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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against My Aging Well Network at


Business Details –

  • Name: My Aging Well Network
  • Address: West Indiantown Road
  • City: Jupiter
  • State: FL
  • Phone: +1844-584-0062
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 750 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against My Aging Well Network published at says, verbatim –


My pharmacist recommended me some pills in accordance with my menopausal hormone secretion. The medication’s name is Finasteride. This is the medication that I usually buy and get it easily for $25. In $25 I get my 90 day supply. It is no news that while buying medications the simple rule is, the more amount you buy, the lesser you need to pay for it. So this is what I regularly do. I get a check with my physician and he prescribes it to me, I go to the pharmacy and get it from there easily. It is this specific time that I had to buy it from the website name Aging well does it very professionally. It ensures many such things by which you are bound to purchase from the website. Not only that, but also that you have to buy it in the amount they want you to buy. I had asked my physician to not only prescribe me the medication but also suggest me a good name. He asked his patient about the place from where she gets her medications. This is how Aging Well came into the picture.The person Robert Joseph is very confused and recommends you do not ask too many questions. On asking him that, whether it was a safe HRT medication, he answered to me very rudely and said that I should confirm all these things to my physicians or rather change my physician if I had any doubts. After this, when I had a little query about the pricing, he got more rude than I could have ever imagined as if I had charged him of charging more price. I asked him as I generally at the place from where I use to purchase medications before. On their website, they boast about how their pricing is always competitively lesser than their competitors. So why should they have any problem with people asking questions about their price? They should instead be having full surety that there there is nowhere in the market where the customer can get the medication at a lesser price than mentioned over there. When this was explained to him, after that there was a problem related to dosage delivery, which came into place.They told me the basic medications which I needed. There are always secondary medications that are needed with the primary medications. That was the case in my case too. With this medication come some other medications too. About which I was uninformed, to start with. When I got to know myself, then they accepted their mistake. And even asked me if I needed a compensation, to which I affirmed. Later, I came to know that this was a fraud. This was to ensure that I will buy from nowhere else but from their place only. This I say because when in the final bill, I asked them to show it, they were unable to! About the dosage, they completely fooled me. Firstly when I said to them that I needed a 3x, they said, they didn’t have much in stock and asked me to buy a 2x. When I asked my friend to call them, just to re-check them as I was skeptical about it; they affirmed her on call that they did have a 3x. I feel that they did this because they knew my dosage requirement. I had informed them earlier that I needed a 3x that runs for 90 days. If I would not have informed them that then, they would not have been able to decide which ones to give me. It was because they had complete knowledge that I was a patient would require a 3x that they decided not to give me a 3x, instead force me to buy a 2x first and then ask me to buy the remaining. This would give them more sales and profit as well.I challenge you to go to a physician first and then ask him/her to recommend a medication. And then go to Aging well and ask them to do the same and get an estimate of both, the estimate of Aging Well would differ unexpectedly. And it is but obvious that it would be more in terms of quantity as well as in terms of price. And this is not only for one or two products but it is for all the products.Please beware of buying! At times they don’t even give the prescription which is needed to you. Even if the prescription is about a secondary medication, the primary medication to which you have already bought from them. One: Their selling is at a price which is not what they claim i.e. competitive. Two: They force you to buy dosage which is shorter than what you need, to earn more money for another shorter dosage which you will have to necessarily buy from them. Three: They don’t write you prescriptions of the secondary medications that you need, which go along with your primary medications. They say it is obvious for the prescription reader to understand, but it is not like what they say! They do everything possible to harass you and charge you as much as they can. They benefit the most out of you and leave you stunned.


My Aging Well Network

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