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  • Name: HMR Program
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  • Phone: +1800.418.1367
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  • Reported Loss: 1000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


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I started the diet plan with HMR Diet Program the last month. I was super excited. My friends had learned about it from the internet. While I was not ready to take up another disappointment, the internet reviews were all so awesome that I could not stop giving it a shot. However, I made the huge mistake. These reviews are not for real it seems because I had a completely different experience with this program.When I first started the diet plan, I felt okay for the first three days. I was able to keep up as the meal plans were small and there were shakes which did taste good but always left me craving for more calories. I started feeling weak only after three days.I felt as if I was not taking complete meals. My energy levels were too low and I was not able to sit in my office for the entire day. Only after a week I stopped going to gym as I always felt tired. After reaching home, I had to take extra medicines for energy and vitamins. My doctor whom I visited after a week told me that my blood pressure was low too.In the entire week, I had followed everything as mentioned in the plan. I never had anything from outside. I was cooking my meals in between and the smoothies were also fine until I realized that these were not enough to provide me the necessary calories as per my daily intake. This went on for another week.I have to say that I could not hold on to the plan. My body gave up. I was not happy with the results. I checked my weight too. After two weeks, my weight was the same. To be honest, I gained a few here and there. My jeans got uncomfortable. I was not able to breathe in my clothes.And, these HRM diet recipes were all bland and not at all tasty. It was difficult for me to eat them whenever I prepared them. I had to literally put them into my stomach quickly. I was very positive about getting results as everyone on the internet seems to be getting. But, my case was entirely different. Or, should I say that this is the only true review about the HMR diet before and after results.I was taken aback. This is not the end. I also had problems of indigestion when I continued to take the HMR weight loss shakes. I am not at all happy with the entire experience. These guys are liars. I have been in the most difficult situation. I paid this program for a healthy lifestyle and they made me gain calories. I did not even lose a single pound. On the other hand, I gained one pound.After getting on the weighing scale, I was completely shocked. I tried to consult someone from the program and I was advised that this program must be completed for a month to find the results. And, the weight gain which I mentioned to them was temporary as pert their understanding and they told me that this is my body preparing to lose calories.I was so dumb to follow their instructions for one complete month. I did continue the HMR diet recipes and took the shakes for the complete one month. I was curious about looking at the weight as they had suggested me to check my weight only after the diet plan in complete for a month. According to them, few here and there would create negativity and the program may not work as supposed to work.The diet plan was completely useless. I gained three pounds after one month. The cravings never stopped and started looking weak and tired. I stopped the diet program and in a week my weight was reduced to few pounds. I was eating much healthier than what HMR suggested.I had to start my gym and work out for extra hours for reducing my weight to what it was before I started the HMR diet plan. It took me 15 days to come back to the previous weight. I would not recommend this useless program to anyone and would suggest not to use it.


HMR Program

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