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This is my personal experience shared with the consumers in the world. This is the letter that I included in my survey that was sent to me from the Yamaha Corp. I gave my honest answer to all questions, and left out names of those whom I care not for. 1 Knowledge of machinery One of the salesmen tried to tell me that the Vmax was an 1800cc engine (actually referred to as a 1700cc, actual 1679cc). Not one sales person could answer the only question I had about the machine. “Does it still have the governor in place set at 138mph with the PCV installed and tuned?” Parts department did not know that the Final gear fluid was recommended to be changed at 600 miles, when I did my oil change. 2 Attention to detail The Sales Manager (from now on referred to SM) said he would take my old bike on trade-in as is after he saw my for sale listing. Unfortunately, he did not read my for sale listing or ask any questions prior to me coming in to buy the bike. He said the bike (my trade in) was too lo

This is my personal experience shared with the consumers in the world. This is the letter that I included in my survey that was sent to me from the Yamaha Corp. I gave my honest answer to all questions, and left out names of those whom I care not for. 1 Knowledge of machinery One of the salesmen tried to tell me that the Vmax was an 1800cc engine (actually referred to as a 1700cc, actual 1679cc). Not one sales person could answer the only question I had about the machine. “Does it still have the governor in place set at 138mph with the PCV installed and tuned?” Parts department did not know that the Final gear fluid was recommended to be changed at 600 miles, when I did my oil change. 2 Attention to detail The Sales Manager (from now on referred to SM) said he would take my old bike on trade-in as is after he saw my for sale listing. Unfortunately, he did not read my for sale listing or ask any questions prior to me coming in to buy the bike. He said the bike (my trade in) was too loud and he couldn’t believe their was no speedometer on it, both facts listed in my ad. I stated in the ad that I have stock parts if the buyer would like them, and would sell the tachometer for an extra $250. It is a one-off custom piece that I had made for the bike cost-$250. After I had informed him that | ALL that information was listed in the ad, and that he should have read it before making me a trade-in offer, we made the agreement that the sale would still go on with the following conditions… -I would bring the stock exhaust and speedometer in the next day -The Tach and cobra drag pipes would be returned to me as soon as the service department replaced them with the stock parts. I also took the time to explain to him that it did have a stage 7 carb kit, and the carbs were tuned for the exhaust. I will not run right with stock exhaust without being re-jetting back to factory conditions. *ALL ABOVE CONDITIONS WERE MET ON MY BEHALF IN THE TIME I SAID THEY WOULD BE* (I also brought the original airbox and filter in as well) 3 Character Several days after the sale and return of the stock parts, I had decided to go and check on the status of the trade-in. | To my surprise they had not done anything with it yet. SM’s excuse, he was too busy with customer units. I, apparently, am not a customer. Fox had an event a week later at the dealership, so I went down on the new bike with my wife. I also invited a friend that was looking to purchase a nicer bike for himself and his wife. While I was their, I asked the SM about my trade-in once more. To my dismay, nothing had changed. I enjoyed the event, but left dissatisfied once again. Early in the following week I saw an ad from Fox (on their website) that had my trade-in for sale. Thought nothing of it, until I looked at the pictures. The bike is now listed for sale with my parts still on it! Incredible!!! I stopped in again to check on the status of my trade-in. SM said that they haven’t been able to get around to it, but he promised me that it would be done by the end of the week (current day being a Tuesday). I took him on his word. As I was leaving, there it sat. My old bike (trade-in) was sitting next to the shops door, and had been cleaned with the license plate light removed. AH-HA they have had it in the shop, but maybe they were to busy to finish it. I asked one of the mechanics there about the situation. He said he didn’t know anything about any parts that had to be removed or replaced. I explained the situation to him, and told him that if they could not get around to it, I will take the time out of my day, and do the work for them. He got a chuckle out of it and we parted ways. Note – this was the FORTH time I had driven over an hour , because of the SM’s inability to keep his word. I once again left dissatisfied thinking I would never see my parts again. Here is where the story gets interesting… | Up to now, I have been more than generous to help them meet the conditions stated in the sale. 4 Integrity vs. Lies I thought I would be considerate, though doing so against the