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OmniaTek ( has been making rounds these days with their Cloud mining, pyramid, MLM style marketing schemes, promising fixed returns to their investors.Bitcoin Cloud mining scams are not new.Omnia marketed aggressively as a partner of a reputed Mining company “Genesis-Mining”.However, Genesis mining clearly denied any involvement / partnership with Omnia.We received a few inquiries about Omnia recently. We hear that they are still using our brand name in presentations, however, they have never purchased equipment from us after their launch. Omnia has been asked to delete all references to GM. Thank you.— Genesis Mining (@GenesisMining) November 24, 2017Omnia benefited tremendously by associating itself with Genesis mining and got customers/investors real fast.With the help of existing Crypto MLM networks in various countries and their fake association with Genesis, people fell prey to their Bitcoin mining scheme.Omnia systematically targeted the unsatisfied customers of existing Bitcoin mining companies like Dekado, OneCoin, GainBitcoin, Bitconnect and many more.OmniaTek offered lucrative incentives to the network leaders to generate revenue for the company.Questionable things about Omnia (Omniatek, Omnia Tech).April 13, 2018The website has Robert Velghe as the “Founder” of Omnia Tech. (See the attached image.)On today’s date, Robert Valghe becomes the “Co-founder” of Omnia Tech. ( out this Youtube video:Clarification from Genesis Mining about no association with Omnia Tech ( Genesis Mining Denies Partnership With USI-Tech & Omnia TechOmnia is planning to launch / already launched trading plansNow, recently a marketer messaged me on Youtube that Omnia is starting trading plans, we have to give them our Bitcoins and they will give us fixed monthly returns.Something fishy.Just be careful and do not give away your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for too good to be true Crypto schemes.Good luck to you all.

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