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When I first found out my husband was having an affair, one of my good friends told me about However, it wasn’t until I stayed up til 5am on my husband’s birthday (6 months after the affair ended) receiving text messages from his homewrecker (from her husband’s phone) about how she filled a void that I couldn’t and how my husband obviously wasn’t in love with me, that I finally decided to expose her on this site. When the person you have been with for 10 years betrays you in the ways that my husband did, the last thing you are worried about is pouring your heart out on a public website about how a so-called woman destroyed your marriage. I never wanted to give her the satisfaction of knowing my pain through my own words. And then, she showed up at the bar we were at for his birthday.. With her husband.. Where she knew my husband would be. And proceeded to”drunk&#

When I first found out my husband was having an affair, one of my good friends told me about However, it wasn’t until I stayed up til 5am on my husband’s birthday (6 months after the affair ended) receiving text messages from his homewrecker (from her husband’s phone) about how she filled a void that I couldn’t and how my husband obviously wasn’t in love with me, that I finally decided to expose her on this site. When the person you have been with for 10 years betrays you in the ways that my husband did, the last thing you are worried about is pouring your heart out on a public website about how a so-called woman destroyed your marriage. I never wanted to give her the satisfaction of knowing my pain through my own words. And then, she showed up at the bar we were at for his birthday.. With her husband.. Where she knew my husband would be. And proceeded to”drunk” text me until 5am.. And I had finally had enough of her games and realized it was time to call her out for the disgusting piece of trash she is. So where do we begin?My husband and I met when we were 14 years old, freshmen in highschool. We dated throughout high school, lost our virginities to each other and got married at 19 years old. My husband joined the Army and we moved 436 miles from anyone we cared about. He served two year long deployments and I was at his side every step of the way. We were waiting to have children until his 4 year contract with the Army was up so that he didn’t have to spend time away from the baby. His last deployment was July 2011 and we had a big vow renewal on our 4 year wedding anniversary and a few months later were pregnant with our son. My husband was desperate for a job that would continue to keep us afloat the way that the army had for the previous 4 years. Ironically, the Chuck E Cheese a few towns away was the only place willing to pay him enough. He worked there throughout my entire pregnancy and would have to drive an hour to and from work. We couldn’t wait for the day that a position at the Clarksville Chuck E. Cheese’s would open and he wouldn’t have to make the long drives anymore (it would be late nights/early mornings) As luck would have it, about two weeks before I had our son, a position opened at the local Chuck E and he wouldn’t have to drive anymore. I thought everything was working out in our favor and we were getting the life we dreamed about away from deployments and the Army and finally getting all the things we wanted. I had my son in August and my husband’s affair started that November. Apparently, getting out of the Army and transitioning into the life we dreamed about with our son, working and going to school full time.. was all too much on my husband (or at least these are the best excuses he can come up with). This is where the lovely Ashley Miller comes into the picture. She is my husband’s co worker and fellow manager at the Clarksville Chuck E Cheese’s, she’s married and has a son just a few months older than our baby. Apparently, Ashley displays her hatred for her husband around the store and is very vocal about the fact that she is in”a loveless marriage” and unhappy. I know this because after the affair came out, several other employees other than my husband were very clear that she basically didn’t shut up about how much of a bum her husband was and how he doesn’t work and only wants to stay at home with their infant son. (How horrible for her to have a good man that wants to raise his kid? Poor baby!)So my husband says, he was looking for something destructive and knew she was the place to find it. He says he started the texting beyond coworkers because he knew she would go for it. And lucky for him, she did. They began a relationship at work/through texts behind their spouses’ backs from November through January when from there, they started meeting up after work to hook up in my vehicles. They would leave work early, or say they were working late and have sex in the back of the cars I drove my son around in while I waited up for my husband to get home and took care of our 4 month old.It wasn’t til around March that I realized something was up with my husband. (For ten years I fully trusted my husband and he’s never given me a reason not to.. While I blame myself for not seeing all the signs before this, I simply loved and trusted my husband full heartedly to never question his whereabouts or go through our phone records or anything of that nature). He was angry at me constantly. For literally no reason. He was always stressed out and frustrated not only at me, but at everyone and everything. (Except his whore I’m sure.) Looking back, I believe he would start fights with me just to feel better about the disgusting things he was doing behind