recommendations of ALL my family. I waited all that week, weekend, and until Thursday of the next week. I called on my lunch break to check the status of the situation. SM was out to lunch as well so I left my name and number, though I didn’t need to, to have him call me back on his convenience. I was called back within the hour, to my surprise, only to find out that my old bike had been sold. I thought, “cool, they must have taken the parts off already and had not called me about them yet”. I asked about the parts, and he said they did not take them off. I was stunned. This guy manages the sales staff, and can’t keep his word? I asked why, and the response I received was a deafening blow. “Some guy had cash and we had to let it go”. LIE 1 had been completed. I had no parts in my hand, neither the parts that were on the bike, nor the stock parts I brought him. I reminded him of our agreement, and he seemed stunned over the phone that I would even have the gall to think that was going to happen. I reminded him of the Tach and pipes that I was supposed to get back, and he said “Oh, you wanted the pipes back too?”. Once again I was stunned. I asked what we were going to do about it, and the only response I could gather was to stop in to the dealership (at my expense and another hour of driving and other time having to spend down there) and he would make it right. I reminded him of the riding gear I had asked for when the purchase of the bike has been in process (was told at that time he couldn’t add any gear to the deal because he had given away a lot of money already on the bike, though I had just spent well over what I could have spent for the same machine elsewhere. Another lie early on, but I forgave quickly). His response was he would be able to “hook me up” with a jacket or some other gear. I told him that I would come in and deal with him in person. | Once more, another trip at my expense and time, I drove there the SAME DAY. My figures of just parts, that I was promised and did not receive, was over $400 (keep in mind, I just spent $22,000 for the bike), and that not including my fuel expense or time to try and resolve all of this. At the point when I walked into his office, my finance consultant, walked out, never said a word. The SM never got up out of his chair, he just greeted me like nothing was wrong. On his computer screen he was looking at other Tachs one could buy. Most of which, he said, were no more than $150 for a “Drag racing tach”. I once again had to remind him that he won’t find my Tach online, because it was CUSTOM BUILT FOR ME! HE didn’t believe that I could have spent that much on a tach, like it was a piece of junk. I proceeded with my argument that I was out $400+ for parts that HE failed to deliver. He stopped me and asked for my figures, of which he claimed that most of the pieces were worth under $25 or “a dime a dozen for nice Chrome stock exhaust (from Autozone)”. I asked why the parts were not exchanged before sale as promised. His response “the wiring for the speedometer was all hacked and chopped up, so they didn’t take the tach off”, “the service men said that it would not run right with stock exhaust because of the stage 7 kit”. Sound Familiar??? I had put all the pieces on, and I had done all the wiring, so I told him, It could be done in 15 mins. I also told him that I offered to take the time and replace the parts myself. His response, “I wish I would have known that”. | I wish I would have never met him, let alone bought something from him. I asked when the bike had been sold, and found that it was sold a “few days ago”. I had given them the extra time and consideration just so he could sell the bike without keeping his word, and worse of all, never bothered to contact me before or even after 3 days? Then I asked the location of the stock parts that I had brought in. His response “they went with the bike. I cannot legally sell an unsafe motorcycle, like one without a speedometer. We always give the stock parts to bikes we sell. STOP, WAIT, HOLD ON…. Always? I just bought a bike, and PAID for the aftermarket exhaust and PCV that they had put on at HIS request before I ever looked at it, on a brand new bike. Where was my stock exhaust and center stand? LIE. I once again asked what he is going to do about it. His response was DISGUSTING! “I can’t do anything right now because my manager is not here. I will talk to him tomorrow. Stop by again and we can make this right.” WHAT! I just spent all that time for nothing, and now I am told to drive another hour and waste more of my time? | 5 Making things right My Father just happened on to the store as I was leaving, and he wanted to see the SM, because he had money in on this deal as well. We walked back into the immediate area around the SM’s office and he came out. He said he had contacted the guy who bought the trade-in and given him my number. apparently the guy who bought the bike was, read closely, dissatisfied about the bike for 2 reasons. One, I didn’t have a speedometer. Two, It was too loud. WOW! The SM had told the guy that he could meet up with me and that I was willing to do the work to change the parts out. Attempted “make it right”, but fail. Reasons… 1 I had to do the leg work to set up times and and locations to work on the bike. 2 I had to take time out of my day to meet with the guy 3 I had to do the work that was promised me in the beginning 4 Now this guy has a bike that doesn’t run quite right, because it is not jetted to the old factory pipes. 