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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Movement Mortgage at


Business Details –

  • Name: Movement Mortgage
  • Address: Falls of Neuse Road
  • City: Raleigh
  • State: NC
  • Phone: (919) 535-4760
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 3266 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Movement Mortgage published at says, verbatim –


If you are going to use Movement Mortgage than they are going to scam you. If you are reading this complaint, I advise you, please stay away from them.They will show you stars and give you stones. They lie with you each and every step and deny all. You need to make sure whatever the process you are going through, you need to make it in writing.They are bothered to process your documents, they drag their feet so  you can not close within the deadline provided by them.They tell you that there is no problem closing when you have a contract date and after a few days from closing they say “we cant close for 2 more weeks”.Then they ask you for more document, docs they already have and should have had processed already. These people and the company should be fined, forced to pay huge monetary damages and close this business down.They should have their licenses revoked in the mortgage field. I’ve been around the mortgage field, these are the most incompetent people.We lost the house we had a contract on, because they changed the closing date we had of June 10,2016 to the 20th, then to the 27th of June.We kept asking we will still close on June 10th, their reply, yes no problem, we might even be able to close early. then they pulled they scam.They had every document they asked me but its looked like, they never knew about to process the documents in order to close the loan. They just want me to pay extra closing fees and to ruin my credit line up with other loan officers.This delays the loan closing process. I scanned and sent them over 50 emails containing over 30 documents. I was using the mail tracking software but you know what, they never opened any emails and kept asking me to send the documents over and over again.The loan officer I used was Sara Deere, her assistant Heather Santana and the processor, in between they switched processors to delay my loan closing process. These are the people I had dealing with but the company I later found out has a history of the type of practice.STAY AWAY FROM MOVEMENT MORTGAGE IF YOU WANT TO GET YOUR MORTGAGE AND CLOSE ON TIME AND NOT GET KICKED IN THE FACE.


Movement Mortgage

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