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Business Details –

  • Name: Lannock Strata Finance
  • Address: William Street
  • City: Woolloomooloo
  • State: NSW
  • Phone: +61 2 9357 5371
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 0 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely Low


Original Complaint against Lannock Strata Finance published at says, verbatim –


So you are thinking of Strata Finance specialist and then your mind wander to Lannock Strata Finance, and suddenly the clouds turn dark, a storm brews, a heavy wind starts with thunders shaking the earth like the apocalypse is here.Yet the second day you went ahead, got a nice clean shirt, style your hair your favorite way and off you go whistling a happy tune hoping that your guardian angel should have warned you before entering danger zone.You out of all strata owners decided to push your corporate body to use Lannock!!! Others not knowing any better and you being cock sure because you visited Lannock website the night before, read a whole bunch of Lannock generated articles and reviews and suddenly, you have the air of a subject matter expert.What type of warning do you need again when your angels already brew a whole storm on your behalf when the thought first strayed into your mind?If you are expecting the devil to come with a long horn, tongues like a serpent and eyes red like hot coal, you will find yourself waiting out a lifetime.The devil comes sweetly offering you goodness wrapped in shiny foil, batting eyelashes like the sweetest innocent petite little girl out of a Disney movie.You might wonder what the whole drama is all about! Yes! You guess right, it is about no other than Lannock. You go to their website, everything seems so shiny and wonderful. Simple and straight with all details set. What else can go wrong?So for you to escape from non compliance and avoid a heavy dollar fine, you decided to go to Lannock? You can as well just go and start saving up to pay your fine than use some shady and cunning company.Here is a break down.You are supposed to watch while Lannock and your representative company negotiate and shake hands? It is like an orange watching two kids talking about how they will slice its inner open and suck the life juice out of it leaving a dry shell that no one wants, not even flies.No one prepares to go into some of these types of loans but when you have to get a loan, you might really want to know what you are getting into. When you talk about kissing frogs, you will soon discover that they come in different sizes, tastes and flavors.There are other more palatable choices other than the ugly big frog offering its rear end as the best part to kiss.Other options are·         Macquarie Bank – Strata Improvement Loans·         Strata Loans·         Finlease – Strata Finance·         Westpac – Strata FinanceThere was a time a very helpful PDF was on Lannock site about dos and don’ts but somehow, they removed it because it is making the visitor more careful. Imagine a business that is set up to make people default so that they can maximize profit? Did I mention any name? Please go ahead and be my guess guest (wink).It will profit users to know that there are some games you can win but some are not even your fight in the first place no matter the amount of luring.As easy as speaking out for yourself in court if you are innocent can be, ask anybody, and you will be told that it will be a huge mistake to make.When you think that you are smart and can handle matters, you will later find out that is the most vulnerable moment.The best advice would have been to stay clear out of danger but as most human always do, they will rather learn by their mistake.Harken unto the voice of the wise coming from a place of wisdom and experience than the voice of haughtiness coming from the willful nature of the heart.What you need to be careful about are hidden clauses, and some unknown pitfalls in the use of these services. At first, they seem easy, transparent and harmless; you might even want to champion introducing it in your strata group.What you really want to be careful about is not being perceived as a fluke whose advice brings more damage than good. More often than none, our million-dollar currency is our reputation and having a bad dent on one’s reputation especially where you are domiciled is as bad as a constant smell following you everywhere.Having your strata title obligation in the hand of an untrusted group is as bad as playing hide and see with a bat in darkness. You are bound to loose no matter how you play because that darkness is the bats light just as a fish breathes water and you cannot.Mostly what you will have left will be your person but if you have voted and somehow vetoed your opinion among your strata group only to be played, even your person that you are supposed to bring out of the whole deal might be so damaged that you might not regain what you had in terms of voicing reputation in years.To hit the nail on the head, you are under a strain to renovate or perform some work as situation may warrant but you do not have the lump sum capital on ground and no sinking fund or it might just not be the best option given the availability of strata funding. You will want to choose the best strata funding with no hidden clause, no matter how plain they might seem to be initially. Your best option will be to look deeper, do your search more experimentally from people who recently used the service as policy might have changed around in case of those that used the same service a while back.Get your corporate body to strike a good deal for you not a orange sucking deal and lastly, please whatever you do, for the sake of all that is saintly and open, with no hidden terms or charges, steer clear of Lannock Strata Finance Pty Ltd because your luck is simply not with them.


Lannock Strata Finance

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