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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Jared Martinez at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Jared Martinez
  • Address: Colonial Center Parkway
  • City: Lake Mary
  • State: FL
  • Phone: 1 (800) 866-7431
  • Website: http://jaredmartinez.com
  • Reported Loss: 3000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Jared Martinez published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


Jared Martinez and his MTI people operate with hunter’s mentality. They use Baits, Nets, Ropes, Traps, Holes, Axes, Guards, and Milk Farms to enrich themselves.1) I am not a newbie. I purchased many courses before, and am well educated in trading. What drew me in was MTI’s wild Pips production claims ( thousands of Pips / week ), plus a fake Money Back Guarantee (Bait). it deceptively get me hyped up and lured me into buying their products, thinking if it is true, great, i found a Holy Grail. If not, i can always get my money back.2) MTI uses extremely unfair business practices, ie. to have me signing contracts during phone calls. With MTI Rep talking to me over the phone. i could not concentrate to read, let alone, to understand the terms of the Contract, which contains a Trap and Ax terms, which MTI Guards will use to attack the customer who demand refunds later. Phones play an important part (as Ropes) in MTI’s scam. It causes short circuits in people’s brains so that they can not read and find out what MTI does not like them to find out in the contracts they are signing.3)  In MTI’s contracts, the 3rd step in the Satisfaction Guarantee Policy is a PURE LIE, falsehood (a Trap hole). It asks people to view certain number hours of some materials hosted on a website, where it does NOT exist. i searched all over that website for several weeks, and could NEVER find those materials. MTI carefully engineered this Trap to keep unsatisfied customers from getting their refunds. As my guarantee end limit day approached, i finally had to ask MTI staffs by emails where those materials were located. In their replies, they told me that those materials were located on a different web location.MTI’s Contracts with a deceptive Trap Hole like this, i believe, are illegal and invalid in any court of law. Drafting an illegal contract, and make its customers to sign them makes MTI a well qualified Scammer.4)  In Oct of 2018, I signed up with MTI and made two(2) purchases. The 1st was UTP (Ultimate Trader Package) On Demand that came with CTR (Chief Trading Room). The 2nd was UCS (Ultimate Charting Software) / Smart trader package that came with Unlimited AoD (Analyst on Demand) and CTR till year (2018) end.Soon I found that MTI had no respects to the terms of its own Contracts, and violated them numerously without any concern. During all the time i was with them, i had no access to AoD live sessions, no access to CTR live sessions (after my protests by emails, MTI staff sent me only 2 email links to CTR live sessions).5) After watching the UTP videos, i found nothing new, every thing is all basic stuff, which can be found free of charge online or in books under $50.00. Also, i found their trading method uses too much drawings ( confusing, and time consuming), has big flaws. Its success rate is low. I do not like it at all.6) Unsatisfied, i made up my mind to use their Money Back Guarantee to get my money back. Not trusting MTI any more, i decided to record my finishing the three steps required in their Money Back Guarantee to back up my claims for refunds in case MTI would fraud me later.7) In MTI’s response documents to my bank’s Chargeback requests, it lied again by saying: “Credit is not due to Mr. xxxxx because he signed and purchased the product and did not complete the required steps to be eligible for refund “. This is a changed version from the original lie on Dec.12,2018, which follows:Dear Mr. xxxxxI have received your refund request but I see that the below requirement has not been met and we will not be able to issue you a refund at this time.Satisfaction Guarantee PolicyStep 1 -Attend the Wealth and Freedom Experience Live, either live in person or via live web broadcast (16 hours).Your Satisfaction Guarantee expires on 12/15/2018.D. S. [email protected]8) I immediately offered to send MTI proof in the form of recording to back up my claim that i finished all the 3 steps. MTI was caught committing a fraud on the spot. Not admitting its own fault, MTI started to accuse me of violating some terms in the contract. i dug out the contract to read, and found the terms (Ax terms), which ban recording. Now you see why I call these terms Ax terms.Had I ever read and understand these Ax terms in the contract, I would Never purchased anything from MTI. They are brutally unfair, one sided contract.I canceled my MTI purchases ($5495.00) within the 60 day Money Back Guarantee limit more that 3 months ago, and are still fighting to get my money back. MTI was caught lying, so it just use more lies to back up the old lie. They are a group of shameless scammers.


Jared Martinez

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