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It does take two to Tango but this particular Homewrecker is relentless and unyielding in her efforts to get married men out on the dance floor with her! My husband and I had been together happily for 7 years and had 3 beautiful children together. Amey Lytle had just turned 19 at the time, barely a year out of high-school in Ashland, Ohio, and had gotten a job in sales where my husband was a manager. She worked there less than 6 months total and as I understand it, she slept with at least 5 different men that were also employed there, the youngest being about 31, and the oldest pushing 40, and 2 of them were married.Before Amey showed up, my husband was already having a rough time, we had different things happening in our life causing plenty of stress and tension. We were very busy at that time, we weren’t spending much quality time either together, or as a family. We weren’t at each others throats every day, but we were bickering frequently. He was working long hours, t

It does take two to Tango but this particular Homewrecker is relentless and unyielding in her efforts to get married men out on the dance floor with her! My husband and I had been together happily for 7 years and had 3 beautiful children together. Amey Lytle had just turned 19 at the time, barely a year out of high-school in Ashland, Ohio, and had gotten a job in sales where my husband was a manager. She worked there less than 6 months total and as I understand it, she slept with at least 5 different men that were also employed there, the youngest being about 31, and the oldest pushing 40, and 2 of them were married.Before Amey showed up, my husband was already having a rough time, we had different things happening in our life causing plenty of stress and tension. We were very busy at that time, we weren’t spending much quality time either together, or as a family. We weren’t at each others throats every day, but we were bickering frequently. He was working long hours, things were stressful at home. I’m not making excuses. I am an adamant, firm believer that you don’t cheat in a relationship. If you are unhappy, fix it. If you want to be with someone else, or multiple people, then end the current relationship, don’t be a cheater. I would 100% prefer to have a relationship or my marriage end, then to be cheated on! I am just trying to give some insight into the situation at the time. This was a man, that I honestly would have never, for not even one second, thought would ever cheat on me!After working there a few months, Amey Lytle sets her sights on my husband. He is a good-looking, charismatic, out going, funny (Married) guy. She finds any excuse to talk to him, be in the same room with him etc. When the guys go out for a beer after work, she invites herself every time, she is flirting nonstop. She is fun, and happy. There is no stress there. She isn’t taking care of his kids at home alone, doing his laundry, or dealing with the real, every day life of being in a marriage or having a family. She is flirty and fun, and hell bent on getting her newest target. He never lied to her, he never told her made up stories that his home life was hell, he never told her he was going to leave his family, he never indicated he wasn’t anything but happily married. She knew he was married, she knew he had an innocent wife at home who was taking care of 3 children and she didn’t care. She never even asked him about his marriage, she didn’t care if it was either miserable or happy. While things weren’t blissful at home, they suddenly did take a turn for horrible. My husband who isn’t a big drinker, who might typically get a beer after work maybe once in a month or so, started going once a week, then at the peak, up to 3 times a week. He stopped calling me during the day to tell me he loved me or missed me. He stopped responding to texts. When he was home he was cranky, impatient, short with everyone, and he seemed to be looking for any reason to start an argument with me. (probably trying to fight with me to feel less guilty and give himself excuses). He had a very negative attitude towards me, and began to criticize me, roll his eyes at me, and it felt like he was actively looking for any flaw or fault of mine, any reason to be act like a jerk. He was also never really the jealous type, and he started to question me, and make accusations. We were arguing all the time. I was complaining about his behavior, he was being mean, I was complaining about how often he was going out and how little time he was spending at home. He started saying things like”I’m a grown man, I can do what I want, youre not in control of me”. (Things he had never said before in any situation). He began hoarding his cell phone, it never left his sight, when before it could be sitting on a counter and he’d leave the room with it laying there. He also mysteriously started leaving it in his car, or at work, (so he claimed) if I asked”where’s your phone”?One day at the beginning of this debacle, before things had gotten really bad at home, while hanging out with another couple whose husband worked with my husband, the other wife asked me if I had seen the video of the new girl dancing at the