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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Justin Bryant J at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Justin Bryant J
  • Address:
  • City: St. George
  • State: UT
  • Phone: (601) 286-1192
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 0 $
  • Severity of Scam: Medium


Original Complaint against Justin Bryant J published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


The scammer contacted me by text after I posted some expensive electronics on craigslist and said they were very interested. I live in a separate state than the scammer and looks like the scammer is scouring Craigslist for out-of-state posts so he/she does not have to meet in person. The scammer then asks me if I can mail the electronics. I agree but only after full payment is made. The scammer readily agrees and asks me to send paypal request. After I send the request I receive a fishy email with the text below:PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PAYMENT WILL NOT APPEAR IN THE “PENDING” TAB IN YOUR ACCOUNT UNTIL YOU SEND THE SHIPMENT REFERENCE NUMBER OR RECEIPT SCANNED COPY TO US. This is due to new policies at PayPal to protect both the buyer and the seller in the face of the growing number of fraudulent activities perpetrated via the internet. Your payment is intact. You are encouraged to complete this transaction.Here at PayPal you can be assured that your security and safety is our topmost concern.Paypal said they would never ask sellers to make shipment without receiving full payment. Also, looks like the scammer is using google voice and contacted me from 2 numbers, the other number is (408) 618-2219. And the from field in the email had this address: “PayPal([email protected])” <[email protected]>. I checked the scammers address in google maps and it looks like seedy trailer park. I don’t know if the scammer’s actual name is Justin or not, could be using someone else’s name. Full address of the scammer is: 2006 Utah Street Jackson, Mississippi, United States 39213


Justin Bryant J

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