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Have you been trying to heal yourself from inside and searching for a solution online that can make it happen? If that is so, do not ever try this manifestation magic, whatever you choose. This is the dumbest way to make things possible. I am not sure if it has worked for anyone. But if you ask me, I have been trying this math from the last four months. And, as they ask to maintain consistency, I have been very loyal and followed everything that the quick guide asked for. It has become a ritual for me. Even my wife does follow everything that is asked to be done.At first, when I ordered the audios, I got an email that it would take a week to reach my address. I was leaving for the holidays after 15 days. So, I did not mind ordering the audios. I was sure that even if the package would be late by a few days, I would anyway be receiving it before leaving for holidays. But that did not happen. I had almost forgotten about the order and the time was ticking. When I came back from the holidays, I remembered that there was an order I had placed which was supposed to arrive before leaving.I checked my email and there was no information. I filled up the contact form on the website asking about the package information. I provided my details and waited. After a week, I received a reply saying that the package was returned as there was no one at the address. I replied asking them to send back the order and they charged me a few more bucks to do that. However, it was certainly their fault and they had never mentioned on their website that I would be charged if I miss the package. Anyway, it was just a small amount and I did not care as I wanted the thing to work.Later, after a week, I received the order. The package was broken into two modules. The first one was the audios and the other was the manifestation guide. The book has a planner that needed to be followed at first. I did everything. This guy, Alexander Wilson has tried to lure people by saying that he can change their thinking pattern. However, the magic did not work for me. And, it neither worked for my wife. Moreover, after trying the solution, we even asked our friend to check this thing out. He said that the audios were crap. The entire system was designed to fraud people.The reviews that you see on the internet is nothing but fake, because, as I experienced, there is nothing good that these audios offer. Or maybe, it helped connect people to see things that they may not have embraced before only because they are thinking they are being healed. It is completely fake and virtual.Also, audios talk about different chakras. What I know from my knowledge, these are not easy to attain. One cannot just listen to these audios and feel the energy hidden in these chakras right away. Reviews like someone winning a lottery ticket in just a few days of listening to the audios are very skeptical. These could be coincidences. Connecting these to the benefit of these audios straightaway would be mere foolishness.Moreover, I never felt any positive energy circling me. I have always believed in hard work and have worked for my entire life trying to create savings for my family. However, this work did put me through a lot of stress. What I needed from these audios is a way to heal my inner self and understand the easy path to make money and understand the difference between what I actually need and what I have been craving for.I really was looking forward to getting answers to a few crucial questions. However, that was just another way of making things worse. When listening to these audios did not do any good, I was more than just demotivated. For a few weeks, I really could not understand why I am the only one not able to find solace when others are easily getting it in hefty.All these feelings made me nervous and I was depressed to know that I was among that small percentage that can never be healed. However, that is not true. I have tried this audio and have asked many others to do it. Among all the friends, only one felt its magic. But trust me, I am not sure I saw any change in his life. He was still the same and always desperate for money. He was still the same person, though he felt that the audios did help him in some or the other way.There is no way I am going to give any benefit of the doubt to this manifestation magic. It claims to provide results right away. And, it asks to maintain consistency. I did it all. I managed to do everything, even when it was coming in the way of my usual routine. I made sure that the planner is followed and I get answers to all the questions that I was looking for.Nothing seemed to work anyway. My wife and I found the entire system as flimsy as any other worthless solution on the internet. I would rather read a book and feel calm instead of listening to the audios that make no sense. I am very disappointed with the entire order. I must have not ordered it in the first place. If you would check online a bit more closely, you will find more reviews hidden behind the positive ones that talk about the scam that is being carried behind Alexander’s manifestation magic.If you wish to save your money and do not fall prey to such scams, stay away from Manifestation magic and research before you pay for such orders. Make sure to check everything. We failed to assess this solution and ended up getting all demotivated and stressed. Do not repeat the same mistake.


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