never felt used like this before.There is more to the agony. After cancelling the service, these guys started spamming me everywhere with their ads and calls. Either it was online or offline, they made sure to use every medium to torture me with their marketing ads and calls. One salesman even said that I was keep fucking calling you until you pay for the course.What kind of salesman uses these kinds of words to sell their products? There is no way I am going back to Grant Cardone.He is cunning, selfish, self obsessed, fraud and whatever bad you can think of. He pushed me back in my business to years’ time. I was more confident than today when I first started my business.I had backup plan. But, this guy, he left me with no choice. I had to seek assistance and look for investments which I was not in favor of. I had to break my own rules to stay in the business.And, all this had no change in the Grant’s attitude. I sent him mails explaining the problem he got me into and he still had no politeness to at least reply to that mail with an apology.I know that he won’t refund my amount, but I want to warn others. I have found out many reviews that have been pushed back by his reputation management team. He knows how to play the trick and keep his reputation clean to lure customers.However, this won’t take him very far. He would be caught for sure. People have started talking about his flop course and the word will spread soon. I have ignited the flame and wish that it reaches everyone on the internet and beyond that.If you are reading this, please try to check in detail about this man before handing over your money to this fraud.Grant Cardon is arrogant and nonsense mentor. He only knows how to lie and make people believe in his fake stories of success and growth. You will repent later.So, be cautious when talking to this man, he knows how to impress.


Grant Cardone

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