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Business Details –

  • Name: Ken Griffin Plumbing Services
  • Address: Triadelphia Mill Road
  • City: Dayton
  • State: MD
  • Phone: (410) 992-5875
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 200 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely Low


Original Complaint against Ken Griffin Plumbing Services published at says, verbatim –


A couple of year ago, I called KGP for a leak I needed to repair in my powder room. At that time, I was very pleased with the service – the technician (I believe his name was Brent or Brad) arrived on time, was professional, explained the problem thoroughly and, most importantly, fixed the problem. Satisfied with the service, I referred many of my colleagues and friends to KGP. Well, it’s too bad, but my recent experience was bad and, as a result, I won’t be using KGP or referring anyone to KGP in the future.Recently, I had a leak that needed to be repaired – this time, in an upstairs bathroom – and the leak was staining the ceiling in the main floor. I called KGP and a technician came out a couple days later (they could not fit me in right away, which wasn’t that big of a deal for me). The guy who came out did some work on the toilet (I’m not sure exactly what, as I wasn’t home) and left. I was surprised to see that he didn’t open up the ceiling to see where exactly the leak was coming from but – I’m not a plumber, so what I do I know.A couple days later, I noticed that the stain on the ceiling was getting bigger. My husband called KGP and left a message. The next day, he called and left another message – this time, on the emergency call line. We both assumed that KGP will call us right back (afterall, the voicemail said someone will return your call within 20 minutes), but no one called us back. The next day, my husband spoke with someone in the office who apparently told him that she was surprised no one had called us back because they had many emergency calls. The lady told my husband she can get someone out the end of the week, which was unacceptable. She then told my husband she’ll have someone out the middle of the week – which, again, was unacceptable (imagine the stain getting bigger, further damaging the ceiling and mold growing in the meantime). She then said she’ll talk to someone and call us back. Well, no one called, so my husband called back. Another lady answered and when we asked why no one has called back, she responded that the other lady didn’t tell her about it so she didn’t know (seriously?). In the end, she scheduled someone to come out the next day.The next day, another technician came out, and this is where things get a lot worse. The guy replaced something which apparently required him to use a paste that needed to be dried before he could test. Well, he didn’t explain any of this and, when asked how we’d be billed for this (considering the fact that the last guy did not fix all the issues resulting in the leak), the guy said he’ll give a discount for 50% of what we previously paid, and walked out to this truck. My husband assumed he was going outside to make a call to the company to confirm, and went back to continue his work. Well, the guy didn’t come back into the house for about an hour and added that time to the final bill. I have no problem with that if the paste really takes an hour to dry, and I fault my husband for not checking up on the guy who was sitting in his truck for an hour, but I feel like the guy should have explained this. But this is not why I am writing this bad review.I am writing this bad review because when my husband pointed out the extra hour that was charged, the guy said this to my husband: “We can do it two ways. You can pay me or I can call the Sheriff.” ARE YOU SERIOUS??? My husband was shocked but, being the nice guy that he is (and also because we had another contractor working in the house), he paid the guy. After the guy left, another contractor that was working at home expressed shock and said could not believe the KGP guy “went there.”The guy should be glad that I wasn’t home. Seriously – I try to be good to people but I am not nice to those who are unreasonable.I have no problem paying for a service for which I need to pay. Even if the first guy who came out did not fix the problem (whether it was one or more problems), I wouldn’t have had any problem with it if KGP customer service was more responsive and sent someone out quickly. And most, importantly, I wouldn’t have posted this review if the guy didn’t threaten to call the police INSIDE my own home, and instead, explained the bill and called KGP office to resolve any differences.I am sure the guy is a nice person and he was doing what he thought he needed to do (get the money and get out to another service), but neither my husband nor I appreciated how he handled the situation.


Ken Griffin Plumbing Services

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