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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against LENDINVEST BANK at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

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  • Website: http://www.lendinvest.com
  • Reported Loss: 5000000 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against LENDINVEST BANK published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


NOW IF YOU THINK you have had a tough year…YOU ARE GONNA F…g NOT BELIEVE THE SHIT I’m gonna post now!If your my friend and have BEEN fucked by the banks and you want to help me prevent homelessness please share this urgently!!!LENDINVEST SCANDAL OF BANK TAKING HOMES FROM THE HOMELESS AND RUINING LIVES ;Dear Editor,I am Marco Robinson, the Creator and host of the channel 4 TV SHOW “Get a house for free”HOW GRENFELL COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED, Family embezzlement of funds and a greedy shameful bank trying to ruin me.It’s time for me to tell the true story behind Oakglade the building in Manchester WHICH I purchased in March 2016 , a block of 51 apartments , the bank LENDINVEST and Simon Paul my ex business partner who embezzled over £500,000 in fact after further research more like £1 million! From my company.Just to remind everybody a building I bought in Manchester in March 2016 was all passed fit for occupancy, then the outside wall tiles fell off, i called the fire department they condemned the building…because the tiles were discovered to be non compliant and NOT fire retardant!!!! REMEMBER GRENFELL the building in London that burnt down a year after I bought my building because of non – compliant non fire proof outside wall tiles…The bank LENDINVEST instructed a full survey and decided to lend a bridging loan of 30,000 pounds per month. Loan amount £2,625,000 building purchase price £3,500,000Because of no tenants & no income I could not justify the repayments of £30,000 per month and in September 2016 the bank put the building into receivership EVEN THO I HAD JUST BROUGHT THE LOAN BACK UP TO DATE! I have spent £700,000 pounds later spent in legal fees from my own personal monies.I won the court case against the developer STAMA DEVELOPMENT LTD, £3 million pounds but the developer would not pay and declared the company bankrupt and in the meantime SOLD the freehold of the building to the bank for 350k ! …….Behind my back thru a sister shell company. The bank asked me to buy the freehold for the same money if I paid 1.5% per month in interest!In the meantime in March 2017, I did a deal with lendinvest to take off the receiver of the building. They placed the receiver on after I had made six payments of 30k and I brought the loan back up to date in September 2016.I had to sell 3 property blocks 50% under value to pay them off net proceeds to them another 400k with the explicit proviso I could carry on selling the building in Manchester if I repaired it.Then in may they reversed their decision and would not let me sell it and placed it back in receivership. I have the agreement and started a claim against them for breach of contract.During this time they never sent any statements only the first one in April 2017 of them charging 3% a month of 90k plus receivership bills over 100k a month and put another million pounds on the loan.In may 2016 there was a water leak in the building I was insured thru Allianz .The claim was worth 300kI spent 700k on legal fees and sued the building warranty underwriters “CHECKMATE” and the building inspectors , the claim was worth 2.7 million .It was due in court in March 2019.Allianz were paying the water claim money out to me in October 2018, as soon as they notified me and lendinvest. Lendinvest put WEALTH CREATION UK LTD in administration and took the money for themselves.Then there was a mediation on October the 1st where I attended (I offered and the administrators asked me) with the administrators my lawyer, Jonathan Rogers, the second defendant the building inspector and the 3rd defendant “checkmate” the building developer warranty insurer . Just for clarity STAMA DEVELOPMENT was the 1st defendant.The administrators were fucking idiots and accepted 800k ONLY and I told them they were stupid and should have accepted no less than 1.6 millionI went nuts and said that is not duty of care .So the bank have received;300k insurance from Allianz800k from the court case I personally financed,400k from the buildings I sold400k from the loan repayments£1,900,000 totalThey just sold the building undervalue for 1,400,000 on a building which is worth 5,000,000 when repaired which they had the repair fees of over 1 million I won for them at my own costSo now they have received;£3,300,000They didnt repair the building they to sold it but they have not been able to sell it since 2016 September because no one would buy it until it’s repaired and every month they charge me 120k pounds.I had a loan approved to pay off the bank in December 2016 of £1,500,000 plus extra monies I would pay them from my property sales, they refused it.The original loan from the bank was £2,625,000 pounds !On top of this I sold lease options to my personal investors and paid them rents for nearly one year as part of the deal even tho there was no income at all.Then in July 2017 my business partner SIMON PAUL pulled out and resigned as director leaving me with all the debts and bills to pay.In November 2017 the company accountant THOMAS LOWE told me Simon Paul was embezzling money out of the company for years by paying rents into shell companies and taking money out which was falsely invoiced.I then hired FORENSIC ACCOUNTANTS, Harts in Macclesfield, Cheshire. They discovered over £500,000 in embezzled funds.Now the administrators legally have to recover the money from Simon but they told me who’s going to finance it?So I have made police reports. I’m waiting for the police to investigate with my irrefutable evidence.I was going to sue him for CBT (criminal breach of trust) fraud and embezzlement,The administrators remain silent.I have all the documents prepared.I’m looking for a top journalist to report this story as I’ve had enough of this bullshit and it’s time to get it out to the Public.The bank hold personal guarantees with me to pay any deficit of the property sale which will be significant as they are charging me £120,000 in interest every single month as they can’t and won’t sell the building.They have just submitted a statutory demand of £2,300,000 in LATE INTEREST FEES I MEAN 3% a MONTH INTEREST fees!!!!! even though they have been paid off and made profit of £700,000!!!!!!!!If I don’t pay they will try and take it BUT THEY WONT GET IT THEY WILL TRY AND make all my tenants that I gave houses to including my mum.HOMELESS BUT I WILL NEVER LET THEM DO THAT!PLEASE HELP GET ME THIS STORY TO EVERY MAJOR NEWS CHANNEL AND TOP JOURNALISTS.I could have prevented GRENFELL if this story had got out sooner!, GRENFELL was the building in London that burnt down because that building had the same outside wall tiles as my building, which were not fire retardant I WOULD NOT TENANT THE BUILDING I WOULD NOT PUT PEOPLES LIVES IN DANGER.It was then discovered that every single government built tower block in the United Kingdom did not pass the fire regulation test!The bank NEVER offered any help with the litigation with the developer and THEY did their own survey and passed the building, now they have changed their policy and do personal inspections with CBRE who are on their board of directors, before they pass a building WITHOUT ME AND RUINING ME THEY WOULD HAVE NEVER HAVE CHANGED THEIR POLICIES AND PUT MORE PEOPLES LIVES IN DANGER!THIS IS A DISGRACE OF THE HIGHEST MAGNITUDE!All the above can be proven with every single legal document and correspondence and my lawyer is ccedI am PREPARED TO GIVE AN EXCLUSIVE TO ANY MAJOR NEWSPAPER and please note this is not libel this is completely factualIf you require the documents I will send!!!! IT ALLLENDINVEST RUINS LIVES!Do not INVEST WITH LENDINVEST!Best Regards,Marco Robinson



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