5 I found that the bike was only half cleaned, still had tons of oil and crud under the motor and frame 6 I found that the Tach had indeed been taken off once by the dealership because they had replaced my aluminum mounting bracket, with a fabricated uncoated steel bracket, which will rust. 7 I found that Fox had removed the hand crafted highways bars that I had made for the bike. Those were shown on the sale pic, and they did not sell them with the bike. Where are they? 8 Remember the “not legally able to sell an unsafe bike”, The rear tire was beyond its wear markers, and not just worn to them, it was completely smooth in the center. Plenty of past burnouts on my part. | 9 After I had talked with the new owner of my old bike. He agreed that he will never deal with Fox again. Mainly from his past experiences. 10 It has now been 5 days after I had to work on that bike to take the parts off, and there has been no call or communication from the dealership as to make things right on their part. I am glad I received this survey, but regret to inform Yamaha and Star that because of this experience, I will no longer do business of any sort with Fox Powersports of Kentwood, nor can I willingly do business with any other FOX branded dealerships. Because of this, 3 others that are close to me, will NOT be buying bikes from Fox. 2 of the 3 were ready to buy, just as soon as they saw how trustworthy Fox was. Needless to say, that never happened, nor will ever. The other one will no longer be buying parts from any Fox dealership. I like Yamaha and Star Motorcycles, and I like my VMaxs, both my new one, and my old trade-in. I had so many pieces and parts that I wanted to add. Being a new bike, I wanted to buy new and bolt-on accessories and gear for the wife and I. Now I think I will pass and go back to building my own and buying used, so as not to deal with any more dealerships. I apologize for the lecture, but I feel as though it was needed. I hope action is taken, and I wish I saw an effort on Fox’s part to make things right and better. $22,000 for a machine that will always remind me of this event. William **** ** 2015 Star VMAX w***********[email& 160;protected] End of Survey 11/8/15 | Update The story continues as followed: At the time of purchase, I had said to everyone that mentioned servicing my motorcycle, that I am the only one who services my bikes. I can do anything with my hands, that they could in their shop, and I would know that it would be done to my standards. I was not having my bike serviced with them. Late October I received a large postcard from Fox Powersports, addressed to me. It said, paraphrased, Happy Birthday. Thank you for your purchase. Consider signing up in the VIP program. It is time to do your first bike service at Fox. It also contained a 10% coupon for service. By this point I had forgotten the SM’s name, but whose name and signature was on the bottom of this card? The SM! My temper flared, but what else could I do? I have now waited waited 2 months since working on my old bike to get my parts, with no contact from the SM or anyone of importance from FOX. I decide since they are not going to do anything to right the wrong, That I would give them my last statement. I navigated to their website, and found they had a link as follows, MyFoxExperience. I thought if they wanted to hear back from their customers as to how their experience went, that I would share mine. | I sent the above letter, the same as sent to the survey, to their website link. Upon clicking send, I was redirected to a 404 forbidden error. Apparently I am unable to share my experience. The only other way I could think to share it was on their public facebook page. I had tried to keep the situation discreet between only those who had known, but to share it with them, I now have to make it public. 11/8 was a Sunday when I posted it to their page. 11/9 I received a phone call from the general manager. He talked with me about the situation for 18 mins while I was driving home. He had said to come in and we would talk about how to resolve this problem, while he dealt personally with the SM. “It was an SM problem, not a Fox problem” he said. I agreed to make a final effort, and was their the next day at 11:30. 