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A few weeks ago, my ex husband Bruce and I were once again, on the phone regarding some business we still have together, and he AGAIN told me that I was “the best possible match for him as a woman.” and that my replacement, Lolly Mamerta Rivera of Pasadena: (the homewrecker) “will not stay Mrs. Bruce for long.” After several intense, emotional moments over the phone, the subject of Thailand came up, and we both agreed to go there together soon. I knew of course, that he was again lying to me. What Bruce wanted was reaffirmation of my continuing admiration for him. He probably wanted me to gush forth praises and declarations of love or some such sh*t, which of course, I did NOT give. || Now, many weeks have has passed and no word has come to me regarding our “plans” Apparently what Bruce really meant was: “No Thailand! Ha, ha, ha, you idiot! I was just kidding! Just testing you to see if you still think I’m the BEST!“ || Serial lying is not one of my pathologies. I

A few weeks ago, my ex husband Bruce and I were once again, on the phone regarding some business we still have together, and he AGAIN told me that I was “the best possible match for him as a woman.” and that my replacement, Lolly Mamerta Rivera of Pasadena: (the homewrecker) “will not stay Mrs. Bruce for long.” After several intense, emotional moments over the phone, the subject of Thailand came up, and we both agreed to go there together soon. I knew of course, that he was again lying to me. What Bruce wanted was reaffirmation of my continuing admiration for him. He probably wanted me to gush forth praises and declarations of love or some such sh*t, which of course, I did NOT give. || Now, many weeks have has passed and no word has come to me regarding our “plans” Apparently what Bruce really meant was: “No Thailand! Ha, ha, ha, you idiot! I was just kidding! Just testing you to see if you still think I’m the BEST!“ || Serial lying is not one of my pathologies. I have no admiration for it, so Bruce gets instead, this story. Its time I spoke up. || Bruce spent 30+ years in the pulpit: a “Man of God” He also has two advanced science degrees and teaches in the science department at a local community college.All of the scientific disciplines demand that truth/facts about life and the universe be examined rigorously through mathematical proofs and/or demonstrated by experimentation. True science works because it demands palpable answers. Nothing should be considered sacred and no proposition should just be assumed or taken for granted.Conversely, most religions demand that the individual submit to the precepts of scripture and not question the word of authority figures. To challenge the validity of scripture and or religious authorities is often tantamount to heresy, so it stands to reason that scientists, who are obliged to question any and all sources of information, must also scrutinize their own religion. Every TRUE scientist must question his/her own personal religious experiences before accepting them as “real” however emotionally challenging and uncomfortable it may be. To fail to do so enables reason and logic to take a backseat to superstition and fantasy-the antitheses of true science.So how does a real “scientist” reconcile these two opposing means of understanding the universe? What would motivate them to even try? Having been intimately involved with a preacher for 9 years, I have spent considerable time pondering this question, and I have come to understand that Bruce doesn’t actually BELIEVE the many questionable premises of his religion at all. He loves the pulpit because he craves the admiration it brings. Bruce demands that his students understand detailed, science-based descriptions of reality, but when he is in church, he is comfortable preaching-unrepentantly- that the earth is only 6,000 years old, that Joseph Smith really did translate “New Egyptian” script to English using peep stones dropped into hat, and that that Joshua really made the sun stand still. Apparently Bruce is happy to spout these questionable claims in front of an audience because he craves the spotlight. Whether the admiration comes from old ladies with 8th grade educations or in front of his geology, geography and astronomy students makes no difference to him. Blatant hypocrisies be damned. || As his wife, I blew off these glaring dichotomies and his bottomless need for an admiring audience, assuming naively that his religion and upbringing had somehow given him a better than average sense of ethics and morality. For years Bruce had constantly crooned that he would never, ever, ever cheat on me or lie: that it simply was not a part of his nature.As it turns out, I have