bowling alley with everyone from the office last week.”What new girl”? So then she tells me that, a new salesperson was hired, it was a young girl who was said to be very flirty and overly affectionate with all of the men at work, always hugging them and stuff, that she dressed like a skank, wasn’t real pretty and that another wife had told her about the girls behavior and that all of the woman in the office hated her. hmmm this was alarming information. My husband had previously been the type to talk to me about stuff that happened at work, including things that happened when they hired new people and when coworkers all hung out together, and yet, never had mentioned this person to me? She showed me the video on her husband’s phone from bowling. The girl was dancing around very provocatively in front of all of her coworkers and managers, all of whom were men over 30 either in relationships or married with children. All I thought at the time was that she was a total attention whore with zero class to be acting like that around people from her work, especially seeing as how she’d only been there a few months. I asked my husband about her later. He said someone else had hired her (that was the truth) and she was an idiot, horrible at her job, couldn’t do anything without help, messed deals up all of the time, and had even wrecked a company car. He had been repeatedly telling the manager that hired her that they needed to fire her. He said the guy that hired her thought she was hot, thought he had a chance to sleep with her, and that’s the only reason she hadn’t been fired yet. (that part was true, and she DID sleep with that guy too.) She was far from being”hot”. But that guy was almost 40, far from attractive himself, and he probably did think she was hot considering the type of girls who would normally show him any attention. At her very best, she was very plain looking. If you saw her walking down the street, you wouldn’t notice her, much less turn your head to take a better look. She has a face shaped like MacMoon, with a large forehead, a pointy chin, and beady little eyes, unfortunate teeth, she’s pale with stringy hair, smaller chested, with a flat ass, and wide at the hips. I thought it was weird that a car at work had been wrecked without me hearing the story, but after seeing what the girl looked like it never once occurred to me that I should be worried about anything.After I had found out about the new employee my husband did begin to complain about her at home. He would come home talking about how annoying she was, how stupid she was, how she’d messed stuff up on that particular day and how he couldn’t believe she hadn’t been fired yet etc. (During her employment she wrecked her own car, was found guilty of a DUI and hit & Run, and had wrecked 2 company cars before she was fired). When my husband did start going out more frequently and hoarding his phone I was already suspicious because of his out-of-nowhere extra negative attitude at home. Questioning him only made us fight more, but I loved him and didn’t have the real proof I needed to be sure of anything. One day I noticed a text from her on his phone about something totally innocent and random. It was some comment meant to be a joke about another coworker. But I was furious!”Why does she have your personal cell number in the first place? None of the other females that work there have ever had your cell number much less texted you? Why when you are a manager, does she feel comfortable enough to text you at all, let alone something not work related but a joke about someone? You are married. You do not form friendships, definitely not those flirty type of friendly friendships with any little skanky, attention deprived, white trash, young girls at work, that they are so comfortable with you, they are sending random texts to their married boss where they’ve only worked for a couple of months”! He made up some story about having to text her directions while she was out, and lost because she couldn’t write it down, and so she must have saved his number, he doesn’t know why she sent him that joke. He then claimed that he would find a way to help her understand that they aren’t friends and directly tell her that it was inappropriate for her to be texting him.From that point on I was like a private investigator. With the going out frequently, bad attitude, and hoarding his phone, I knew better. I honestly thought though, he would never hurt me like that, and he is better than that, so in my head, worst case scenario, was he had developed a very flirty relationship with her, and at the very most, they had maybe kissed or something. Those things in itself would have been a horrible situation for me. A few weeks later my husband had a surgery, he was off work for five days, and he was sleeping a lot due to the pain medication. His phone was available to me. On his second day off he received a text from a male coworker that said something like,”what day will you be here, this bitch is driving everyone crazy, she wants to know when her Boo is coming back.” I was contemplating how to respond when he sent another text.”thought you were done with this bitch how long before we can fire her ass”? I texted back”tell her ugly ass I’m at home with my family and to leave me alone”. He responded,”I’m not dealing with her, you gotta do that yourself man”. I no longer had any tiny shred of doubt that my suspicions could possibly be me just being possibly crazy (as my husband had claimed when we’d fight). I found her number, and I sent a text.”Hey, what’s up”. She responded,”nothing, real bored at work”. I sent,”Do you miss me?”