11/10 1124 Arived at Shawmut Hills as agreed upon.After discussing the possible options, and hearing his apology, an agreement was reached in the following: $360 compensation for my time (8 hrs traveling and negotiating $144, 2hrs labor on my old bike $180, and time spent on survey and facebook post $36) $1395 for exhaust I did not request at purchase. The only mandatory item was the stock exhaust that came off the bike. Only because the SM said that stock parts always go with the bikes they sell. I thought it would make a good conversation piece in my garage. The GM agreed and said they end up in a room cause they forget to give them to buyers, and they are scrapped out at the end of each year. Sounds like they just don’t care about customer service to me. Totaling $1755 in gift cards to spend at Fox, and the original new exhaust off the bike. Also, He would make sure that the wrongs were dealt with the man who bought my old Vmax. GM said that they would bring his in and make sure everything was good on it. Also, he said they would be sure to put a new tire on the bike for him. I was very happy to hear this, maybe he, as a customer would be taken care of as well. The reason behind the gift cards some may not understand after all that went on. I told him that the money is not the biggest issue. It is the principle and the character of those, and the companies, that I do business with. I said I would love to do business with the Shawmut Hills location again, as I have done for the last 12 years for parts and accessories. I also told him the reason why I didn’t buy the bike from the Shawmut location is that they only had one on the floor in 2009 and I was told I could not test ride it. Since then every time I was in there, I asked one of the salesmen if they had a new Vmax and if I could test ride it. I was told the same answer for the last 6 years. I always told them, “I won’t buy one until I test ride it.” I test rode the one at the Kentwood location, and within a week, I bought it. He said that the exhaust would be no problem, as they have trucks that run between the locations every day several times. He even said they could ship it right to my door. I declined the offer for 2 reasons. 1) I live 45mins away (I thought about saving them the cost of shipping), and 2) I still didn’t trust them. I told him to call me as soon as it was there, and I would come get it. After all, I have $1755 to spend right? Cool! I might finally be done with this. | 1 day….. 2 days…. 1 week…… 2 weeks went by with no call. 11/23 (evening) I get a phone call from the GM. “The exhaust is here at the Kentwood location. It is packaged very well and it is in good shape…. Perfect shape” he says. “ I will throw it in the back of my truck, and bring it to Shawmut with me tomorrow. I will be working there tomorrow” I didn’t call back. I just decided to take another hour out of my workday and drive down there. 11/24 1600 I arrived at the Shawmut location and found the GM. He immediately apologized and said he had forgot to load them in his truck, and the past week had been on vacation. What? No phone call? Didn’t have another driver bring them on one of the other hundred trips back and forth in the last 2 weeks? I kept calm as he said again, We can ship them to you, or I can grab them first thing in the morning and bring them here. Alright, does this all sound a bit familiar? Apparently it is not just a SM problem anymore! I told him I do not trust anything going on and if he wanted to make things right to get them here ASAP. We agreed to do it the next day. I asked him if they priced matched for parts. He said “of course”. I had time to kill so I went “future shopping”. 1645 Talking to one of the service guys, I asked for a price on a certain headset. He said he could get them and that they were about $269 each. I asked if he could get a better deal on them, because I was looking to buy 4 of them at least. I also informed him that I could buy them somewhere else for $189.95. Remember the price matching? He proceeded to say if there is any money for them in that price, that he would do it. He called the distributor and after talking for a while, could only get down to $209. Doesn’t sound like price matching to me. I decided no one here knows what they are doing anymore. | As I was walking around the GM found me and started a conversation. I told him that his service guy couldn’t price match. GM said that guy was new and probably didn’t do things that way at his old job. He assured me they do price match. I walked around a little longer, and the more I thought about everything going on, I made a decision. I am going to handle the transportation of my exhaust! I will end this story myself. I tried to get GM’s attention, but he was busy with other customers at the point in time, and I didn’t want to interfere. 1700 I left and drove the 25mins to the Kentwood location I didn’t ever want to see again. Before I arrived, I called the only one there whom I could trust. He didn’t know the story behind all this, but I asked for a favor. I wanted him to find the box with exhaust that the GM set aside for me, and meet me in the parking lot. He agreed without hesitation. 1725 I received a call from the Kentwood store, but did not answer it because I was almost there. 1728 I arrived at the Kentwood location and found him. He said he tried to call me before I arrived (he has been the only one so far to do anything right). He informed me that there isn’t a box, but he thinks it was one that the SERVICE manager was instructed, by someone, to take to Shawmut Hills, and put in the GM’s office. GREAT?!?!?!?! I thanked him for everything he has done for me, and left. I have to fight rush hour traffic in my plow truck to get to Shawmut hills AGAIN by 1800 before they close. 