never known such an effective cheat and hypocrite. He has polished his act(s) for decades, and certainly fooled me for many years, but a life built on pathetic, underhanded lies eventually fails. Even the best orators choke when their lies are exposed. A life of lies demands that the liar constantly maintain, cover up and improvise effectively. But when massive quantities of prescription drugs and a homewrecking whore were introduced into the picture, this minister/scientist’s failure to control his life and lies failed stupendously.The female homewrecker with whom Bruce shares the credit is Lourdes ‘Lolly’ Mamerta Rivera, his former student and ‘Good Christian’ churchgoer. Lolly apparently started fucking my minister/husband in late August or early September of 2010. At least this is what Lolly bragged about openly on her FB page. No one who worked at Copper Mountain Community College in Joshua Tree, Ca. and knew about their trysts came forward to me about it. Apparently my ex husband and Lolly were circulating the rumor that I had first cheated on Bruce. This lie/excuse for their behavior served to keep the staff and clerks and secretaries silent and protective of this “god-fearing and innocent couple,” It’s terrible to work in a small environment where there are no secrets, and still be kept ignorant of a cheating spouse, but no matter. I had sensed for a while that Bruce was up to something.Sorry Mr. and Mrs. “Minister.” I made it! I lived! Your lies and torments did not kill me as you no doubt hoped they would. I did not commit suicide as you both would have liked. Now is the time for me to expose YOU for EXACTLY what you are, in all your “glory”…in all of your cruelty and callousness and shallow hypocrisies. || From 2005 to 2011 I was happily employed alongside Bruce in the science department at CMC. I was teaching only part time, with little chance of tenure, but I loved my job! I had spent hundreds of hours putting together beautiful classes that many of my former students have told me they loved. Like Bruce, my knowledge in several of the sciences is considerable, and the descriptive astronomy class I built from the ground up was, at the time the most popular science class at CMC. In the fall semester of 2010, I turned away a dozen students-a sizeable number for such a small school. I often had a waiting list whereas Bruce would often start a semester class with 15 or so students, and by the end of the semester, only 4-5 would still be there. My beginning-to-end-of-semester student retention rate was usually much higher than his. I upgraded my class content regularly, made learning as fun as possible for my students, and demonstrated compassion and helpfulness towards them…what can I say? CMC students were ducking out on his classes to attend mine! I had been, no doubt, intimidating to him for a long time. || Logically, since I now know exactly what Bruce is capable of, it made sense for him to lead me on, both during the divorce and after with false promises and lies. It served a purpose. A woman with a graduate education and strong communications skills is not only powerful ally, she can be a BIG problem if you are striving to keep your public image squeaky clean. Who values a clean image more than a cuckolding minister/college professor and his God-fearing, ‘Good Christian’ whore? Reputations are on the line when an articulate spouse suffers her mate’s adultery, drug abuse, violations of student teacher ethics, and emotional and mental cruelty. Bruce kept on being “nice” to me during and after our divorce solely because I might speak up and make public he and Lolly’s blatant duplicities and lies.For 2 years after we divorced he paid many, many visits to my home. He came to visit, often bringing small favors, money and a few laughs. He also brought many false promises of reconciliation, overtures of regret and longing for our lost love, sad tales of dissatisfaction with his new home life, gossip about Lolly’s continuing addiction to drugs, his dismay at her overdoses, her health problems, smoking, hepatitis C, etc…Despite many warm hugs and good feelings, the false invitation to tour Thailand with him in May, 2014 finally killed it. I realized that Professor Bruce needed his own private tutor, this time in the art of humility. Lately, when my hypocritical, lying ex saw plainly that his lies were no longer working on me, he immediately choked up and ran, whining like a 3 year old. Now his fears have been realized: His stupendous lies and falsehoods have molded me into a focused, powerful opponent…with a word processor! || Rewind: In the spring semester of 2010 Professor Bruce was taking his usual 180 oxycontin and 220 soma each month. According to him, he had been