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Business Details –

  • Name: Great Directions PRP – Scott Moore
  • Address:
  • City:
  • State:
  • Phone: 490002080
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 725 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Great Directions PRP – Scott Moore published at says, verbatim –


“GREAT DIRECTIONS DECEPTIONS” SCOTT MOORE IS A SCAMMER!I first encountered Scott Moore and his dodgy company Great Directions (Great Deceptions) in 2013. At the time I was receiving PRP treatments with NHI (National Hair Institute) from a Dr Barry White.Scott Moore was his business partner and it was during this period where Dr Barry White decided to take all his patient’s money, declare bankruptcy and flea overseas.Scott then took over the business and rebadged it as ‘Great Directions’. At first Scott seemed like a decent enough guy but as time went on his started to show his true colours and his dodgy ways. Scott has stolen $725 dollars from me and I have warned him to refund it or I will contact ACCC/Fair trading etc.Scott being the weak character he is, refused to refund me and subsequently I notified both associations.THIS IS A WARNING TO ANYONE THINKING OF PAYING SCOTT MOORE AND HIS DODGY COMPANYBetween the years of 2013 and 2018 I have witnessed incredibly dodgy actions of Scott Moore.BEING SHUTDOWN/DOOR CLOSURESThroughout the said period Scott relocated the clinic to 4 different locations in NSW alone (2 in Edgecliff, 2 in the Potts Point/Kings Cross area and 1 in Petersham). All of these Clinics have been shut down or Scott has abandoned them on very short notice. In addition to this his VIC clinic was also shut down and he has resorted to conducting PRP sessions in his apartment in both NSW and VIC.Why is it the case that Scott keeps relocating?Scott would have you believe it’s because he constantly gets broken into, the landlord locked him out and is dodgy, his staff screwed him over and took all his equipment…..and on the excuses go.Some patients have claimed online it’s because Scott is operating a ‘medical cosmetic procedure’ in a retail shop fit out and not advising the council/his land lord as to what he is doing.Once they find out they end up kicking him out. Other suppliers have claimed Scott doesn’t pay his bills…that being the case perhaps he doesn’t pay his rent?He’d have you think the lack of signage is to be discrete of hair loss though my opinion is that Scott is trying to hide his location and keep it hidden from his landlord and Council what he is up too.WHERE ARE ALL THE NURSES?Scott use to have a lovely nursing team that worked for him. They were professional and you felt like they knew what they were doing when they took blood. When Scott would practice in Melbourne his staff in NSW would be relieved and often would tell me they are so happy they were that he wasn’t there. The reason this was the case is because he is a bully who would harass his staff and talk down to them and belittle them in-front of customers.I personally witnessed this on numerous occasions and was disgusted and embarrassed to see him talk to them this way. Over time its seems any one with medical qualifications have distanced themselves from Scott Moore. With no Registered Nurses to take blood what did Scott do? Well, he decided to give it a go himself.Despite the fact you can search Scott’s name and clearly see he is not recognised by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency he insists he is able to take your blood and then reinject it back into your skull and and does this without even wearing gloves (as I said previously he is even willing to also do it in his apartment).I am deeply concerned for the way Scott has conducted these procedures and have personally seen my G.P to get a blood test to ensure I have not contracted any infections due to the questionable locations and nature by which Scott works with blood.My G.P was horrified to hear about this and said this sounds like a serious health concern to the Public and to immediately report him to NSW Health Care Complaints Commission. When I contacted them they were also very concerned by what I told them and are now looking into this further.SCOTT’S FALSE STATEMENTSScott states that he has a 100% money back guarantee on his website. A mere google search of his name followed by the word ‘scam’ will uncover multiple complaints where Scott has taken customer’s money and then did a runner without providing them for the services they paid for or a refund.I have made a complaint to both the ACCC – SCAMwatch and the Department of Fair trading against Scott Moore and Great Directions in relation to Scott requesting $725 from me (via a cardless cash pay method) only to not provide any services and refuse a refund after his Petersham Clinic was shutdown.He offered an alternative of providing PRP in my house which I refused and then he ironically tried to make me feel sorry for him after he stole my money by sending me a text message saying he has been broken into the second time in a month and is now living in a Salvos homeless shelter (he also sent me a picture of the shelter via text).Scott has sent messages stating that he had to increase his prices as a doctor would have to be present to watch him take the blood and he would have to pay for this service. Of course he happily took in the gold rush of last minute cheap rate sales the jacked the prices up but funny enough the doctor never was there. In my last session with Scott he said that the rules changed again….ACCC might also be interested in this one too.Scott claims that he can’t access the numbing cream in bulk anymore and if you want to numb your head before he attacks it with needles you better supply your own and apply prior to the session. If he cannot even provide numbing creaming to reduce the pain in his procedure then there is another red flag questioning how legitimate is he.Scott always requires upfront payment before you get your treatment. Unfortunately he tends to cancel on you last minute (centrifuge broken, injecting gun broken, broken into again, the chair is broken….etc.etc.) There is always a reason as to why Scott can’t do the procedure.Ironically if you ever cancel your session on Scott within 24 hours of when it was to take place he just takes your money with no refund. I once rang ‘Princess’ (one of the nurses who use to work there) in the morning prior to a session I was to have that evening to tell her I had to cancel because I had a cold (Scott won’t allow you to have PRP if you have a cold) and he still took my money with no refund for this session (at the time it was in excess of $200)There are so many dodgy stories of Scott being kicked out of residential/commercial buildings for trying to conduct PRP in them and also taking people’s money and not providing a service that it is not funny.Scott said to me in a text message when stating that he was broken into for the second time in two months“I must have seriously screwed someone over in a previous life”.I think Scott almost hit the nail on the head with that statement though he should have dropped “a previous”.With the money Scott stole from me I hope he buys himself a 1 way ticket to Kazakhstan because I’m one of many of the balding men chasing him out of town and it appears Scott’s lies and mistreatment of his patients is finally closing in on him.


Great Directions PRP – Scott Moore

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