. My heart was going a hundred miles a minute. She texted back,”yes, so much, I can’t wait to see you, how are you? when are you coming back?”. I waited about 15 minutes to find the ability to breath, and then I called her number. I told her look, I don’t want to fight. I will never fight over, or for any man, I am too good for that Jerry Springer nonsense. I already know everything. My husband is currently weeping like a small child and begging for forgiveness so that he doesn’t have the worst divorce imaginable, but also so that I don’t pack up and move out of the state with our three children. Now, the only chance he has that I may even consider not doing the 2nd half of that, is if it is proven he has told be the truth 100%, so now YOU are going to tell me, EVERYTHING, while he’s praying that your two stories add up, got it? She sounded terrified and agreed to tell me the entire truth. They started hanging out maybe two months ago. He had been at the bar the night she crashed her car into a building while trying to drive home. Just flirting at first. Sometimes he bought her a drink at the bar, sometimes he gave her rides home because she didn’t have a car. She would hang out in his office (he had a pretty large office, there were always people in there). She moved her own office to the vacant one right beside his so it would be easier to hang out instead of everyone wondering why she was constantly on the other side of the building instead of closer to the office she had been given. They texted a lot, flirting and joking about random stuff. Then, about 3 weeks ago while playing pool at a bar, they had been doing shots, they were very drunk, so she had the nerve and she bet him that she’d make a shot and the winning bet was a kiss. That was their first physical contact of that nature. They went trashed, to a motel, had sex, then he drove her home. The next day he gave her a ride home in his car and they kissed. Two days later, drunk again at the same bar, they went to a motel a second time. Since they were still talking and had gone to the bar with everyone else twice, but they only were physical those three times, the two times at the motel and the one kiss in the car, nothing since. I asked a million questions and I was busy writing her answers down. Did he tell her that he was unhappy at home or that he was going to leave his wife? No, never, she didn’t ask, she didn’t want to know or think about me and he never brought it up. She said mostly they talked about work, music, made fun of random people, joked around, and drank at the bar. I asked if they went anywhere together besides the bar and motel, did they go to a movie, lunch, anything? No. I asked if they ever so much as kissed at work? No. What did they do sexually at the motel? She was resistant about answering those questions, as if she had any decency and like I was somehow invading her privacy or something, so I said, look you invaded MY marriage, you played a part in destroying a family, he’s going to lose his job and everything in his life that he really cares about, so you are going to tell me anything and everything that I want to know. So she informed me that both times, she went down on him, they used a condom (his idea) they had sex, and he drove her home. I honestly can’t remember, but I asked every single question I could possibly think of, I wanted every single detail, the name of the bar and the motel, who else was at the bar, if anyone had seen them kiss, etc. etc. Then I told her, under no circumstances was she to contact him in any way, ever again, for any reason. She agreed and said that there wasn’t any reason for him to quit his job, she would tell them she was quitting affective right away, as soon as she got off the phone with me. Then I told her, that she was a pathetic, disgusting, home-wrecking whore, I hoped someday that the exact thing happens to her with a man she had been faithful to and had children with. I told her that I would be making sure that I informed her entire family what she had done and what type of person she is, that she slept with 5 men, 2 that were married, at 19, at a job she’s had for less than 6 months. Then I told her that I ever saw her face, ANYWHERE, the grocery store, zoo, mall, wherever, it wouldn’t matter to me, I would beat the living shit out of her, so she better be running.At this point I go upstairs and wake my husband up. I tell him I talked to her, and I knew everything, if he wanted any chance of not having the worse possible divorce and me moving out of state with my 3 kids, he’d better hope their stories matched perfect. He almost started crying right then. He began to apologize, saying that he was just a big flirt, claiming that’s all it was. I only have a vague memory of this day, I have never been so devastated and infuriated in my