on this regimen for about 13 years. He was clearly addicted to these drugs, but he had been holding himself together for the most part. This changed, and he began to get really weird & mean. He often lashed out verbally at my 10 year old daughter and her friends. Yelling mean insults at kids was new. He is normally quite “congenial” to the point of it being a ruse. This whiny, snarly attitude did not let up all of that summer.I made the mistake of assuming that Bruce was being a jerk because he was, again, tippling the narcotics heavily, so I blew off his attitude and instructed my child to do the same. We endured a lot of male PMS that summer, but as the fall semester of 2010 rolled around, it became obvious that there was more to his attitude than simply addiction.On the evening of October 5th 2010, he relented. He came home from work and waxed loving to me, exclaiming as he had many times in the past: “How wonderful it was going to be when we were retired and we can travel the world together”The NEXT EVENING, he declared he wanted a divorce!…WTF?Not one to NOT ask why…I asked him…“why?”He did not give me a coherent answer, but assured me then and there that he “was NOT seeing anyone else.”I intuited right then that he WAS having an affair, so a day or two later I did the unthinkable: I hacked his hard drive. There I found email evidence of SEVERAL past affairs- including a trip to Hawaii in 2007 with a woman named Susan. Bruce’s ‘Luau Holiday’ in Hawaii with Susan ran parallel with the planning of our wedding, and I had just purchased my wedding dress! (Classy of him, huh?) There were other emails from unknown women too, dating back to 2004, but I found nothing on that particular computer about Lolly, his latest tryst. I confronted Bruce about what I had found and he blatantly lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied, lied… …etc…etc…etc…In December of 2010 Bruce paid for 8 sessions of marriage counseling for us. His carefully crafted lies to the therapist and I failed completely. He was doing his best to appear innocent, but he had ZERO chance of pulling it off. He STILL refused to admit that he was being anything but loyal to me.I could see that he was not going to simply come clean and fess up that he was cheating, so on December 31st 2010, I reunited with an old flame & on the 5th of January started a screaming hot affair that included a week in Cancun. I told Bruce ALL about it, then I asked him to tell me about HIS affair(s). He continued to deny that he had been seeing anyone. In January, 2011 he asked me to choose a new SUV for he and I to travel in after our pending retirement. So, reluctant at the prospect of accumulating more debt, I picked out a blue Subaru Outback. One $33,000.00 price tag later, he still would not admit to seeing anyone else. After he bought a rather expensive trip to Alaska for us aboard the Rotterdam, I was beginning to think that we could work things out after all, then… || On February 4th, 2011, Lolly Mamerta Rivera of Pasadena aka ‘The GoodChristian’ knocked on the door of my home at 4:30 am, waking my daughter and asking for Bruce. After his repeated denials, the marriage counseling, the new car, a pending romantic cruise to Alaska, and promise after promise, after promise after promise after promise of fidelity, his new jizz receptacle was knocking on my door in the wee hours, demanding to see him.What did Lisa do when this lowlife bitch appeared at her door?Since it was cold, I asked her in and then offered her a drink.Then Bruce ran into the library room to hide from us! Lolly made no bones about fishing him out of there either…Ya gotta admit, the cunt has chutzpah!Why did I ask her into my home? Because I knew that Bruce had been lying about her for months, and now he HAD to admit it…didn’t he? || “She wants to rent our other house.” Was all he said.Right…At 4:30 am?What a loser. || Lolly had been Bruce’s student. Welfare had indentured her into college and had gotten her a temporary job in the student services office, so she worked on campus too. She knew that Bruce and I were married and that we both taught in the same department, but she was really, really desperate to get really, REALLY married herself, since her youngest kid had left home and her welfare allotments were drying up. Lolly now needed a meal ticket and apparently she did not care who she fucked over to get it. She had been hard-selling Bruce to divorce me and marry her for months prior to her arrival at my doorstep. She was surely hoping that her appearance there would hasten the process.By the end of February of 2011 the Homewrecking Lollywhore’s voicemail greeting said “you have reached Lolly Bridenbecker…” I confronted Bruce about it, saying