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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Paul Howe / Rebecca Jean Bidwell at


Business Details –

  • Name: Paul Howe / Rebecca Jean Bidwell
  • Address:
  • City: Lapeer
  • State: MI
  • Phone:
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 0 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Paul Howe / Rebecca Jean Bidwell published at says, verbatim –


Paul Howe ? Lapeer Michigan Paul Howe — Lapeer Michigan / Officer/Trainer at State of MichiganPaul Howe Lapeer Michigan / Officer/Trainer at State of Michigan Department of CorrectionsPaul Howe is currently residing with convicted felon Rebecca Bidwell in Lapeer, Michigan. Paul Howe is a Officer Trainer at the State of Michigan Department of Corrections. He lists that he graduated from Columbia University training. He writes: From February 2016 until May 2017 I worked as Human Resources Developer (HRD) at Thumb Correctional Facility. This job entails working as the Institutional Training Officer.THIS MAN LIVES WITH A DANGEROUS CONVICTED FELON. His credentials appear to be upstanding however he has chosen to live with and support and enable a VERY DANGEROUS CONVICTED FELON THAT THE FBI HAS HAD TO INTERVENE WITH.Here is a LINK to his Facebook page:!/paul.howe.589Rebecca Bidwell / Rebekkah Bidwell / Paul Howe/ Rebecca Howe / Lapeer MichiganShe uses different names to deceive at times. Different spellings to deceive.Ms. Rebecca Bidwell D.O.B. (3-26-1972) of Lapeer Michigan is a convicted Felon A felony is generally considered a crime of high seriousness, while a misdemeanor is not. A person who has committed a felony is a felon, and upon conviction of a felony in a court of law a person is known as a convicted felon or a convict. ( and her records are on file at the orange county clerks office in Florida. The records speaks for themselves.Her facebook page: Rebecca Bidwell started stalking me in 2007 and when the FBI intervened in 2013-2014. The FBI became involved law enforcement became involved.Rebecca Bidwell is a very dangerous psychopath melding into a face a mask of sanity a false face. MAKE NO MISTAKE SHE IS A VERY DANGEROUS PSYCHOPATH AND A PATHELOGICAL LIAR. SHE WAS FIRED FROM TYSONS FOODS IN ARKANSAS FOR THREATENING OTHER EMPLOYEE?S.READ HER RIP OFF REPORTS ON THE RIP OFF REPORT.COM WEBSITE. SEARCH HER FULL NAME REBECCA JEAN BIDWELL.She called and harrassed my dying father at home when he was suffering from cancer. She called both my elderly parents at home well into their 80?s.SHE ISSUED DOCUMENTED DEATH THREATS TO ME IN THE HANDS OF THE FBI. As I mentioned the FBI has intervened with her.She has been fired over and over and over again from the jobs she works for and hides it and lies about it.I am highlighting her because she is a DANGEROUS SERIOUS PSYCHOPATH AND I DONT WANT IT TO HAPPEN TO OTHERS WHAT SHE DID TO ME.She lives with Mr. Paul Howe an instructor trainer at the department of corrections in Lapeer, Michigan.Rebecca Bidwell has a long history with law enforcement. BE VERY CAUTIOUS WITH ANY CONTACT WITH HER. SHE MAY BE ARMED. SHE IS A CONVICTED FELON IN ORANGE COUNTY FLORIDA, SHE IS BARRED FROM OWNING A GUN AS A CONVICTED FELON , HOWEVER SHE MAY BE ARMED BE WARNED!!READ HER RIP OFF REPORTS. RIP OFF REPORT.COMOf course Ms. Rebecca Bidwell is always lying.She has a demonic demeanor chockful of obscenity that she used it to cyberstalk, extort, threaten, coerce, and harass other people and their families.That, Rebecca Bidwell would breed hatred and FBI and Police intervention was likely or inevitable. Many others known to Ms. Bidwell are hackers, stalkers, and other criminal types. Her life is a cesspool of lies, and revenge.Her life is run in an irresponsible way with disregard for the law and disregard for others.Just be fair warned. She is highly manipulative and a pathological liar and she is very good at appearing normal and wears a mask of sanity even faking empathy. Just be fair warned about this very deceitful dangerous person.


Paul Howe / Rebecca Jean Bidwell

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