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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Jeffrey Kolsin CPA, Inc. at


Business Details –

  • Name: Jeffrey Kolsin CPA, Inc.
  • Address: Warner Avenue
  • City: Fountain Valley
  • State: CA
  • Phone: (714) 962-7771
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 2777 $
  • Severity of Scam: Medium


Original Complaint against Jeffrey Kolsin CPA, Inc. published at says, verbatim –


My husband and I chose Jeffrey Kolsin CPA, Inc. because he was a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider.At first he seemed very nice and spent a lot of time talking with us and even with my father (who doesn’t live locally) over the phone with suggestions, and even gave us a lengthy consultation (for which we offered to pay him), and I thanked him for that.The problems started once we actually gave him our paperwork to file our taxes.After having given Jeffrey our tax documents to file our returns, one of which was for my elderly, disabled father, it took weeks for him to get them done.Once they were supposedly finished, we came in for our appointment.At the appointment, Jeffrey told us that he had misplaced them!So he proceeded to redo them while we waited, and before he even started, his hard drive crashed!That didn’t make us feel very secure about our information!He moved to another computer and finally got them done.Hours of our time was wasted during this debacle.We paid him (should’ve received a discount for all this) and left.Months later, right before tax day 2016, I received a letter from the IRS stating that my father’s 2015 tax return was incomplete and incorrect, and that he owed over $9500 including penalties and interest.We had decided to return to our original H&R Block tax guy to file our 2016 returns, and I brought the IRS letter to him to get his opinion.Upon examination of the letter and of my father’s 2015 return, it was discovered that my father’s social security benefit statement had not been entered into the return.Upon looking through our 2015 documents, there was my father’s 2015 social benefit statement, which should have been entered, but wasn’t.There were also some dividends that had not been entered, which I knew about when we filed, as I didn’t have or know how to get the statements.I’m not holding Jeffrey accountable for those dividends.But he should have entered the social security, which made up the largest part of the shortfall.I tried to call Jeffrey about the IRS letter, per the advice of my H&R Block tax preparer.Granted, it was the tax day deadline, and I get that he was likely extremely busy.Keep in mind I didn’t get the IRS letter until the very end of March.When Jeffrey answered the phone, I identified myself and told him about the IRS letter and of how much I owed from 2015.He immediately responded by saying something to the effect, “If you’re looking for me to pay that, it’s not going to happen.”I never asked him to pay me anything, and I was shocked at his rudeness.When I told him about leaving off the social security, he just said “I’m sorry.” He didn’t offer any kind of resolution at all; he could have said, “I’m very busy but can we set an appointment to go over the letter and possibly amend your father’s return?”.That would have been perfectly acceptable. I told him I would email the letter and social security benefit statement to him, and he said fine and hung up on me.I did email him the documents, but I don’t expect to hear anything.I will likely just return to H&R Block next January and pay to have them amend my father’s 2015 return.I’d rather spend the money than deal with this guy ever again.


Jeffrey Kolsin CPA, Inc.

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