that it was a lie and that she should make her change it. He defended her, saying that it was ok. What evil, two faced nonsense was this? What mind twisting, evil game were they contriving?After she came to my door in the middle of the night, Lolly began bragging and blabbing all over the campus about “her MARRIAGE” to my husband. She told the office secretaries, the Dean of Academic Affairs, the copy-room clerk, anyone who would listen that SHE was now “Lolly Bridenbecker” the lie she put on her voicemail greeting was repeated again and again in real time for 16 months before Bruce and I even divorced. Worse: throughout our sad & stupid divorce-over a year later-Bruce told me countless times that he loved me and that “Lolly means nothing to me” He said often to me- in front of witnesses- that “filing for a divorce is only an exercise, and that he would “NEVER really go through with it.” In January of 2012 he even had our mediator, Dee Davis of Yucca Valley, draw up an eviction notice for Lolly. Which he never used.Loving lies were Bruce’s primary weapon. He continued to lie to me, saying that he “loved me” and “would never do anything to hurt me,” and that Lolly HAD to leave.” By constantly flip flopping on his “heartfelt promises” he kept me subdued. He was buying himself time. By feeding my hopes for reconciliation, Bruce systematically tortured me both mentally and emotionally for a period of 1 1/2 years -and he did not care. Not at all. Bruce was playing brutally with my emotions like they were disposable toys. It was a form of mind control that only works as long as it is believed. He lied so brutally and so often I grew emotionally spun, almost to the point of suicide.In my lapsed state, I did some things NO ONE would normally do: I Photoshopped Lolly’s face onto porn and I slapped and kicked Bruce a few times too. These actions gave Bruce and Lolly “evidence” that I was evil and a perpetrator of ill will. They both tortured me in order to get me to react, then used my reaction to present me to their friends, family colleagues and congregations that I was a perverted, ugly person. They are both gold-medal winning liars, so of course, most people believed them without question, and me, playing the role of the ‘honest sinner’ was blamed, shunned and eventually fired from my teaching job over it. At the same time, Bruce and his “beloved by Jesus” trotted about the campus, pretending to be married and lying like rugs about me: the “innocent victims” of “that disgusting Lisa” and her “unending wrath.”I truly believe that Bruce and Lolly were hoping that I would just kill myself. It would have saved them the time and expense of our divorce, and they could both relax and just look like sad, compassionate observers of my mental breakdown to everyone else. These two people have polished social skills, but absolutely no conscience whatsoever.Interestingly, according to Lolly’s Facebook postings, she and Bruce seemed to be completely convinced that Jesus approved of their behavior and was blessing their actions. What kind of twisted logic is this? As I said earlier, Bruce loves to be the center of attention and jealously guards his “reputation: a decent, respectable minister and college professor.” Excuses flow like water when reputations are on the line.Obviously Lolly was hell-bent on ruining our marriage for her own selfish purposes. A few weeks after showing up at my door at 4:30 am, she began sporting a FAKE, FAKE, FAKE diamond engagement/wedding set. Lourdey La-La began showing her “blingies” off to people at CMC, at social gatherings, her church, and to her friends. When I asked Bruce about it, he swore that he had “let her wear an old ring of his aunts” She lied profusely because she did not want to be seen as a whore and homewrecker to her friends, family and church. The Lollypud could care less that she caused extreme pain and suffering to me of course, after all, I was only the wife. Wives are looked at by Homewreckers as “ze enemy.”In her greed for a permanent handout, Homewreckers like Lolly do their best to discredit the wife, however innocent she may be. Bruce just went along with her, lying to friends and to our colleagues about their FAKE “marriage” to avoid scandal at work and at his own church.Bruce’s love of oxycontin and soma along with his innately weak sense of propriety made it easy for Lolly to get her hooks into him. It was a truly sickening display. When Lolly ran out of welfare dole she drugged and then ran over my weak willed husband like a steamroller. What a pair! The druggie, lying, cuckolding ex minister, ex Christian Camp Director, ex Regional Pastor/college professor and department chair, and his student, welfare recipient and homewrecker