my back. At this point, I would threaten to leave and ask him if there was someone else. He would always talk me down, beg me to stay, tell me he loved me and our son and that he was just stressed out. I knew we were at a rough patch, but I had NO idea what I was in for. From April till June, it was the same cycle of me demanding a change and him begging me to stay with him. Things would change for a while and then we would be right back to fighting all the time and him always being grumpy.On the last few days of June, we were driving in the car while I was sitting in the backseat with our son, and I leaned over and saw him texting Ashley from work. I had never thought anything was going on between them before this (all my husband ever mentioned about her was the fact that she had a baby a few months older than our son and that she was lazy at work). I didn’t think anything of it and asked him to stop texting and driving. He did but when I asked him who he was texting (even though I knew) he lied and said his boss/friend. STILL giving him the benefit of the doubt I took his phone and saw that he was texting his boss/friend but that the text I saw him typing before that to Ashley had been deleted. I went nuts. I accused him of everything under the sun (things that had actually been going on, I just didn’t know for sure yet) and he denied denied denied. Pulled off the road and came in the backseat with me to love on me and reassure me that he would never do anything like that to me. He claimed he just deleted it because he didn’t want me to be upset he was texting her when it was nothing to be worried about. So he texted her something along the lines,”send me a screenshot of our convo my wife wants to see it.” So she did. No questions asked. Now if you were a good woman, with nothing to hide, wouldn’t you question why a married man’s wife wants to see your conversation? Something like,”I don’t want your wife to think anything is going on between us. Why does she want to see the convo?” Nope not from Miss Homewrecker. Just a screenshot with obviously anything I shouldn’t see already deleted and not another word. My suspicion level is at a high and my husband just keeps begging and promising there is nothing to be worried about. I know he’s full of shit but I’m getting no where with him. So I look to Facebook. I find the disgusting Ashley Miller (Facebook removed) and decide to message her husband. I knew messaging her would also get me no where because she would deny anything and I had a feeling she might see my message before her husband did and delete it. But I tried anyways.. Not to my surprise, my message was read and I was blocked. Back to my husband I go, with questions and anger.. I was very upset and knew in my gut but I still could not comprehend the extent of everything that was going to hit me. He bullshitted me saying he doesn’t know why I would be blocked or anything about Facebook (he doesn’t have one) and there was nothing for me to worry about. I didn’t believe him and he knew it but I had proof of nothing and at this point I thought they were just texting or flirting.. Still I was livid. I told him he needed to confront her at work the following day about my message and I didn’t want him contacting her anymore. Well by the time that he went to work the next morning, his whore had already confessed to her husband that they had been talking for over a month and making out and had sex one time. Her husband showed up at Chuck E Cheese’s and told my husband to leave her alone and to tell me the truth or he was going to find me and tell me himself. Since my husband had no choice, when he got home from work that day he told me that they had been meeting after work and that he slept with her one time. He cried and cried and begged and pleaded with me.. Said it was a mistake and we were having a really rough time and he was stupid and wishes he could change everything, he told me he didn’t have any feelings for her and that she was just some whore he would take to Walmart parking lot.. I told him okay and that we were done and I would never be with him again. (I didn’t even shed a tear… The shock factor was still in place and I just knew everything for us was ruined at this point.) He cried more and continued to beg me. I put our baby to sleep that night and knew Ashley was at work.. So I decided to go see her and talk to her myself. I had feelings that my husband was still lying to me about the extent of the affair and figured as a woman she would be honest with me at this point since she wanted him after all. Giving her way more credit than she deserved, I went to her as a woman and was mature, held my ground and didn’t lose myself (even though I wanted to kick her face in the second she came walking up to me). Ashley had met me, been around me, even held my son before the affair started. It’s not as though she didn’t know my husband was married, or thought that he was getting a divorce or anything of that nature. She knew I thought I was happily married and she still decided to start a relationship with a married man with a 4 month old son. Well, she didn’t have much to say.. Other than the fact that she loved my husband and it was all emotional for her and the sex didn’t matter. She told me she was unhappy at home and my husband would give her attention she needed and was getting from her own man. She said that her husband was a piece of shit and she didn’t want to be with him because he didn’t want to put their baby in daycare and wanted to stay at home with him. I told her that I didn’t believe that women like her truly existed. I asked her about the affair and she