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  • Name: Kelle’s Transport Services Reviews
  • Address: 2100 South
  • City: West Valley City
  • State: UT
  • Phone: 801-975-8000
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 2300 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


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I have worked for many companies and have never felt so stuck as at Kelle’s Transport Services Inc(KTS Transportation). Kelle’s Transport is the worst company which only longs for profits by any means. I am new to this company but when I joined Kelle’s Transport, there were many old drivers who gave me the insight about their nonprofessional which I ignored. However, it was soon that I discovered those were not just rumors but contains weight.I have been loyal to my previous companies and have clean track record. My truck is also always clean and I make sure they are not broken anytime. I ensure what is important should be enforced. I have been appreciated for the same by my earlier employers but this was not the case at Kelle’s Transport.It took me sometime to understand the way they feed on driver’s and other worker’s salaries. I was in the dark thinking that I have been doing something wrong. Thank god! I realized it sooner. However, not lucky to mend it the right way.Kelle’s Transport is a company that has no emotions and works for dollars. Apart from making us pay for their greed, they manipulate our login times and details to make us suffer more. We are disturbed in our 10 hours break and are forced to work overtime without any extra payment.Most of the times, they inform us about the delivery late which makes our dispatchers unhappy. They also consider their remarks and feedback while assessing our performances and make it an excuse while preparing our pay checks.They charge $40 to clean your truck which I never find clean and is not also required as I do that myself. However, many of my friends say that they charge and never clean that makes their truck smell gross. They are also cleaver enough to deduct from the pay for damages that incurred. But surprisingly, will never be in a position to show the receipt or any proof about the repair.That is fishy and makes Kelle’s Transport Services Inc suspicious. Dispatchers at Kelle’s Transport make you carry extra load to save money. Many times, I have complained to higher authorities but I think the entire management is in sync.I do not hope for any change because the masters of the game are corrupt themselves which put all of us to a dead end. Kelle’s Transportation is not running a company but a cult which makes you so frustrated that you either die while working every day with the responsibilities of your families or you quit. In both the ways, you lose.I trust that Kelle’s Transportation is aware of its unreasonable pressure and torture on its staff, that is why it charges $200 if anyone leaves before 6 months. I am not sure how justified it is but I feel like a slave in my own country.I hate the custom and work culture here and the owner’s cold hearts which denies its drivers and staffs of their bereavement. My mom passed away in March 2016 and I was not able to be with her during her last hours. Kelle’s transportation did not let me be with my family and made me travel without considering the condition of my mom.I love her and the feeling of being not able to hold her hands when she was leaving, hurts. Hurts a lot. But they did not pay my checks as well. They deducted $1000 recovery fee and $600 cleaning fee and $800 deposit fee which are non-refundable.I am not the only one who have come under their wheels but everyone from Kelle’s Transport knows the truth. The entire top team is full of bunch of morons who can laugh at your misery without a single strain on their forehead.Many employees who stay far do not get to see their families for months as they want our trucks to be stationed at their warehouse. But that also never rang their bells. I feel either they are deaf or acting as one. Nothing makes Kelle’s Transportation feel the pain that we go through every minute. After all this, we do not get our promised pay.They keep on deducting without any proofs and buzz us off like we are nothing but piece of shit. They make you dream higher but soon will make you understand that it was just a dream. The reality is far away from what they promise they will offer.I would never suggest to be a part of Kelle’s Transportation if you want peace at your work. They do not give a damn if you have someone sick at your place, if you were operated few days back and are on pain killers, if you are not in a condition to drive, or even if someone close passes away.All that matters to them is money but they have taken it too far now. Many individuals have left the company and others are planning to. Sooner or later the genuine people will be far away from the clutch of Kelle’s Transportation and the company will be left alone.I am sure the company’s future is in dark and all I want is to see that future soon even if it affects my employment. I do not care anymore for the payments which are anyway not sufficient enough to take care of me. I am running through a lot of debts and this job is only making my options tougher.I can never forgive them for what they did to me and the agony will never go away. I work for this company or not, the hatred will always leap in magnitude. You burn in hell Kelle’s Transportation.


Kelle’s Transport Services Reviews

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