Miss Lourdes “Lolly” Rivera AKA: Bruce’s new, but surely NOT improved, “Wife”In the winter of 2011/12, Bruce was very heavily drugged and Lolly was feeding him more and more. According to Bruce, his monthly 180 count oxycontin and 220 count soma prescriptions were no longer enough and he was running out of meds by the 20th of each month. LayMeLolly, who loves her pills too, stuck to him like a vulture on a piece of rotting meat. More pills = more promises: Right? In January of 2012 our Kaiser medical insurance cut off access to Bruce’s favorite pills. He then began paying full price for his soma and oxycontin prescriptions. Oxycontin is a heavily regulated drug, so the cost was about $1,200.00 USD monthly. He put the bill for these on credit cards, eventually running himself into almost $20,000.00 debt. Kaiser insurance gave him affordable scripts for morphine and valium and he was taking those as well.Bruce stayed high as a kite from the spring semesters 2010/2012. He was so doped up so often, he missed many days teaching, and when he actually appeared at school, he slurred his words, staggered in front of his students, forgot to write tests and quizzes, passed out regularly in his office and crashed his car several times.It was all too much. I was in love with my husband. I had been very happy with him. Over 9 years we had built a life together: we owned several properties together, we had travelled, worked and adventured together. He had encouraged me in college and helped me financially so I could finish grad school. We had rented an entire lodge in Idyllwild for our wedding in 2007, we had a living trust drawn up for our children. We had much in common, and as far as I knew, had been in love and happy. I had felt needed and respected in my marriage and was under the impression that we could weather anything as a couple. I simply did not see this coming. He gave so few hints! Nothing stands out as an obvious sign even now, but when Lolly appeared, he suddenly began stabbing me in the back repeatedly and without remorse. The sadness and stress it caused were almost enough to push me over the edge.All this time, day after day, Bruce was busily pouring forth bullshit to me saying: ”she needs to leave” “You are the only woman for me” “I love you and only you” “I wish she would go!” Predictably, he would then go to her and slander stupendous lies about me, and, of course, profess his love for her. Bruce’s lies assured that Lolly and I would keep fighting with each other and not turn collectively on him- a good strategy, since Lolly did not care if he lied to her or not. I tried to warn her via email, but she refused to answer.To lie to someone who loves you and is devoted to you in such a deliberate fashion should be illegal, and anyone who indulges in it at the expense of another persons sanity should be jailed for a very long time.I realized that Lolly was nothing more than a smitten, dumb druggie: That Bruce was the real problem. He was playing evil, degenerate games with my heart, dismissing truth in favor of hurtful, terrible lies. Malicious lies. Using me. Playing with me as though I were a toy. It was a shade of ugly I did not know existed. Bruce’s “Ugly Little Game” pitted her against me as an opponent in a Medieval tournament: It was ugly and brutal and heartless of him to create such pain and suffering, while he just sat back, reaching for more pills.“Bruce needs to know shame,” I thought. “He needs to feel shame.” Ugly? Ok. I can do ugly too. It was time to drag out the big guns. He needed to suffer. He needed some REALITY, and I was not feeling generous in any way.In the Spring of 2011, I made sure that his “spiritual superiors” at the ‘Community of Christ Church’ (formerly the ‘New Reformed Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’) received my detailed testimony. This included solid proof of gross violations of moral & ethical conduct, drug abuse, adultery, and mental and emotional cruelty. The council acted on it immediately. Apparently Bruce had been caught cheating in an earlier marriage, and the council finally recognized Bruce as a chronic liability to the church. In the Electronic Age, ministers need to SERIOUSLY walk the line and all churches need to monitor their representatives closely. It only takes the click of a mouse to damage a church’s reputation. Honestly, should someone of THIS caliber be allowed to preach anything to ANYONE? Too bad the church officials did not have the courtesy to thank me for it. || According to Wikipedia: “Blackmail…is an act, often a crime involving unjustified threats to make a gain or cause loss to another unless a demand is met.” || Yes, kiddies. They did it together, they broke the law big time. It’s