said the same things my husband said almost word for word. I asked her if she had ever been to my house, she denied. Asked her if she ever been around my son, she said just when I was there. I told her my husband was begging for my forgiveness telling me he didn’t want her and she was a mistake. I told her he wanted our family and not her. And she was upset and said she didn’t want her own husband anymore. I left that night thinking, her heart was broken and she knew my husband had been lying to her about his marriage. I knew she was desperate for my husband but gave her more credit than she deserved. I also still only knew about 5% of the truth at this point.After a few days of my husband crying, begging, and promising me the world and more… I agreed to go to counseling with him (his idea) if he caught off all ties with her and found a new job. I made him call her in front of me on two separate occasions and tell her it was over between them. I never made any promises of working anything out, just that I would try. We were planning a family vacation to Disney World for our son’s first birthday with both sides of our families.. On the night that we arrived.. I received a phone call from Ashley’s husband.. He said that they were still talking and he knew because he found several texts from him from a throw away phone on her phone. Again, I went nuts. Said and did things to my husband I am not proud of. I can’t even describe the rage you feel when the only man you have ever given a damn about betrays you in this way and spends weeks begging for your forgiveness, telling you he’ll do anything for you to take him back, expressing his love and so much more WHILE HES STILL CHEATING ON YOU.. That’s an emotion I can’t even describe. The entire time I was losing it on my husband he was telling me he was only talking to her over the phone and nothing else had happened (who would even believe that shit idk but I guess he was pretty desperate at this point). So I say let’s put the lovely Ashley Miller on the phone.. I tell her everything that has been happening in my house and she’s upset, crying even.. Who does this poor excuse for a woman have to blame but herself? Sure I’m getting played too. But I don’t know what’s happening. All of their relationship is happening behind my back. But she knows. She knows my husband was telling me he wanted to be with me and that he didn’t want her. She knows because I told her myself. But apparently that wasn’t enough for her. So I make my husband get on the phone and tell her himself. He tells her she was a mistake, he wants his wife and family and loves me not her.. She goes into a crying rage and confesses to her husband that it was NOT only one time.. That it had been happening regularly since November. (It’s the end of July at this point) Says she feels so stupid and played and blah blah wah wah. She 110% takes on the role of the victim. And her husband falls for every single word. She basically acts as though she didn’t know he was married and she was taken complete advantage of.At this point in this awesome story, my husband knows I’m done with him. A mistake one time is one thing, being in a relationship with someone else for 9 months is completely different. He tells me after they got caught, he continued to talk to her to keep her happy so she didn’t confess that it really wasn’t only one time. He actually said”I should have shoved my dick down her throat to keep her mouth shut.” Classy huh? I tell her this. Tell her all the trash he’s talked about her. How disgusting she is. How she was nothing but a whore to him and how he f**ked her in Walmart parking lot because that’s where you would bring trash. I know he was saying whatever bs he could to make me believe his shit but I still wanted her to know how much he respected her as a person.Looking back, there was nothing I could have said or done to her to make her see that all she was doing was ruining a family. In her pathetic twisted mind, she truly thought they were going to leave their families and run away together. Even though I came to her as a woman on more than one occasion and told her what was happening at my home. It didn’t matter. Her goal was to destroy my family and have my husband. She didn’t give two f**ks about her own family. Her husband threatened to take her kid and it didn’t phase her. All she cared about was my husband. I told her I would never fight for a man who was already mine. I told her I made it clear to my husband that if he wanted her, he could have her and I would make it easy on him. All she would do was laugh at my responses, call me names, even tell ME I’m the pathetic one. Even still, I was very clear with my husband that I was done playing their games and that he should go be with her. (His responses were always the same, he didn’t want her, she was a whore and mistake ect) I refused to let these two idiots take advantage over me anymore than they already had so if they cared about each other so much, go for it! But I didn’t realize in the moment how desperate she was for my life and how much it didn’t matter what I said, my or her husband said or anyone all she wanted was to be with my husband. No matter the cost. She was so pathetic and obsessed with my husband. The only reason she would lie and cover up things were because he would tell her to. And she would listen to everything he said. See, she didn’t want to be a secret anymore. When she confessed to her husband, it wasn’t”I’m sorry I made mistakes” it was”I’m leaving you for him.” Ashley Miller’s only problem was, my husband wasn’t going anywhere. (Though he still wanted to play the game at this