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Business Details –

  • Name: Paul Mampilly
  • Address: East Main Street
  • City: Durham
  • State: NC
  • Phone: 866 584 4096
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 2500 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Paul Mampilly published at says, verbatim –


Paul Mampilly’s videos are always a head turner. If you are a newbie and do not have much knowledge about the stock industry and the way it works, you would be easily fooled by his imaginary promises that sound good, when looked from a non-existing angle.He is not only able to scam people with less understanding of stocks, however, he pretty much nails it when it comes to fool the experienced investors as well. His recent video that talks about making fortune with one stock has gathered a lot of hype. The ‘internet of things’ that is no doubt is capable of a lot in future, but would still be a risky stock to depend on with your hard-earned money.Paul Mampilly , on the other hand, has described it to be the key to a big fortune and is more than 100% sure about the returns which he claims this technology would be more successful than computers, tablets and mobile phones put together.He also mentioned that the invention would undermine every other revolutionary invention in past and would become an inception for second industrial revolution. Paul explained the graphs and assured that the internet of things would be reaching to a $19 trillion-dollar industry only by 2020. Hence, whoever invests at this stage would be enjoying the highest perks in the coming four years.The video compels to invest a lot of money and stuff is pretty convincing. However, there is a lot more story to this video that Paul has not bothered to share. Something that entirely contradict his data. Which is why, I would consider his claims to be nothing more than a marketing stunt and a gimmick.An insight about the prospect of future of Internet of things, Paul has underlined it many times in his pitch that this innovation is 7 times bigger than computers, tablets and mobiles in combination. As per the experts, this technology is supposed to be utilized by 50 billion devices by 2020. And he demands an early entry into the investment to reap the unimaginable profits.I would not deny from the fact that the internet of things has a lot of potential to mark a great start but at the same time, it carries substantial growth risks and pains. Let me put some light on this subject. Have you come across ‘October 21st denial of service attack’? If not, let me help you with the details.This was the attack that inflicted havoc on the web and did not even spare some of the very big Internet commerce sites. This wave of software virus attacked the devices connected to the internet of things. This proved that internet of things, though a great innovation, still has loop holes.This technology is not only exploitable, but is vulnerable as well and this would lead to its probable scaling back. If we won’t be able to provide the strict and elevated level of security, the potential of this technology will not be properly served. This way, this stock becomes a risky investment.There are various reasons and I can write a book out of it. But, I would like to be as precise as possible. Paul never misses to overstate his claims. He makes sure to projects the numbers in such a way that even if it looks too good to be true, it seems achievable. Sometimes, he even brags about fake profits that was never made. the Internet of things is not the only stock that he has gone beyond the limits to praise about. But, he has been doing it since long.For example, in 2015, Paul Mampilly was found advertising about the Yahoo shares and predicted an increase of 75%. However, as per the stats, Yahoo share was at $50 per share at the start of 2015 and it did not take a year for Yahoo shares to come down to less than $30. Even after Verizon purchase, the stock remained at less than $50 per share. Those who invested lost a lot of money. Those who sold the shares in the intervening months, had a loss of more than 40%.Again, Paul mampilly has started vouching for Geothermal stocks. In the era of solar energy, which is cheap and has already taken over the market, it would be difficult of any other renewable sources which is not mature enough, to make a prominent place. This makes this stock a risky investment. On the other hand, Paul Mampilly affirms a 1000% return in one year. Isn’t that makes his assertion questionable? It sure does.Paul Mampilly seems to be a marketing expert rather than a financial advisor. As a matter of fact, he fails to justify the marketing limits as well. He goes too far into lying that he underestimates the ethics that every industry abides with. He does not have morals.None of the financial advisor who are concerned about their client’s profit would provide such a level of certainty at any given point of time. We all know that investment into stock is more or less, a gamble. If played fairly, there would always be a chance of unpredictability. But, in case of Paul Mampilly , it is never a case.In addition, being such a great advisor, as he profoundly affirms, he should be in talks everywhere. But you would not find Forbes, NBC or for that matter, any other business magazines, singing his praises. The way he shows the profits that he has made or any of his clients have made, seem fake and highly overstated if you look at profits unlimited by paul mampilly reviews on internet .Paul is a tricky guy and would make you believe in his assertions by fake stats and numbers. His confidence is what attracts most of the clients around the world. But, you need to, at least do your homework before believing him or anyone before investing. Beware of people like Paul Mampilly .


Paul Mampilly

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