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Business Details –

  • Name: Health IQ Reviews
  • Address: East Charleston Road
  • City: Palo Alto
  • State: CA
  • Phone: 1 800-549-1664
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 2000 $
  • Severity of Scam: Medium


Original Complaint against Health IQ Reviews published at says, verbatim –


I heard about the Health IQ Insurance on a podcast and really liked it. I got their number from the same advertisement and called them for the quote. They provided me a quote which was expensive than my current insurance policy. I requested them for some concession or rebate, but it did not work out. They did not make any deduction in the final quote and I disagreed to go with them. When I asked them for the quote, they asked me to fill a form on the website with some personal information. I did that.Apart from the high price, I also had problems with the representative whom I was talking to. The guy was hostile and very pushy. He insisted me to take the policy many times and called me at odd hours. Whenever, I rejected to talk or opt for the policy, he got hostile and the anger was visible in his voice. This made me sceptical too. Finally, I said him ‘NO’ three times in a row to stop him from calling me.When I rejected the policy, I thought I was over with it. But, soon after the form filling, I started receiving advertisements on my Facebook account. Those were not genuine ads, but clickbait pictures of women taken from proactive angles of camera. It was disturbing, and they started bombarding me with those pictures many times around the clock. It was clear from the pictures that the models were fake and were impersonating the female athletes.I was not in a mood to go through that representative’s call, so, I left them a message on their Facebook account. In return, I received a sponge bob’s gif. It was not funny at all. Later, I found out that they were not a direct policy selling company, but they sold the personal health information of customers to others. After I filled their form, I started getting spam messages from various other agencies offering insurance policies.Health IQ Insurance is a spam king and it provides high priced policy which is good for nothing. You can find a lot of other policies with much less price with other insurance provider. Health IQ can only jam your accounts with never ending spam messages.I would never suggest this company for any given reason. They called me lot of times when they wanted me to buy their policy and when it came to help me with the spam messages, they tried to play smart. This company is a scam and more importantly, a headache. If you ever come across their form, close the window right away. If you share your information, you would be frustrated the same way, I happened to become.They won’t provide any useful information, but would feed on your personal data to bug you all the time. Save your personal information and beware of this spam master. Health IQ is a trap. Think before contacting them.


Health IQ Reviews

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