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Business Details –

  • Name: Linda Daniels
  • Address:
  • City: Calgary
  • State: AB
  • Phone:
  • Website: http://+1403-383-3546
  • Reported Loss: 50000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Linda Daniels published at says, verbatim –


It started with me receiving an email that states,” You’ve won some thousands of dollars.” And then it went on like, I will have to claim your thousands of dollars before a specific date. They earn your belief by ensuring you that you’ve been selected/chosen from the list of thousands of other names, such as yours. This is done to make your mind a little less skeptical. And perhaps to make it all look natural and exciting.Just as I mentioned above, I was notified by an email. The email said that I had was selected from a bunch of twenty-five thousand other names. The email mentioned the use of the word “ballot system.” It said that my name was drawn using some ballot system. It also mentioned that this exercise was conducted as a part of some International Promotions of Product and that this something that looked like a lucky draw system happened every year. Every year someone like me was selected and awarded thousands of dollars. Just to increase the marketing of the company. And to show, how much the company cared about its customers. Or how did the company award its customers!I was informed about the procedure to collect the amount that I had won. Now here is where, I think, they try to trick you. They informed me that the payment collection office was located in North America. Since I was their customer, they knew my address. And they knew that I lived far away from North America. And that, if said,” the payment collection office was in North of America,” I would opt for the option of getting cheque delivered on my name, at my address. Or in other words, I wouldn’t be able to physically be at the office to collect the reward.I had to claim the money before the 28th of August, 2005. In response to this, I wrote a letter on the 10th of August, in which I submitted Mrs. Daniels my batch and reference numbers. She informed me about the reward that I had won. She said I had won 50000 dollars. “The money,” she said,” I would receive via a Fed-EX delivery in the coming 10 to 11 days.” I was very happy to hear that. The way she said all these, the way all these things happened was very specific. That hardly anyone could realize, this wasn’t happening for real. Or that all these were pre-planned to upset him/her and that there was nothing as such going to happen for real. I was getting fooled or conned, whatever!Mrs. Daniels informed me that there would be 2 checks enclosed in the Fed-Ex delivery. She said the cheques would have with it, a written description of directions that would tell me,” what was I supposed to do with it!” Since I am a little inquisitive, I waited until the 14th. After that, I called to inquire whether or not the cheques had been sent to me from their end and if I could get some tracking number from Fed-Ex. I waited. And after not getting any reply from their end, I, in turn, left my number on her service. On the next date, I called the service, five times.On reaching out to her on the 5th call, I again got nothing else but assurance. Assurance with a great degree of waiting signal. Something that I was already doing. Nothing new. She assured me that the cheques had been sent. But when asked for a tracking number of the service from which the cheques were coming to me, Fed-Ex, she denied giving me. I told to her that I had tried calling her many times, why didn’t she pick up, to that too, she didn’t have any logical response.  After this talk of ours, I had left numerous messages, since then, I have not received any response. I keep on asking for the Fed-Ex tracking number so that I could check from my end with Fed-Ex. And see, enquire if something was wrong with the Fed-Ex.I can understand that not everything is the company that is providing the service is at fault. It can also be the fault of the delivery service provider. All I demanded from her was the Tracking Number, so I could see if they had tried to deliver to my home. An assurance that was crucial to judge, who was delaying this matter. Whether it was the delivery service provider or the service provider itself. Later, it also started to concern me that, the delivery service provider could have left it to my door, someday when I wasn’t at home. Uncertainties started to surround me! I was concerned that they may have left it by the door. I have had an experience in which the delivery service provider had left the delivery at our door without informing us! So my mind associated with it.That was just a general parcel, but this one was not. This one contained cheques which could make me authorize, for the money that I had won. I am really upset that Mrs. Daniels hasn’t had the courtesy to call and give me the information. All that I had asked from her, was the tracking number and nothing else. This made me conclude that the notification that I had received was a fake one. And so I felt the need of warning others about such fraudulent notifications and not to stress your mind about the same. They trick you with pinpoints that they already know.It is also easy nowadays for a mail getting stolen. A mail that contained cheques also can be cashed by someone who will then get a share of the money. This incident has made my trust in people, humanity lessen until the point that it is almost negligible. I even had to lessen my trust on the guard that guards our building! Because every time I asked him, he said,” no there wasn’t any parcel as such!” This is a big fraud that has happened to me and it is no less than ripping off people with thoughts that they live in and replacing it with the thoughts that you want them to think about!


Linda Daniels

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