point)So remember, I found all of this out while on vacation with my husband and our families for my son’s birthday.. Ashley spends all of my son’s birthday sending me texts messages about how my husband loves her and wants to marry her and her to have her babies. I receive texts from both her and her husband DURING my son’s birthday party about details of how they slept together regularly in my vehicles, hotel rooms, and MY HOUSE (four times total: my couch and OUR bed to be exact). They tell me that my husband and Ashley have NEVER used a condom.. Disgusting details. I find out that Ashley was around my baby, more than one occasion. Behind my back of course and my husband was also around her baby. I’m not sure what kind of human being can justify any of the things they did. But Ashley tried. She said she was okay with having sex with a married man because my husband told her we never had sex. She even started texting my husband about how he’s such an ass and she doesn’t know how he could do this to her. Do what exactly? Be married to someone for 6 years before you came into the picture? My favorite little victim apparently thought I was a figment of her imagination every time she was around me. She KNEW about me. She knew I thought we were happily married. I don’t understand how she could blame anyone but herself when I warned her of all of this. The only person that gets to blame my husband is ME. He’s the one that was supposed to be obligated to me. He is the one that broke vows to me. I made my feelings clear on this the very first time I spoke with her. I told her I didn’t blame her for the affair. That I didn’t respect her as a woman or mother but that my blame was full on my husband because he was the one that was promised he would never do this to me. Still she would text me reminding me that my husband wanted her and always talking shit to me. Through all of this, that is where my hatred comes from. Who the hell does some whore that’s been f**king my husband, even in my house, think she is to run her mouth to me? Exactly what did I ever do to make her angry? Sorry I met him when he was 14 and built a life with him before we even knew your pathetic ass existed. Sorry he didn’t keep all the bullshit promises to you. That’s between the husband and the whore. The wife does not deserve to deal with any of that shit. And considering I didn’t beat the living hell out of her like most women would have, she should be thankful I acted like an adult and kept my child my number one priority. I don’t know many people that could handle the situation as I did. I felt like the only adult in a situation with a bunch of idiots.So.. When we got home from Disney, the lying and betrayal didn’t stop. I agreed to stay in our house for the time being as long as all the bullshit behind my back and lying ended. I still didn’t have the heart to take my son from his father or his home. And I wanted to believe my husband could be the man I knew again.. Not even for me, but at least for our son. Everyday for the next two weeks, he would try to change my mind and win me back. Told me we could move and get away from it all and start over. Every day he reassured me that she meant nothing and was nothing more than a whore to him and every day he would say how much he loved me and wanted to be with me. Ha well during all of this, he stayed true to his manipulative ways because while saying all of that, he started talking to her AGAIN. To this day, I will never understand why he didn’t just leave. Leave me alone and go be with her. I gave him every opportunity and practically begged him to be with her. If he thought what he had with her could compare, then BYE. I told him that probably every single day from the day I found out about the affair on. Now, he says he never did that because he never wanted to be without me. He always wanted me according to him. Apparently, he just thought he could do whatever he wanted and I would stick around. Well when they got busted this time, my husband was the one to tell the truth for the first time. Ashley thought she could get away with more lies. Her husband didn’t believe ME or my husband that they were talking again. He asked for us to get together to get to the truth. Ashley was working and I was furious and ready to go to jail at this point. So we all met at Chuck E Cheese’s! Yay. She wouldn’t admit anything. When I kept screaming at her to tell her husband the truth she yelled”just because I didn’t tell him your husband f**ked me in the ass doesn’t mean I’m still hiding anything” WHAT? We are at HER work place. Sure we are outside but there is the proof for the kind of woman she is. Yelling about getting f**ked in the ass is awesome! (Yes she let my husband f**k her in the ass and yes she knew my husband said”that’s what you do with whores” and yes she still wanted him after that. Oh and I guess she would never take it in the ass for her husband but apparently it’s okay to take it up the ass for someone else’s. Disgusting.) While anyway… I said that that’s NOT what I’m talking about but you’re really classy. Finally, my husband just said”we’ve been talking again just admit it Ashley” and she did. And her husband asked if she wanted to be with mine over him and she said YES. So he took their kid and left. But I wasn’t done. I wanted to talk to her, I wanted my husband to tell her everything he had been telling me (again). But she just continued to lie and run away from me before she ran inside and hid in the office lol she called the boss crying saying if I didn’t leave she wasn’t coming out. So obviously, we left. I wasn’t done talking to her so her husband agreed