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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Klarna at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Klarna
  • Address: Cavendish Square
  • City: London
  • State: England
  • Phone: +4420 300 50833
  • Website: https://www.klarna.com/
  • Reported Loss: 4700 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Klarna published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


I have been trying to pay through the website for a long time. This is an absurd company with no clue how to make things easier for customers. I opted for payment through Klarna and wanted to pay off the entire debt before the interest would have soared. For which, I wanted to pay in full without accessing any delayed payment or in parts. My last experiences with Klarna payment were very bad and their interest policy seems flimsy. They charge so much that it is very difficult to keep track of the interest or the capital.This happened to me twice. Hence, I decided to pay in full before the payment would have further made a problem for me. Hence, I was looking for a full payment option. Somehow, I was not able to make the complete payment at once. Hence, contact the chat support. To my bad luck, the person was awful in communication. He was not able to chat in English. There were so much of errors that sometimes, I had to sit back and think of what he actually wanted to say.This went to at least an hour. I tried getting to someone who have known how to speak in English. However, nothing worked. Later, I was given an answer that they were not able to do anything about the problem. I decided to check later and connect after some more research on my own.After a week, I tried to make the payment in full. And, the same problem persisted. So, I asked someone through the chat support to help me. This time, there was at least someone who understood what I was trying to convey. And, I was also able to understand his chats. He told me that there is not much he can do. But he would arrange a solution soon. He asked me to contact them after two days. I really felt that this guy intended to help me. But I was wrong. This was not a help but a way to push me away. After two days, when I did not receive any message, call or even Email, I decided to contact them again. There was not much time before the interest would have been added. So, I was on my toes to ensure that the amount is settled before that.No one helped me again. These guys keep promising things that they never complete. Anyway, when I checked again by myself, I discovered that the website allowed the payment of minimum amount. This is ridiculous. This would only add interest to my principle amount. Or maybe, the company only wanted to do so.Even their phone support sucks. You would be given 10 different reasons for your problem. But none of them would try to resolve it for sure. They would only try to make the matter worse. These guys are scammers. Klarna is full of fake promises. When a customer wants to subscribe to their services, they offer so many things. But all those things are just to ensure that the customers feel comfortable with the terms. Later, none of the terms is put into exercise. I have very well understood that these guys are fake.They only want to extend the payment time so that they can add high-interest amount. How can these guys say that they cannot do anything? These guys work here and they must be aware of the company’s policies. And, being from the customer service department, why are they not competent enough to resolve problems of customers.Anyway, I believe that the company itself is not wanting to take care of customer’s problems. When I contacted them again, for I do know, after how many attempts, they asked me to make the minimum payment and the interest won’t be added. Once the payment is open or once they find a way to accept the complete payment, they would deduct the minimum payment amount already paid and would take the remaining amount.I was so stupid to believe them. They said that I did not pay the minimum amount not only my interest rate would be higher, but my credit score would also be affected. This sounded okay to me. And, I believed them. They are unprofessional and cheats. They only consider what their company trains them for: To cheat others.After I made the minimum amount payment, I stopped calling them until few days when I received an email about the monthly statement. The amount was in addition to the interest rate with no consideration. When I asked the agent to send me an email confirming what he promised. He said that there would not be any need for any written confirmation. The company policy was such that I would be able to make the payment without an interest amount if I paid the minimum balance amount.Hence, I did not stress much about the email. When I received the statement, I was shocked to see that the entire thing was completely different of what was promised. I called back the company and trust me, it is very hard to talk to a human. Most of the time, you would be welcomed by the robot. And, the long waits would only increase your frustration. All these things have always made me believe that I was taken for granted.I believe that the company is only trying to impose high interest but it is also trying to ensure that the customers aren’t able to save interest if wanted to pay early. This is a complete web and if one tries to get out of it, the company would ignore any help that they can provide. I hate these people and would make sure everyone knows about their scam.I have been cheated so many times with higher interest rate. I never used to check the statements until the last time when I realized that these guys are cooking something dicey. This was the very bad experience. I have never been cheated like this before by any financial company.It is not it. These people make it difficult to process things in one go. Their website and service suck. There are many failed payment attempts that occur. Almost once every time I tried to pay for something. The money is debited but never credited to the intended account. In such scenario, money must reverse to the bank of the one who made the payment. However, in this case, you may wait for a week, but that won’t happen unless you chase these guys on chats and phone calls.It is very disappointing. These all are the reasons why I decided to pay at once this time and get out of the mess forever. Even while paying to these guys as well, the same problem happens a lot of time. The money would be deducted from my account and they won’t update the same in their system. They show outstanding until you call and clear things up. They have even charged late payment once for a mistake that was theirs.I am never ever going to use their payment for any more outlets. These guys are scammers and seems like they are doing it intentionally. There is no way a company would make so many mistakes and still be so cool about it.I am done with Klarna and would make sure that the message reaches as many people as possible. They have been doing wrong with the customers. I have checked many negative reviews about these guys. So, I am not the only one. They try to hide bad reviews and like to show that they are the best in the industry. This is not true at all. These people are a mess and would make your life a mess too.Do not believe them or you would be repenting as I am now. However, I am sure I will call them and nudge them until they solve my problem this time. Their customer service is to frustrate customers even more. You will always get one answer – we do not help in these matters. So, who the hell help? This is disgusting. These guys have no clue about anything or they pretend to be fools. So, that one does not expect much from them. They would never connect you to anyone who is senior or would know more. Everything is a scam.



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