recorded on my phone.Lolly called me. She talked FOR Bruce. I know that he was there though, because he was slurring phrases in the background like a veteran drunkard. She tried hard to pressure me into giving up my $43,000.00 tax sheltered annuity- a part of the divorce that had been already agreed upon in writing-and to accept another TSA worth only $20.000.00 Also, she told me to sign over our virtually new 2011 Subaru to her. She said that if I did not do these things by March 1st she would file a restraining order on me that would include “restriction from seeing Bruce.” (Can’t let that All-Important ‘Meal Ticket’ get away!) I just told Lolly that she was slowing the divorce process rather than hastening it, that I would not submit to blackmail, and to otherwise go “fuck herself”The self righteous “Good Christian” DID actually haul me into court! It was amusing really: her spitting venom and carrying several hideous Photoshop hack jobs of her that I had assembled in about 3 minutes: one of her face on a donkey, one of her face pasted poorly into a beautiful Hindu painting depicting an orgy, and one of her showing off her tits. Bruce had taken this picture on his cell phone-then let me load it onto my own computer! According to Bruce, Lolly is still “deeply wounded” by this little “art” show.I never posted these “artworks” on Facebook, Twitter, Google or anywhere else on the internet, and never will, as I am encumbered with this little nuisance called “integrity.” If they are there, Lolly posted them there. Not me.Until she submitted these silly hack jobs for the judge and the court to peruse, I had considered our arguments to be personal and uno y uno. I had NO idea that this woman was… Bold enough? Lame enough? Stupid enough? Immodest enough? To want her barenaked tits seen by a judges, and cops and bailiffs and secretaries and clerks etc. But, in the tradition of whores everywhere, I guess Lolly just HAD to share her boobs with as many people as she could! ?All of this is amusing stuff for sure. Very entertaining. But fun and games of this sort can bite. Lolly got her restraining order on me (much to her chagrin, the judge ruled that I could still see Bruce) I had never REALLY threatened her openly and with deadly intent, but I was drinking heavily with the sorrow and pain of the lies, and she and Bruce were REALLY skinny on drugs, and we all had access to firearms. Such circumstances often make for a very BAD brew, so the restraining order was definitely for the best, but it still spins my head backwards: SHE was offended? The sleazy bitch who came to my door at 4:30am looking for my husband, then moved in with him and was now actively spreading rumors and lies about me, and pretending to be his wife???…SHE was OFFENDED by some lousy art? When the offender gets offended, does anyone really care? What’s more: this Welfare Queen told the judge that I needed to “get a job”… when she and Bruce were instrumental of getting me fired?The lengths to which bottom feeders will go to make themselves look respectable is a joke…Given the state of inebriation we were all experiencing, its no wonder Loll-ita effectively had her head in a wedgie over Bruce. It was really obvious that he was serially lying to both of us, but she simply would not acknowledge it. Living in deliberate oblivion works only for a while. She’s bound to find out sooner or later, now that she is REALLY married to this outwardly warm, but inwardly empty, cold-blooded liar. She will see exactly how mean he can be. Maybe Lolly was happy to live with her own little comforting lies, since her drug-soaked reality must have been pretty ugly. Perhaps by living delusional lies, homewreckers can find the power to maintain self respect, even though they are, like Lolly, evil cunts and nothing more. Awwww…poor little La-La! Sooo angry and offended that her face was shopped into a bestial orgy! But consider this: Lolly came to my home at 4:30am intending to wreck my 9 year relationship and marriage to Bruce and I allowed her inside, offered her a drink, and let her confront him without interference of any kind.Who truly has class and who’s the real ass here?This decidedly unchristlike behavior on her part was met with compassion from me.I can only say “Thank Dog I’m Atheist.”Starting in February of 2011, LaLa and my still-legal husband Bruce could be seen parading, lovey-dovey around the campus where we all and worked and knew everyone, wearing look-alike hats (these people are in their 50s and 60s!) and pretending to be married, claiming that “Jesus wanted it that way.” Lolly was showing off her FAKE “husband” and her FAKE “wedding bling” to her buddies, smiling and carrying on like she was the Queen of the Galaxy. Our