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  • Phone: (415) 655-7546
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  • Reported Loss: 6000 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


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Sadly, I cannot recommend. I am one week shy of my 1yr post op. I would have to agree with one of the prior reviewers, you won’t be seeing my before and after photos as a success storyI had upper eyelid surgery performed. During my initial consultation, I had expressed concerns that my skin is prone to keloids and hypertrophic scarring. I was put to ease that the skin on the eyelids would be the exception.My other issue was that although I already had double eyelids, one of my eyelids was more hooded than the other. So I was also trying to achieve symmetry. I was told that I was an ideal candidate for upper blepharoplasty, Dr Fan was not pushy at all, and I loved his calm and patient demeanor. Dr Fan, Joey and Jennifer (front desk girl not there anymore) were all wonderful to deal with and very friendly. Post surgery, I received flowers and a personal phone call from Dr Fan to check in on how I was feeling, which was a lovely gesture.So why the 1 star?I am deeply deeply disappointed with my results. It took me many years of contemplating upper blepharoplasty, and I finally took the plunge with Dr Fan. $6000 later and 6 weeks of avoiding physical activity, time that I’ll never get back. My eyelids are still asymmetrical, and I still have hooding over both eyes. My expectations were not high or unreasonable. If you look at my before and after pictures, you might wonder what was done at all?I had been taking photos of my eyelids throughout the process and I did notice that the markings drawn on my eyes right before surgery indicated to me that the results would have been uneven. But I was too sedated to speak up at the time Immediately after surgery, again I noticed the unevenness between both eyes. As I healed, it was apparent to me that my eyelids were clearly asymmetrical. I kept being told that the one eye is swollen, more anesthesia was used on one eye, everyone has asymmetrical eyes, asymmetry is expected initially and I just need to give myself time to heal and it will balance out, etc. Well guess what? It did not, and I doubt the Dr will ever acknowledge he miscalculated.I almost forgot to mention my terrible healing process. From my own research, it appears that people only have stitches left in for 5 days, especially when you have skin prone to scarring. Well mine were left in for 8 days, when I questioned this, I was reassured that it depends on the type of stitches and tension. I’m not a plastic surgeon so what do I know. Anyhow after the stitches came out, I suffered from blood blisters, and ongoing proliferation of the skin at different parts of my eyelid even months later. To the point where I needed to wear sunglasses everywhere I went because I was not presentable and couldn’t explain the mess above my eyes. Twice I was prescribed ointment that cost over $200 and not covered by insurance. Now that I am a year post op, the scars are still visible, the swelling has come down…so now it appears that I have my old eyelids back with the added scarring.I am so deeply disappointed in my experience and will likely have to spend more money and time if I opt to do a revision later on.


Larry Fan

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