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Business Details –

  • Name: Luvyle
  • Address: Wilson Street
  • City: Los Angeles
  • State: CA
  • Phone:
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 470 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Luvyle published at says, verbatim –


Everyone who purchases online is obviously known for the “sizing-problem.” There isn’t anything new about the problem. In fact, it has grown so old that companies that provide online fashion shopping, know about it and have taken the best steps they could to make sure it does not happen. They are at high stakes, talking about this particular problem.So, I had ordered online and as you can judge from my above writing, I wasn’t able to receive the correct size of the product that suited me. That would have been completely fine! Provided if, it would have been my fault in selecting the size. I never experiment with my size. Especially if I am buying online. I am fully aware of the cons that happen online and am a responsible citizen. I know how long it takes for anyone to resolve an issue of size. And most importantly, it is us, the customers that suffer through it! I mean it we, that order such products and we who schedule the delivery and sometimes even pay the delivery charge for it to get it on time. Why to keep any sort of insecurity if you can completely secure the size of the product, the color, etc.So I am completely aware that, if I do have a doubt, I always ask before I order. Never do I ever, order a product about which I am doubtful. I am also aware of the boring and long conversations that one has to go through the customer care executive or else, if it’s not got any number, it has to be email conversations that are even more boring because one does not get to know about the ‘last seen’ of that person whom you are sending an email to. The point that I am trying to make is that I am a vigilant customer and it isn’t that I am an amateur to shopping online. A lot of other reviews that I have read, people don’t specify this thing and end up sounding novice in consuming online and I do not want to sound like that to the people who read this. And I want them to realize that this can happen to them too so they better beware. The sizing problem has not completely vanished from online shopping. It is very evident and sometimes is even practiced by websites, intentionally!The month in which I had placed my order was, to be precise, late June. The month in which they sent me the order was July. Luyvle Fashionicon Trading Limited boasts about anything and everything. Sometimes, I feel that they might even be proud of the wrong sizing charts they have on their websites! Their sizing charts are off by a long way. All the items that they have in their picture areas way too big, to let you imagine that they can ever be so small in real.  And this applies to all the items they have to offer. They all were too small. Understanding their small nature, I, for my product, ordered two sizes more than my original size. Even after offering two sizes above my original size, I did not receive the actual size that I wished to have on the perfect time.Obviously, I demanded some compensation for the delay and everything that I had to face. Rather than offering me a replace and refund with compensation, they would do not give me a solution. Rather they offered me another coupon! A coupon worth $15. Now, the thing about online shopping that every e-commerce website owners should understand is,” if a customer did not enjoy shopping from your website for time one. He/she is pretty convinced to not having enjoyed the shopping from your website for time 2, too! So what’s the meaning of offering him/her the coupon by which he can buy online from your website when he/she is not at all interested in buying from your website anymore?” This is so logicless!For using my coupon, I added the other two sizes up, but the product was still small. To date, I have resent the same information to no less than eleven people, but none! None amongst that 11 people has used this information to get the proof of receipt of the merchandise. Height of responsibility has been crossed by a height of carelessness and ignorance! This is something that could have never happened before. In the times when doing business meant respect. My attempts to forward proof of receipt comes back as undeliverable as I am evidently only able to “Reply-To” their emails.They are too stupid to consolidate their returns department so no one knows what is going on. One of the things that I am really confused about is how should I judge them? Is it intentional or they really lack the sense of doing business and this is unintentional. Or they are being deliberately obtuse to scam me out of the coupon amount as well as the original purchase? I only found out the merchandise comes from China after ordering (took around three weeks to receive), and they didn’t let me know they had a Stateside facility until well into the struggle with them regarding a cash refund. Now, this sort of behavior is totally unacceptable if you do not know the customer or his attitude, his liking for the product that he is buying. It could have been some other way. But that other way doesn’t come to my mind currently. My refusal to accept store credit or coupon for their poorly made, improperly sized clothing must have shaken something loose in someone as they send me a specific person to whom to send the return at the address supplied. I have reported them to the BBB and the USPS, and they are still requesting information provided them in each of the (to date) 15 emails regarding this rip-off. Luyvle, you have really let my expectations down and left me helpless.



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