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Business Details –

  • Name: Intellux Supplements Reviews
  • Address: North Las Vegas Boulevard
  • City: Las Vegas
  • State: NV
  • Phone: 888-908-1193
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 144 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Intellux Supplements Reviews published at says, verbatim –


I am a kind of person who rarely believes in these IQ pills and Intellux claims itself to be the future. I was rarely interested in paying for something I do not trust. Somehow, I was going through their advertisement and I happened to click their offer link. That link offered one bottle free on the purchase of two. I never wanted any of those bottles.Surprisingly there was no confirmation for the same and my order was placed. They deducted the price for five bottles and I was charged $150. I was stunned and I lost patience.This is how they are making money. I deem that these advertisements try to fool people by playing with their hopes. And even if it is true, it shouldn’t be taken as per my perspective. Who knows what it can cost for making your brain function 100%.Anyway, after a lot of effort and rolling from one number to another, I was finally able to reach the right person in charge while searching for their customer service number. I was transferred from one department to another so that I could cancel my order. They have not given any option to do that online.I feel that is because they want more people to accidently click their links and become their guest which was unacceptable for me.When I reached the right person, I asked him to cancel the order and told him about the accident. Whenever, I got connected to a person from Intellux customer center, they tried to convince me for not cancelling the order. And this last person also did the same.This was the limit of my patience. Can you imagine how it feels when someone tries to convince you for something you do not need at all? I am sure you do. I was fuming and asked him to cancel the order and refund the entire amount.That guy assured me that he will be initiating the cancellation request from his end and once that would be approved, my money will be returned in a week’s time. I mean, are you kidding me? I need approval?But he told me that was the procedure and he couldn’t help me about it. Before hanging up, he again quoted, “Incase you change your mind, you can call this number to continue with the order.”The experience with Intellux did not end here. I waited for 10 days but did not get my refund. I again went through the same painful process of calls and transfers. This time the last guy I talked to, seemed understanding my issue.He checked the data and files in his computer or whatever they use. He told me that the request was never generated and no call log was made. I got furious and though it was not his mistake, couldn’t stop screaming.He said my package will be arriving tomorrow but I should send it back. That way the cancellation will be confirmed from my end and the amount will be refunded with 10% deduction.I had no choice but to lose that 10% instead of $150. I did as he told me and it took one more weeks’ time to get my money back. I will never recommend anyone to use these pills and especially after this horrific experience.


Intellux Supplements Reviews

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