1752 I arrive and Shawmut, find the GM, and he immediately apologizes. (familiar?) He said that he just got the phone call that someone had brought them over. They were not in his office, but in the service center. That is where I was an hour ago!!!! He brought them out, and I took a very quick look to make sure everything was there. It seemed OK. Full of cardboard and packing peanuts. He helped me carry them to my truck, and after talking for a minute, we left the conversation this way: I was not happy at all with the customer service yet since my purchase. The GM said one of these times I will have a great experience there. I thought it should be every time, but I told him I will be back in due time, but with the whole family. 11/30 As I was cleaning my garage, I saw the exhaust, and decided to clean it up and hang it on my wall as GM and I had discussed. I also noticed that the original exhaust shields, will fit over my aftermarket exhaust and hide the ugly burn marks from the engine not running correctly. Being that the exhaust came off a brand new bike, and the GM said it was perfect. | I started unpacking it and cleaning it. It didn’t take me long to realize that it was far from perfect. It had scratch marks from wrenches, and scruff marks that could only be caused from sliding it on concrete or pure neglect from the service man. Therein lies the reason I don’t let others service my bike. Even now the attention to detail is showing itself to be lacking. Yet once again I am lied to in saying the exhaust is perfect, but by the GM this time. I have sent a message to the GM over the websites MyFoxExperience. Apparently, it works if you don’t send a giant letter with it. I have also edited MyFoxExperience for the third time now. It stands as follows: “ MYFOXEXPERIENCE Ok. If anyone has been following the saga. It only gets worse. I have been trying to be friendly and given Fox and Shawmut Hills every opportunity to make right what was wrong. Though there are some who have tried, I have still yet to see a “good experience”. Still every attempt that has been made to make that experience, has involved myself going out of my way to help them help me. I cannot in good conscience do this any longer. If the corrections are to be made to right the wrong and the lies upon lies from every person I have dealt with, save one, then they will be done by Fox before Dec 4th 2015. I have been dealing with this problematic corporation since the beginning of July, and every time I think I can make a step forward, I am lied to. Good luck everyone who does business here. I will be making this public after Dec 4th” 11/30/2015 2216 waiting for a response… 12/1/15 1113 I did not receive a response this morning, so I called the Shawmut Hills location to make sure GM received my message. Shawmut said he was working at the Kentwood location today. I asked to be transferred to his voicemail, but I was informed that he had no voicemail. 1308 I sent all the pictures of the exhaust defects to GM via Email. 5 total emails with HD pictures. | Email read as followed: Subject: 2015 Vmax 1 of many ***, This is Bill. I had some time last night to clean out my garage and decided to hang the exhaust on the wall as we discussed. While I was moving thing around, I looked and realized the aluminum Shielding on the exhaust would fit right over the aftermarket pipes. The pipes on the bike have discolored severely from it running too hot. When I pulled the exhaust out of the box, I was no less than disgusted with what I saw. The original exhaust that you told me was in perfect shape, because it had come off a BRAND new machine, has wrench dings and scratches all over it. It was bad enough I couldn’t use the shielding because it would make a brand new machine look horrible. I can’t even put them on my wall without rebrushing them to make them look good again. This is the reason I don’t service my bike in a shop. From what I see in the exhaust, my children could do a cleaner job taking it off a bike. I thought we could finally out the story behind us. I desperately want to do business with the Shawmut location. I would really like to spend those gift cards, but I can’t bring myself to do it yet. I have updated MYFOXEXPERIENCE to state that something needs to be done by DEC 4th. After that if I have not had a “great experience” as you say, I will make the story public. I don’t want to do it, but I am sick of the lack of professionalism and all the lies I have been told. Attached are the pictures of my exhaust and the defects in the stock exhaust from removal. You can see why I am unable to be satisfied with the “perfect condition” exhaust. 