entire like. I remember screaming that he was a piece of shit liar so hard and so much my throat was raw for days, I threw things around, I was pacing, shaking, I couldn’t hold still, sometimes crying, I was a total wreck. He ended up telling me, and his story matched her. Because of the surgery he was already in a lot of physical pain and he could hardly move. He kept crying and trying to hug me but I wouldn’t allow him to touch me, any attempt he made would set me off into another rage. The entire time we’d been together I’d only seen him cry twice, over a death, and when our daughter was born, but he cried for hours, days, then off and on for weeks, even two years later he cried. He said that he loved me, only me, he was stupid, it was the biggest mistake of his entire existence, please don’t throw away our marriage over a mistake (I said, YOU threw it away asshole) he said that she meant nothing, she was just a good time and she made it so easy, it was fun and he was being a total dumbass and selfish etc. He said both times at the motel he was drunk, it happened two days apart, and that going that far made him realize how awful he was being and had been, he was disgusted with himself, and he’d been trying to ignore her and shrug her off since, but she was having trouble taking the hint. We stayed in that house for days talking, crying, me screaming, and I wouldn’t let him near me. She missed about three days of work and then went back. My husband wasn’t due to return yet from the surgery, so he gave me his keys and a few other items, I took a box, I went into the owner’s office, I informed him that my husband no longer worked there any more and why. Several of his”friends attempted to console or talk to me, telling me they know how much he loves me, I should give him another chance etc. I told them they condoned it by hanging out with them at work and bars when they damn well knew what was happening, and while I didn’t expect any of them exactly to rat him out to me, I would expect them to be decent enough people to refuse to condone it by hanging out with them at the bar, and to have enough respect for me to try to discourage him. (no one had discouraged or encouraged it). I told them that it was humiliating to know that I had seen and spoken to them during this ordeal, they had smiled at me, pretending to be our friends while knowing what was happening to our marriage. That took them by surprise and they were apologetic about it. I said, I want nothing to do with any of you people, you don’t care, you aren’t my friends, have a nice day.I was sure that I wanted a divorce. Positive that while I still loved him, I would never be able to forgive, much less forget, never feel about or look at him the same EVER again, never be able to trust him again. I deserved someone who would NEVER cheat on me, that is what I had signed up for. How can you live your life knowing that just since the day you were married, you aren’t the only woman your husband has slept with? He refused to move out, he said he was going to do any and everything it took for as long as it took to save our relationship. He said that being apart wasn’t going to save us so he was refusing to go. So I left.We eventually worked it out, and we are very happy together. We had more children together, we were able to survive, we were able to rebuild and regain trust, and security in our marriage again. But it took YEARS and I put him through straight hell for years. BTW- I did tell Amey Lytle’s entire family what happened including all of the other men she had slept with.. I found out their addresses and mailed letters to at least half a dozen different people, her parents, grandparents, brother, even an aunt. The couple I had mentioned earlier, the wife who had told me about the bowling video, her husband had sex with Amey Lytle too. They did get divorced about a year later. He was an alcoholic, and had cheated on her with different women for years. Last thing I heard about Amey Lytle was, she was fired two days after my husband quit. She has been in countless short lived relationships, drug problems and drama. She has made multiple failed attempts at furthering her education without ever making it through a single quarter. At 26 years old, she has been divorced at least once (last name was Mason for less than a year) She has two different children from two different older men, both who have custody of her kids. She is unable to support either herself or her children, hold a decent job, and she usually lives with relatives. As not attractive as she was before, she’s looked like a crackhead now for years. She did try to contact my husband once, about two years after it all had happened, her first baby was a few months old. She tried to send him an email and also a message over a social networking site. She said that she loved him and they were meant to be together. She was informed quickly that no one wanted anything to do with her, and if she contacted either one of us ever again, we would file harassment and menacing charges against her. She is a disgusting, pathetic, ugly, horrible person, and her sad, miserable life is exactly what she deserves. >

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