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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Market Traders Institute at


Business Details –

  • Name: Market Traders Institute
  • Address: Millenia Boulevard
  • City: Orlando
  • State: FL
  • Phone: 1-866-787-8558
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 7000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Market Traders Institute published at says, verbatim –


Several months ago, I was invited to one of the Free No Obligation Webinars. I had received the invitation via Schaeffers. Owing to the integrity Bernie Schaeffer had, I figured he was connected with these guys in some way or the other. I concluded that they might be legit. So ninety minutes and no fees mean, hardly any reason to deny, yeah? Maybe I would learn something about it, thinking so, I went.It started with them calling me. Some customer service people telling me that they were calling to help me log in to the Forex webinar. I thought it wasn’t any harm. My computer went down for perhaps two minutes. This person sounded irritated and agitated and made me feel like I did something terribly wrong. So I logged back in and waited. I should also mention that I was called one hour before the webinar started. I thought they expect me to sit here for an hour and stare at this stupid screen? Anyway, I got logged on and waited and did a few other things in the process. I waited and then I waited a little more. The presenter comes on and says some people are joining late so there would be a delay. WHAT! I am waiting for nearly an hour and have to wait because some others are late? Like that is my problem! It finally started about 15 minutes late so now I had waited for 1 hr and 15 minutes. The presenter sounded very enthusiastic and goes over his background. He claims to be a trader and raves about his facebook page which is loaded with testimonials from so many happy students. The more I listened to this guy, the more he sounded like an Amway guy. Then he tells us that this presentation will cover MTI’s product called The Ultimate Traders package. We are told that this company has been around for 18 years and then we see slides of a guy named Jared Martinez who supposedly wrote over 20 books and is a Forex guru.I just giggled and thought this is sounding more and more like Amway every second. He then tells us the price of the program which is $6,995 and then goes back in to tell us how wonderful MTI is. And I thought that this would be a webinar. So far it sounded like an info-commercial, which was in fact what it turned out to be! Eventually, they got around to showing some charts and some very basic, and I mean grassroots basic technical analysis. I was under the impression that this presenter would be doing live trades during the live market. What he really did was show some basic techniques while the market was open. BIG DEAL! Then he got back to hyping MTI and telling us how wonderful this company and the Forex market is and why we should go run to get our checkbooks or credit cards and sign up right away for this incredible, awesome training. He said to leave our number and someone would call us. I figured, that this my cue. And not at all relating to it in a webinar way, Or completely relating to it like Amway, I disconnected from the webinar and laughed for several minutes rehashing what I just went through when the found rang. It looked like a local number so curiously I answered. Turned out that it was MTI calling me back. I say, “Jeesh I didn’t know you guys were in my area!” They said,” we are not. We use a local number so it is easier for you to call us back.” I think yeah right. You use a local number to sucker me to pick up the phone. If I say your number on my caller ID, I would have left it to go into voice mail. This guy told me how great the course was and asked me what I LIKED BEST. I told him the best part was when I turned the stupid info-commercial off. This guy went on and on with his sales pitch. I told him I had an appointment, did not want to be rude but had to leave. He said, “No, no, no, wait a minute. While I have you on the phone, tell me about yourself so when we speak again I can be better prepared to discuss your needs.” I think, “Say what?” “Didn’t you hear me? I said I have to go and never said I wanted a return phone call. At which point I hung up.Then I thought, thank God that is over. But the phone rings and it is a local number. I pick up and it is him again. I figure you got to be kidding me! He says, “Sorry we were disconnected.” I jump in and say, “We were not disconnected. I hung up because this conversation is over.” He jumps right back into his sales pitch. I hung up again. He called back and this time I let it go into voice mail. This infomercial that they call a webinar was a total waste of time for me. It was just a sugar-coated sales pitch and their people are rude. In checking around, I have talked with some people who have taken the course from MTI, none are making money. I went to the presenter’s Facebook page and read a lot of incredible testimonials, however, I have to wonder if they are real or if they were just one-time lucky trades. I see no information on average returns.I have already written to Bernie Schaeffer and told him that I am appalled at their association with this company and will never again attend one of their infomercial webinars. Another thing is that MTIs salespeople are not too well educated in personal finance or investing. I asked the guy who called me about binary options and he said he never heard of them. In summary, I like Bernie Schaeffer and I am happy with his service, not happy with MTI and their almost comedic style of offering forex education which is really just a sales pitch with very little if any useful information. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I am trading options and happy.


Market Traders Institute

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