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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Interstate Capital at


Business Details –

  • Name: Interstate Capital
  • Address: McNutt Road
  • City: Sunland Park
  • State: NM
  • Phone: +1 575-589-0555
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 50000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Interstate Capital published at says, verbatim –


I am an entrepreneur myself and own a manufacturing company. Recently, I came to know about the factoring companies and thought of involving them in the business to increase the cash flow in the company. For the same reasons, I contacted Interstate capital.I was not aware of anything about this business and they were the first to introduce me to the facts and benefits of the factoring. So, after listening to everything that they had to say, I decided to go with their company. The guy was decent to gave me a complete brief on the advantages and suggested what all I can do.When I decided to go with them, they provided me with a list that had all the services they said they would be providing to me. And, we agreed on the advance of invoice that they were required to provide to my manufacturing company.The business started on a great note and I felt as if I had made the right decision of choosing them. But little did I know that these guys were planning something else. After some time, they started sending less advance rate on the invoice. I did not understand. At first, I thought there must be some problem. But, as I did not interfere, they started doing it on a regular basis. So, I intervened.The people at the company did not respond to my queries and side stepped every call that I made to them. By that time, I knew that these guys were scamming me. Hence, I talked to my attorney and involved him in the case.It took a month to resolve the problem. I was really disappointed in their services. Their representative was rude and did not know the etiquette to talk even. All of the employees were always lying about things.After the deal was taken away from them, they continued calling me on my number. The deal was already off. But, their marketing professionals did not take a break. So, I had put them in the reject list. So, they started calling from different numbers.They did not stop at this. They started calling my clients who informed us that the factoring company whom I recruited was calling them for paying early. They were getting tons of calls every day. They were also frustrated and the relation of my company with my clients was put on stake.I called them not to disturb me or my clients. However, they are deaf to the details I believe. These stubborn parasites are nothing but scammers. They put you through a lot of trouble in the business and when the deal goes off, they torture you. They do not have any constructive work to do. They only eat your time and money.I am not going to give up so easily. These people will have to pay for their sins. They sugar coat customers to make them happy at the start and then rip them off. You should see your back when dealing with them as they are great at backstabbing.


Interstate Capital

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