1312 I called the Kentwood location to see if GM had received my email. I was informed that he had recently left to go to Shawmut. So I immediately called Shawmut and was informed that he was not there yet. I told the woman that answered the phone to take a message for me. I told her to let GM know that I called and to check his email and call me back. She said she would get the message to him as soon as she saw him. 12/2 0002 | Waiting for a response…. 12/2 1728 Haven’t received a call, text, email, letter, or any other form of communication as of yet, so I made the call again… Man answered the phone, and I told him that I have emailed GM and left messages to be delivered to him through receptionists. He said GM should reply, as he checks his email often. He said GM was working at the Kentwood location today and Thursday, and would be back on Friday. I left another message with him and he said he would be sure to get it to GM. 1742 Received my first communication back from the GM. Email as follows.. Hi Bill, I did receive your message. I will call you tomorrow. Thanks *** ******** General Manager Fox Powersports 616-***-**** Cell 616-***-**** 12/3 1802 Received a Voice mail from GM. Did not receive the call as I was in my basement doing paperwork for the day. Message as follows: Hey Bill, this is *** (GM) from Fox Powersports, um, leaving you a message here to give me call back, uh, you can call me on cell phone ***-****or you can call me at the shop ***-**** Just want to go over that email you sent me, um, just wanna kinda find out, ah, you never really explained what you wanted me to do about it. So, give me a call and let me know what we can do for you this time. Thanks. Bye | So it takes a general manager almost 68 hours to contact a customer after telling him/her to call him if they need anything. Not only that, but having that customer try and contact him 6 times in a 4 day slot. 1803 As soon as I heard the email I called Shawmut. 3 minutes after closing time no one answers the phone. Hung up. 1804 Called GM’s Cell phone as instructed, rang and went to voice mail. Left message saying I got his voice mail, but still can’t get a hold of him. I told him that I didn’t want to hassle him on his personal phone, but that he could call me ANYTIME! 1829 No response from GM so I called Shawmut again while I was driving home, just in case GM didn’t check his voice mail until later in the day tomorrow. Left message with their machine directed toward the GM stating the same as before. 2100 Waiting for response….. FINAL WORDS… 12/5 1045 No response all day from anyone related to Fox Powersports. The deadline is up. I have even given them a chance to contact me this morning. I will assume at this point, they do not want to keep customers as much as they say. It appears that they believe lies and deceit buy them enough time to distract disgruntled customers enough not to forget about the situation. I am not that kind of customer. | As stated before, I have been dealing with the Shawmut location before they were Fox branded. I have bought many parts, my friends have bought many parts, and we have all had tires changed (at least every year). I didn’t want to lose my connection with Shawmut, as they have been good to me for over 12 years. That was the reason why I didn’t just complain and demand material goods to benefit myself. I wanted them to prove to me that they knew what was wrong and how to retain a customer relation. I have given Fox Powersports chance upon chance, time after time. I have gone out of my way, and taken time out of my work, and family, to help them fix the situation, yet they could not do as they say, and would rather make vain promises and lie to me. I have forgiven them all faults and will not hold a grudge. I am always willing to rekindle a good relation with a business, but only if they show me the character that they have bound themselves to. Some, if not all, of them have a bracelet on with their 5 core values printed on it. I do not recall all these values, so I won’t try to list them for fear of being wrong. They wear these to remind themselves of how to conduct business with consumers. I have yet to see these values put into place with any of my dealings at Fox. | This story is being made public, only because that is what they ask for on their website. They want to know what kind of experience their customers have had, and I am willing to let them know. Other customers hashtag MYFOXEXPERIENCE online and let others know what Fox is like, so I have done the same. This story will also be printed and handed out to all of my friends, family, and acquaintances that are remotely related to powersports. It is not just me, as a customer, that they have lost, but hundreds of my fellow riders. I’ll dare bet that they never changed the tire on my old Vmax as was said. As soon as I can find his number, I will ask him. I will make sure that he, and his friends, knows the rest of the story as well. I will also call the Yamaha Corp. and let them know what their dealer is doing (only by request of Yamaha Corp.). I wish the best of business to Fox Powersports, and hope that someday they will make things right so I won’t have to drive all the way out to Babbits in Muskegon, MI for my powersports needs. |

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