lawyer, our friends and families, my students and a few of the staff were practically puking all over themselves at the sight. It was all a bad joke. Lolly spoke for Bruce, since he was often too loaded to speak at all. He could not think for himself, she made sure of that by feeding him lots of drugs. She could not allow this “big” fish-with a pension-to get away! Bruce was a bonafide chemical zombie. He remained completely unaware of snickers and eye rolling as he stumbled about, mumbling through his classes. He was unaware of what he was doing to his life.The Lourdblower landed Bruce by offering her then-petite body endlessly, drugging him and forcing him into “remembering” promises he probably never made. Bruce was broken to her will. Everyone witnessed it.So, what prizes did Lolly Rivera come home with?Lets see:1. The house in Desert Hot Springs: upside-down for over $80,000.00 since the housing crash.2 The new Subaru: a car Bruce insisted I buy with him for domestic adventures “after we retire” $400.00 payment (USD) monthly for another 48 months.3. Bruce’s retirement: Nope. His kids get that if he dies. His retirement was scheduled for 2013. It has been postponed an additional 3-5 years due to demotions at work, the loss of a 43,000.00 TSA-representing 20 years in savings, to the divorce, & his drug induced credit card debt.4. “We have a big, FAT prenuptial agreement that leaves everything I have to my kids. Lolly gets nothing.” ~Bruce Bridenbecker. September, 2013.6. Bruce: According to him he was docked approximately $40,000.00 (USD) per year because of his demotion from Division Chair. Seems like a high price for his inability to keep his pants zipped!Congratulations Lolly! Local Whore makes good! || Lolly posts scripture on the internet and claims to “love Jesus more than life itself” Perusing her Facebook page-before she blocked me- I saw the ramblings of a silly, aggressive, mouthy woman with the emotional maturity of a 12 year old. I can say honestly that my teenaged daughter posts more interesting things. According to Bruce, his poor little Lolly was SO desperate to get married that when they DID actually marry in July of 2012, she signed off in writing every inheritance she might get. No pension, no house, no annuities, nothing… According to Bruce, “their prenuptual agreement states that she waives any right to his accumulated wealth, and that he can divorce her at any time without repercussion.” …but, since Bruce said it…???? Its laughably hard to tell when a compulsive liar is telling the truth, so don’t quote me!According to her relatives and their friends: “Lolly has a long history” and that “she fucked their boyfriends and husbands many times” Apparently, she has been “a full-on liar since she was a kid” They ALL said that “Retribution will come. It will come.”You bet it will. When Bruce leaves her for another adoring fan, she will probably stab him-and I’m NOT the only one who believes this either!In his typical style, Bruce tried to pass ALL the blame for my termination along to the Dean of Academic Affairs, but in reality, he set me up to be fired. I KNOW this to be true, as I recently encountered a knowledgeable school secretary at a bar. When I asked her politely to tell me the story behind my termination, she refused, I then followed her into the restroom, threw her up against the wall, grabbed her by the throat, twisted her glottis very hard, and let her know in NO uncertain terms that “I would bite her fucking nose OFF her ugly FUCKING face if she did not fessthefuckup.” Not surprisingly, she did. Since she was “kind” enough to spew her guts to me, I’m keeping my promise of anonymity to her, as this is touchy information and could get HER fired.Bruce is essentially a politician. He relies on his smooth veneer and soft, low speaking voice to steer conversations away from hard facts. He is an overachiever of average intelligence who uses flattery and yes-man techniques to manipulate others and to sell himself. When Bruce grumbles on to me about Lolly…every freaking time I see him…he flaps his lips about divorcing her, and blathers: how much he ”misses me” “would never had divorced me if…” “She is not really my friend like you were” bla…bla…bla… I just listen and smile and analyze.Consider my position-or the position of any wife who hd total trust in her spouse, and that trust disintegrated literally overnight. I was told one day that the world and love were mine, then the very next day, I was thrown away like an old shoe. I had no prior experience with cruelty of that magnitude. When the one you loved and trusted completely tries to actively destroy you as a person, reality itself distorts and>

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