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  • Reported Loss: 1500 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


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It is true that I was also one of the victims of Grant Wise and his modern age mastery course. I was fooled by his sweet talks. And, that is the reason why I needed to write this review. I am an individual with clear focus and I have always known what would help me establish my career and what won’t. This was the first time I failed at understanding what this course is all about and paid for it.I am not worried about the money I invested. A little, may be. But I am not a person who would stay silent after finding out that there is a fraud artist hiding behind these useless courses and manages to sell it to people around the globe. This is ridiculous. And, I am very well determined to ensure that the word reaches to everyone until this guy is banned from selling such crap courses and for such a huge amount. I would have given him the benefit of doubt and would have thought that may be his intentions are to train basic skills (although which is lacking as well), if and only if, he had used a small amount of fee for his course. Because after paying such a huge amount, we do expect a legitimate and useful course.First of all, the course wasn’t at all informative. It has very limited content and what they teach about Facebook ads is not even the minimum you would require to strategize your campaigns. There are many students whom I was able to connect with through the Facebook group who mentioned about the same problem. Some even had doubts that the course was not enough to supply them what it promised. They had very bad experience like mine. So, I can very well say that I am not the only one who believes that the course wasn’t useful or lacked the right and sufficient information.They had this worse sales strategy where they ask you to opt for a sales call. I mean, I know there is nothing wrong in that. But leading to something that is all crap is a serious problem. Moreover, the sales people are very pushy. They would do anything to make sure you join the program. They will promise you world. They will give you examples of individuals with names only. There is nothing more to prove and that makes it a real fishy deal. I remember, one sales rep calling me and telling me that I can make my business the most popular brands across Facebook. He told me that there are many businesses that have been using Grant’s help in building their profit and the same skills will be taught to all of us. He said that he won’t be able to tell names of those businesses because of privacy issues. And, promised that I would be getting the same help after learning from the course. He made it feel like the amount was so little and the benefits were tremendous.The presentations will awe you in minutes. The ones that present on the website. Grant is master of words, I guess. This is the reason why many people still feel that the failure was because of their incompetence.There are many others ways to find out that I am not making fake claims. If you would check the subscribers list on YouTube, you would find it very disappointing. Someone making such huge claims should be having at least tens of thousands of subscribers. In reality, he has not even 3000 subscribers. What a shame?Also, the Facebook page isn’t complete. With this I mean that the page has improper details and lacks a lot of information that makes it look like incomplete. Instead of all the great talks that he has done in his videos, not many people happen to buy his shit. The words travel fastest in this universe, I think. People are getting the real picture of this Grant wise and his course. I have right reasons to accuse this guy and I was so disappointed after completing his course that I wanted all the amount back that I spent on this course.But as you know, the way these scammers work. They will always find a reason to deny the approval of refunds. I wrote emails and made calls to Grant who used to ping me and answer my calls before I joined the course and he seemed unreachable. All the time, yes, all the time. If he is friendly to you, that is for a reason. Once you give him what he wants, you are no different than a stranger he hasn’t spoken to yet.Mark my words, this all happened to me. After realizing that I had made mistake. I checked for online reviews. It was hard to find the true ones and most of them are done by his own people. He must have paid people for writing those impossible reviews about his course. So, I looked more carefully until I found out so many bad things that people have mentioned about him.I am sure that he is deleting the ones on his Facebook account and the ones posted by real people on his website. They seem so clear and lucid. This guy is nonsense and his course isn’t any different. I can give it to you in written that he would scam you for all your money.The online presence of this guy is also not very impressive. The videos have low quality sound and images. The content is too boring and seems unreadable. You would opt to read your course book from your school thrice before looking at what this guy has to sell. I used to believe that the course books were the utmost boring thing happened to me until I read Grant’s content.So, beware of this guy and his modern agent mastery course. You will only repent.


Grant Wise

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