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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Legion Athletics at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Legion Athletics
  • Address: Leesburg Pike
  • City: Tysons
  • State: VA
  • Phone: +1 (855) 645-5305
  • Website: https://legionathletics.com/
  • Reported Loss: 600 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Legion Athletics published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


I joined Legion Athletics twice. Or so to say, I have fallen for the trap that Legion Athetics has for every customer, twice. We are normal humans who like to trust other humans. Give other people, give the brands they market a second chance because as consumers, we are somewhere or the other dependent on them. Falling in to the trap second time was due to the change of person who gave me assurance.The first time, I had purchased their 30 day love your body transformation service. At the time of payment, I was never mentioned that,” transformations are body/biology specific.” These words were something which my ears encountered on the first day of my workout. I was shocked! Not that I wanted a transformation that wasn’t possible. But I wanted a transformation that I always meant to have. And if they couldn’t guarantee it, they should have cleared it to me before I made the payment. Why would they not mention it to me while signing the contract? Also after the start of your workout sessions, your timings remain fixed for the complete month. You could never change your timings. By the end of the month, I was told that the reason why I hadn’t achieved the kind of body that I wanted to was because of my irregularity and carelessness. $186 and you get this in the form of answer. “Because you didn’t come on time for two days and had 4 days of holiday in complete month. Your body did not transform.” After his excuse, I asked for a refund. The person refused it to give to me.A year later, I noticed a new owner so I went in. The new owner game me a much lower monthly rate and a new contract. I thought of giving it a try. Four days into my workout, I find out that this wasn’t a new owner. In fact, this was older than the old owner and had been on a holiday for the month I purchased the contract. I was skeptical about him. He wasn’t personally a bad person but then I wasn’t achieving what I was told I would. My body wasn’t transforming. I even have complaint about the equipment. I don’t think they are getting the service that they are in need of. The new owner was also a little bit extra friendly than what was needed. Later I had also learnt that it wasn’t just for me. I mean the lower rate wasn’t just for me. There were others too who were offered the same rate as I did. Also, about buying supplements, this owner was very adamant. He recommended all of us to buy supplements from the gym itself. And when asked,” what if we buy the same ones from some other place where we could get it cheaper,” he answered,” in that case, the gym won’t be able to guarantee the transformation.” My request for everyone reading this article is that if you ever think of going to Legion. And opt for the body transformation program, please demand a written guarantee and not a verbal one. Ask him to see your body’s biology and then tell you an approximation of the transformation that they could guarantee. And this is not impossible. Other gyms do guarantee it. A friend of mine goes to another gym, tells me about it. So if they tell you,” this is something we cannot guarantee! And cannot be approximated!” Please. Please don’t opt for it. Save yourself a $186 or maybe whatever lesser amount the owner is offering you. Save yourselves from getting cheated in the name of your body. Legion athletics are amongst those, who asks you to dream of having the body you want and then when you dream of it, they say,” well! We don’t know what you dreamt but this is what we can offer and for some stupid biological reason. Your dreams were illogical!”Needless to say, I would never step back and shop any service from Legion Athletic. Nor would I allow any of my friends to do the same. But on the top of that I want to make sure the message is reaching out to everyone who reads it. On their website, Legion boasts of how they were tired of exaggeration and that’s why they started the business. Of truth. Of selling you the correct thing. There’s nothing like that. They too are in the business. Another company, different name but same promises, differently-abled liars. Dieting is something their website claims, they do not recommend. Well frankly they do not recommend it directly. They say, “if you do go on a diet. It does make a difference!” Now I ask,”if you are someone who wants his/her’s body transformed as quickly as possible and if someone tells you doing blah blah blah would make a difference.” Would you do that or not? Is this a way of recommendation or not? Also, to mention, when I asked the owner who was new to me, after knowing the fact that he was older than the old owner at Legion. “Why didn’t he tell me when I was signing the contract?” He answered,” you were so trustworthy! I didn’t want to disappoint you.”I just want to say that the disappointment that I have got after not achieving what I thought to achieve is a lot more than what I would have got if I was mentioned the truth. Truth is something they don’t say at Legion Athletics and that is my final word for you guys who are reading out reviews to know which gym is worth going and which is not,” Legion isn’t the gym for your body. If it is a place to be, it is for hearing liars.” And most importantly there is nothing like,” the gym that you workout at is the same gym from which you have to buy supplements from!” You could buy it from anywhere in the world and they will affect your body in the manner they are meant to!


Legion Athletics

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