Fidelity to Hire 1,000 Financial Planners in 2021

What You Need to Know

  • The firm also plans to add 3,000 other employees, including data scientists and customer service reps.
  • The expansion is part of the brokerage firm’s plan to enter over 20 new market areas.
  • Last year, Fidelity added 7,200 employees.

Fidelity is hiring 4,000 employees — including 2,500 financial consultants and customer service reps — the firm announced Thursday.

As it moves into over 20 new market areas, the brokerage firm aims to bring on 1,000 remote licensed financial planners to serve clients in cities such as Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston, Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando, Detroit, New York and Washington, D.C.

Other new employees will focus on building digital solutions for clients and help the firm enter more than 20 new U.S. markets. It expects to fill more than 2,000 of the new positions by midyear.

The firm says that over the past year, it increased the number of client-facing associates by over 5,000, or 77%.

Overall, Fidelity boosted its hiring in 2020 by 7,200 due to growing call volumes, as well as new accounts among RIAs who custody assets with the firm, it said in a statement.

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