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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Internorm Windows at


Business Details –

  • Name: Internorm Windows
  • Address: Carlisle Road
  • City: London
  • State: England
  • Phone: +44 20 8205 9991
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 4700 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Internorm Windows published at says, verbatim –


We purchased a new house and wanted to redo the windows and doors. We were targeting to shift in a month and the company that we contacted, called itself the gold installation partner, did everything to stretch that probable time period to more than 6 months. We worked along with Ultimate windows and doors in Dublin and they were too lazy and irresponsible to complete the work on time. After we paid the advance money for completing the entire work, we were given a waiting time of a week for the installation work.We agreed to that as we had few more days to shift and the company told that they won’t take more than 15 days to complete the work. This was fine with us. Even some days here and there would have done the job. However, this ended very badly. We waited for 7 months before the job was completed. And, that too after we were going to file the court proceedings.The company has no proper procedure for taking care of their installation jobs. Moreover, after complaining multiple times to Internorm as well, their didn’t seem any change in the attitude of the partner. The experience was very frustrating.It all started from the day these guys were supposed to deliver the products for installation. We were available at the house from morning to ensure that we did not miss the delivery. We had taken off from our companies and waited there to check if everything was delivered as promised. That day we waited till 9 at night. However, there was no delivery made, neither anyone called us to inform about the delay. We had a talk with the seller the same morning and we were told that the stuffs would reach on time.However, it was not only delayed in terms of scheduled hour, but did not arrive that day at all. When we called, we were informed that the products would reach after few days and we would get a confirmation beforehand. However, they did not tell us the exact time. After a week, I got a call when I was working at my office. The call was from the guy who came to deliver the products to the house and he did not find anyone so called me.It would have taken around three hours for me to reach to that place. So, I asked him to wait. He said he would. When I reached, I found no one there. When I called back, the guy told me that he left an hour back. So, the delivery was cancelled for that day too. I was charged extra for rescheduling the delivery which was not my fault.The delivery was done three days later. However, this time, few of the products and glasses were broken. These guys told me that they would replace the ones damaged and left with those damaged ones. The installation work started. Because we did not stay closer, it wasn’t feasible for us to check the work closely.In a week, we were told that the half of the work was completed and they were waiting for the remaining items until they could complete the work. We were waiting for the same. The delivery took almost two months. When we called back for installation, we were given a date three weeks later. They said that it was our problem and they won’t be able to help with the same.The installation that they completed was also clumsy. We did not like the way they setup things there. The products were too expensive as per their quality. And, the installation work was also pathetic. We had to agree with them. We thought of extending our lease of the apartment we were renting. The owner was a nice man and he agreed for few extra months. Later, after three weeks, when these guys came for installation, they said that the work would take time as they weren’t all free. Few of the technicians were on leave and the work would be slower this time.After regular complaining, the work took months for completion. We were almost five months late. When they finished the work, we checked and found that there were so many problems with the installation. The clamps were weak and they had used flimsy seals and everything felt as if would come down if pushed.We called back the company as we had made the payment in full by then. And, had no choice but to wait for their arrival for fixing things up. This time, we decided to shift inside the house while the work would have been corrected. We raised the request for ensuring every installation was perfect. The day we moved in, two doors and one window came off. When we called, they told us that we would have done something through the shifting process. We have shifted so many times, doors have never come off. Anyway, we asked for sending someone and said we would pay extra.However, they took around three days to send someone. By then, waited and waited without much security. The front door had also come off. We asked a local expert to come and fix the front door at least. The guy did a wonderful job. When we compared the work that these guys completed, we felt cheated. We clicked pictures and send those to the company. They were not ready to change anyting or redo the work. They did send someone to fix the doors that came off. However, we had to pay extra to them.We kept calling them for coming and fixing everything that they messed up. However, they were always too lazy to reply back any sooner. We had to call hundreds of times before getting a reply. This went on for months. We had to call them and email them and they would make excuses. Sometimes, they would say that they would look into the matter and would send someone. However, no one ever showed up. Lastly, we called our attorney and asked for help. He suggested to tell them about filing the complaints against them.Our lawyer called them. Later, in a week, the problem was resolved. However, we had to go through a lot of trouble when handling these guys. I would suggest not to work with these guys.


Internorm Windows

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