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Business Details –

  • Name: Mrs Linda Daniels
  • Address:
  • City: Calgary
  • State: AB
  • Phone: +1 403-383-3546
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 4700 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Mrs Linda Daniels published at says, verbatim –


This incident dates back to August 2005. Never was I ever, before this incident, this excited for receiving a delivery from Fed-Ex. It was Mrs. Daniels, to who confirmed my winning after I received an email that stated: “As a part of International Promotions of Products, your name has been selected from a list of 25000 others. The selection took place through a secret voting system as it does, every year. For receiving your prize money, you had to first claim the prize to Linda Daniels who is the Foreign Service Manager and provide her with reference and batch number. And after that, Mrs. Daniels would inform you, how, where and till when would you get your prize money. The office that is responsible for paying you is located in North America. The claim should be made before August 28th.” To check whether someone was pulling my leg or this was all real, I asked my neighbor. She got really happy about this news and couldn’t wait to party as soon as the money arrived. She said, she knew something of this sort happened every year and had tried hard to participate in it and win, but couldn’t. As the voting happened secretly, there were no chances of ensuring the winning and the winners. Even after getting a confirmation from her, I didn’t make my mind. I called up the office to check whether someone responded to me or not. I did. They responded and confirmed that this was for real. And that I need to respond before 28th to claim the prize money or else they would let the 2nd one on the list to win what I had. After my mind got convinced of it, I responded to the letter on the 10th. Mrs. Daniels, as she was expected to be, sounded professional. She confirmed by batch number and reference number. She congratulated me, reconfirmed the batch and reference numbers and informed me about the prize money that I had won. “$50,000!” She said. It was like a dream come true for me. I decided to keep this as a dream only and not believe until I receive the money in my hands. She said that, because the office was in North America, I would receive the delivery of the prize money instead of receiving the amount in person. She said that the delivery via delivery service, Fed-Ex would contain two checks. And what to do with those checks, would also be written in the enclosed letter that would come with the delivery. I was fine with it, because of the details that were mentioned to me, which made it sound like a trustworthy scene. I was supposed to receive the delivery within 10 to 12 days. It was prize money that I had won and the first one! So I did not care to ask for the tracking number at that point in time while having a conversation with Mrs. Daniels, it felt obvious. It was after waiting for 4 days, is when the insecurity started to grow inside me. I tried to control it like how we, humans do in the first stage but was unable to. So, to satisfy my mind, I called the office and to my surprise, they didn’t pick up the first 5 calls. When your mind is already demanding you to do something out of insecurity and then that thing doesn’t happen, you become more insecure. And that’s what happened to me too. I called and called until they picked up. And the first thing that I asked the lady who picked up the phone, after ensuring that it was her, Linda Daniels, is,” are the checks sent to my address?” After getting an affirmation from her, the next question was,” can I get a tracking number, just in case I want to keep a check when is it supposed to come!” She said that she would have to contact the Fed-Ex office and get back to me. The insecurity inside me grew a little bit more. Because if they were such an office that were sending out such huge amounts of prize money to people, isn’t it obvious to have such a relationship with a delivery company like Fed-Ex which would: Provide a tracking number to each of their parcels, regardless of them getting back to Fed-Ex or not. Wasn’t it a duty of the company to provide a tracking number to the winners without waiting for the winners to ask them in particular! After this assurance of Mrs. Daniels, she didn’t receive any call that was made to her on the phone. The call was then answered by persons whom I had not talked before. I would leave a message for her to call me on the number that I had, 5 times a day. But she did not get back to me. Suddenly I received a call from her, one late night, as soon as I received it, she was like,” YOU HAVE BEEN FOOLED!” I was like,” WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU MEAN BY, YOU’VE BEEN FOOLED?” She was like the parcel that I said, you are supposed to receive in 10-11 days was just make you insecure! And that it was something they did with every winner. I was like,” Okay! This is an insecure way to fool someone! Why would you do that?” Mrs. Daniels was like,” This is a part of our company’s tradition.” In my mind, I was like,” TO HELL WITH YOUR COMPANY’S TRADITION.” She said that I would be receiving the delivery in 7 days from then. I wasn’t convinced at all. But then I had nothing to lose, except for hope, so I waited. I don’t know why these people do such kind of things and what do they benefit out of it! Maybe they have lots of extra time which they wish to utilize by spoiling the other good amount of time that other people have but then by writing this review, I wish to ask these people,” WHAT DO THEY EXACTLY WANT?” Of course, I did not receive the delivery. Our home has two doors and, it’s very normal for anyone to leave a delivery at any of the doors they wish too. Once it so happened that the delivery on which our signatures were essential was unanswered by us because we weren’t at home and it was left on the other door of our home. So till days, I was confused and thought of that delivery as this one. I even thought that it might have been at our door, but because I had not attended it, Fed-Ex might have taken it back or maybe, Fed-Ex wouldn’t have got the address or they would have tried to call me up but wouldn’t have been able to reach out to me. Thinking this, I tried to contact them, but without tracking number, the person couldn’t figure out which delivery was assigned to whom. There are numerous deliveries that are to be sent to a person who is living in my surroundings from people living in North America! How to differentiate! Frankly speaking, I cannot even blame Fed-Ex! God knows! Maybe they would have taken the money and ripped me off of $50000. Maybe it was Linda and Fed-Ex’s combined mission or something. How would the company get to know of it, if it was anything as such! How would I be able to sue anyone! Linda Daniels never got back to me with any of these. Nor did the company. And I kept asking for the tracking number, for knowing the truth, that whether it was Fed-Ex, the company, or Linda Daniels behind this fraud of ripping me off of $50000. All I feel is that these guys are frauds and they rip you off of the good time that you have by making you insecure about losing a prize that you might have, never won! PLEASE BEWARE!


Mrs Linda Daniels

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