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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Impact Builders at


Business Details –

  • Name: Impact Builders
  • Address: Campbell Drive
  • City: Tuskegee
  • State: AL
  • Phone: +1 (334) 663-5230
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 10000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Impact Builders published at says, verbatim –


It is regarding the remodeling of a 1350 sqft space into a restaurant. The project, for which, I went into a legal contract with the company named, Impact Builders LLC. The legal contract had a deadline which asked Impact Builders to complete the project within two month time. The project starts like any other and we had one or two dealings with Impact Builders LLC. I have an intuitive mindset and get to recognize people within dealing or two. I did not get good vibes about the Impact Builders LLC project manager. Mr. Byron was always suspicious about money. I could understand, his inquisitive nature. But sometimes his curiosity was far beyond any explanation that a sensible man could ever understand. These vibes started to flow around me after we met at Frank Walker’s home. We had decided to meet there to negotiate the final rate of the dealing.The contract was sealed and notarized by a public officer. Mr. Byron, of course, represented Impact Builders LLC at that meeting. He was curious about keeping milestone payments in the project! Once or twice he had also hinted an advance payment. Anyways the terms of the legal contract had a two-month deadline for Impact Builders LLC and in return, I had agreed for a payment head start and then paying on check posts. It was when our first and second payments were made as per the legal contract, I still remember, that Mr. Byron’s suspicion got to its peak.When you do not know a person, or only know him/her by the dealings that you make. You have to judge him by how he deals with you. For judging Mr. Byron, I always used his behavior at the meetings that we’ve had! Even while making these payments, Mr. Byron use to always call us a few days before and use such sorts of ways to keep on check on us or, maybe, his payments! Even after going into a legal contract, he used to doubt us. Anyways after the second payment that was made as per the legal contract, Mr. Byron, god knows what came to his mind, asked for the third payment in advance! He wanted the payment to be made, before the work that was decided to be completed before making the third payment!From our end, we did write a five day later check to Impact Builders LLC to test Mr. Byron and his boss, Frank Walker. And the cards just came outright. Day later, Mr. Byron calls for a meeting. In the meeting, he starts to complain about the cash that they couldn’t get as the check was dated a few dates later the date they did ask payment to be paid on!This was just the response that I was in search of! Or rather, my mind had warned me of. This news scared me a little at first but confirmed my doubts because there was hardly any genuine business attempt to cash a post-dated check before the due and agreed date. Since my vibes were with me, it kept me prepared for this and so I did not lose my calm. Instead, I was able to question Mr. Byron and Walker’s motive behind this attempt to encash the check before its actual date. The actual date was just the date when the checkpoint was supposed to be achieved. So nowhere I was going apart from the legal contract that was made.In Impact Builders LLC’s defense, Mr. Byron claimed that Mr. Walker was only trying to verify, whether was enough cash in the account or not! And here Impace Builders LLC lost, at least in front of my mind, their impression which has been created was now verified and tested, the same, how it was created. After the check was cashed on the signed date, even after no sign of completion of the checkpoint, Mr. Byron’s presence at the worksite began to be negligible. I recon, he realized that the tables were turning! And I was slowly understanding the game. My questions delivered this message to them. I started questioning his absence, to which I got informal answers, such as, “personal problems.”It was later on when he requested another payment, which was a part of the payment plan that we refused to submit the payment. He was delinquent on delivering the set milestones and the completion date on the contract was near. The water was rising above the levels and we both could sense it. This continued until we got tired of his attitude and stories, and we got a mediator involved. This mediator was someone from his state. The mediator spoke to him and asked him to understand the reason for his laxity, he claimed that his boss kept all our payments to himself and asked him to disappear from the job site.This is such an old tactic played by the company that it is almost stopped to be played by companies realizing that it is an old tactic! It’s a game that they played on unsuspecting clients like us. Six months later! That was after the contract was signed and payments were made, Mr. Byron disappeared with a total of 110,000 without completing the project. Forget about the two-month deadline! Forget about the payments on checkpoints! Nothing! He had abandoned our job. He’d scammed us. He’d left us with considerable debt. The debt was a mixture of six-month rent and interest accrual. Add lost profit. Summed up with lost revenue and above all a huge opportunity cost of our time and money! His wickedness got me depressed and almost led me to suicide. I have all the records of the conversations that we had on mobile phones! The payment requests that he had made to us. The payment acknowledgment that he sent us etc. Mr. Frank Walker II and Mr. Byron Lavon Motley lack the dignity to be identified as businessmen. They have the perfect dignity to be called as con men. I demand from Mr. Frank Walker II and Byron Motley either a complete completion of the project or refund the equivalent of the pending or undelivered work.


Impact Builders

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