to let me come over when she got off of work. My idiot husband came with. (He had been drinking whiskey in the kitchen and I didn’t know about it) We spent hours of running around in circles, listening to their bullshit.. Figuring out more lies and details and just basically hours of wasted life. She sat in front of me, next to her husband, and said that she loved MY husband more than him and wanted to be with him over her own. She said that she was only with her husband for their son and that she didn’t want him anymore. My husband was wasted by this point and useless. We finally went home because we weren’t getting anywhere and it’s not like anyone could trust a word that comes out of either of their mouths.The next day my husband had work and I had to drop him off because our second car was in the shop. I dropped him off and since we were up all night at the whore’s house…He was exhausted and asked me to bring him a coffee before I went home. I did, and when I walked in to bring it to him Ashley was sitting in a booth telling her sob story to one of their coworkers. She then called the boss and told him I was there and she wanted me to leave. (I literally hadn’t spoken one word to her while in there/didn’t even look at her, she was just MAD that I was there) I obviously was not going to leave because she said so (I mean I had intentions of going home asap anyways but I wasn’t going to let her bitch and get her way) while I was outside she came up to my husband talking to him about how I had to leave and giggled and said”we’ll see if you’re really down playing games with me.” My husband says he knew right there in that moment the bullshit wasn’t going to stop unless he quit right there and then. So he did. He walked out right there and sadly, this is what it took to end months and months of bullshit… But not on Ashley’s end. I still received blank “drunk” texts from her in the middle of the night several months later. She still continued to call my husband and hang up… for several months. I guess you never really get rid of crazy! I expect this type of behavior will occur every once in a while because she will always be upset that she didn’t get her way. My husband never left his family for her and that’s something that must really eat up at her.My husband is miserable.. he never gets to see our son since he’s now working an hour away. My son is usually sleeping when he leaves/gets home and his affair has truly ruined his life. He’s depressed and has to deal with my shit. I know he has no one to blame but himself… The hard part in all of this for me was all the trash he would talk about her the entire time. He would say how much of a shitty wife and mother she was. How her husband took care of their home and their child and how she so easily strayed from them and how he knew from the start he would never truly be with her and that he never even wanted it to be anything more than what it was. So I will never be able to wrap my head around why he wouldn’t either completely give her up, or just leave me alone and go do his own thing with or without his whore. I guess there is no explaining or understanding these kind of things and that’s something I’ll have to accept.As far as Ashley Miller goes, I am only posting her on this site because I hope it’s finally what she needs to see everything for what it was and to leave me alone. I will gladly drop him off at her door any day of the week. I don’t deserve to have to deal with her harassing text messages and shit talking 6 months after the affair has ended. She claims to be”so happy” and so”in love” with her husband now. They are moved on and the perfect happy couple. We have several mutual friends on facebook that were telling me how she always posts how in love she is and how her husband is the love of her life. I have had to ban her from my Facebook because she thought it was cute to comment on anything I ever said on our mutual friends pages. Her husband told me they stalk my Facebook.. She even told him where I live.. It’s just never ending or going to go away until (hopefully) she’s exposed and can get over the fact that she was just a whore. Because if she’s so in love and moved on, why is she still bothering her ex boyfriend’s wife? Lol If she wasn’t as miserable as I believe, why would she be worried about me? Just to remind me that she exist? Trust me, I’m reminded everyday that she existed regardless of her texts reminding me of my husband’s betrayal. I know she has kept the affair a secret.. Her husband told me that only a few of their family members know what went down. He also told me that whenever he gets angry about the affair instead of fighting with her, he’ll text her and tell her he loves her and asks her how her day is going. (Lol not at all what’s happening on this end) So I know she gets to live a lie and pretend like she’s worth something as a wife and mother. It bothers me a little that my husband is paying for their affair everyday (but at the same time, he asked for all of this) and she gets out of the whole thing free and clear. He lost EVERYTHING and I guess she’s compensating for not getting what she wanted (HIM) and pretending like she’s happy in her miserable life. By posting this, (and wasting time out of my life to find her pictures/posting the screen shots) I truly don’t have any intentions other than exposing her for what she is and hoping it all ends. I’m well aware this isn’t going to solve anything and just give her the satisfaction of falsely believing I still care.. but honestly, even if that’s how I come across… it is worth it. lol >

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