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Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_nVKooV5Io

Editor’s Note

Update: December 8, 2020

Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop & Ranging Bull got charged with a $137 million fraud by the FTC. I’ve added a new section that covers the full incident down below.

This news didn’t come as a shock to

Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_nVKooV5Io

Editor’s Note

Update: December 8, 2020

Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop & Ranging Bull got charged with a $137 million fraud by the FTC. I’ve added a new section that covers the full incident down below.

This news didn’t come as a shock to me as private investigators, lawyers and unbiased journalists have been talking about Jason Bond’s nefarious activities for more than 5 years now. It was about time that authoroties took action against this criminal and his accomplices.

This report was curated for people who wanted to know if Jason Bond/Raging Bull’s products are good or not. However, now that this scam is under full investigation by the FTC and actions are underway, the scam has been exposed, we hope this article serves as a resource for the investigators and the people alike. We would also like to thank the contributors at GripeO who expose these charlatans and scammers.

Just A Get Rich Quick Scammer!

If you use any social media platform, then you’ve probably seen one of Jason Bond’s or RagingBull’s advertisements. He sells trading courses and an exorbitant subscription service which is supposed to give you updates on his trading choices so you can replicate them. People have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to this scammer. He and his accomplices deceive and take advantage of people all around the world.

From fake reviews to faking speaking at Harvard, Bond has done all kinds of crimes. We’ll take a look at many tactics Jason uses to manipulate and lie to everyone. Let’s get started:

About the featured video: This amazing video by Patrick Weiland summarizes Jason Bond’s recent actions pretty well. That’s why I’ve posted it here as well, so you guys can check it out. Please do subscribe to Weiland’s channel if you are interested in learning about day trading. Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Weiland.

The $137 Million Fraud Lawsuit Against Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop, Kyle Dennis & RagingBull.com

Federal Trade Commission v. RagingBull.com, LLC, et al

Filed on 8th of December 2020 at the Federal Court at District of Maryland

Alleging a $137 million fraud, The Federal Trade Commisssion has filed a complaint against Jason Bond, Raging Bull, LLC, Jeff Bishop & Kyle Dennis.

The complaint is more than 400 pages long. You can download the full document using the button down below.

Restraining Order

The individuals and entities in the list below are bound by a temporary restraining order. Peter E. Keith has been appointed as the temporary receiver of this case. He represents the court, not the Federal Trade Commission. The appointment was finalized by Honorable George L. Russell, III.

  • Jeffrey M. Bishop
  • RagingBull.com, LLC f/k/a Lighthouse Media, LLC
  • Jason Bond, LLC
  • Jason Bond f/k/a Jason P. Kowalik
  • Kyle W. Dennis
  • Sherwood Ventures, LLC
  • MFA Holdings, Corp. (exempted from Section V of the Temporary Restraining Order pursuant to 12/17/2020 Order)
  • Winston Research Inc.
  • Winston Corp.

Other people, companies and entities might also be bound by this restraining order, however these ones are the most prominent. You can download and take a look at the full document yourself, using the button down below.

Preliminary Injunction Hearing

On 5 February 2021 at 09:30 AM, a preliminary injunction hearing has been scheduled. The hearing is set to take place virtually through a video conference due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

We might get a conclusive decision in this hearing or the honorable judge might issue a later ruling date.

The full document has been attached and can be found down below:

Assets Seized

Assets from Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop, and Raging Bull LLC have been placed into receivership until the trial is not concluded. These assets will hopefully repay the countless victims of Jason’s fraud.

Sue Jason Bond & RagingBull.com!

If you have fallen victim to Jason’s deceptive practices then it is strongly advised that you talk to a lawyer. The reprimands from winning the lawsuit might help in healing the trauma and financial ruin these scams often cause.

You can also contact the FTC and lodge your complaint against Jason Bond and RagingBull.com there. If you have the documents necessary, then your complaint might play a significant role in the case.

Disclaimer: I’m not a legal expert and this is not personal legal advice. The suggestion has been made on my own experience with such scams and lawsuits. Please consult a lawyer before making a decision.

Who is Jason Bond aka Jason P. Kowalik?

The best way to introduce a “notorious figure”, is to read their LinkedIn bio, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Jason lives in Fairport, New York.

On LinkedIn, Jason claims to be a professional trader with a “popular education” program catered for curious traders. And after this line, there are three hundred words of unverifiable “come up” story that all the fake gurus have. Jason’s story is really some Pursuit of Happyness level stuff, and some of it might even be true, who knows.

Believe it or not, Jason Bond was actually a PE teacher. And he did that job for 11 years! That’s a long time to be a PE teacher. And he went from an element physical education teacher at Webster Central School District to founding a company in 2010.

He is one of the co-founders of Raging Bull Trading (RagingBull.com), which is basically a website that sells overpriced courses & training programs to young traders who can’t afford legal fees.

Jason Bond is an extremely notorious personality on the internet and there is a big reason for it, you don’t just get notorious out of nowhere. He has scammed hundreds of his subscribers and operates a pump & dump kind of ordeal.

I would have gone into more detail about his trading experience and life, but I believe it would be totally useless as LinkedIn doesn’t verify what you post there. Jason can claim to be a unicorn from the heavens and LinkedIn will have zero problems with it.

The LinkedIn bio of Jason has definitely been written by a professional copywriter. And it is probably because Jason knows that people will read this and he needs his story to sound convincing. After all, who doesn’t like a Rocky round 14 moment and the writers that work with these fake gurus know exactly how to push the buttons of their client’s victims.

The section below is taken from an email I received. The email is the reason I started looking into Jason Bond in the first place. I will keep the information of the sender anonymous as they requested.

Jason Bond Is A Big Time Scammer According To Stock Traders

The subreddit r/StockMarket is a place where everyone who is interested in learning about stock trading often visits. This community is the biggest online community for stock market discussions and it is celebrated as a good source for getting started in the stock market. A lot of stock market experts come here to help beginners and discuss stock market things.

One user u/MoreStep4 wanted to know if Jason Bond Picks is legit or a scam. It is quite a genuine concern as RagingBull.com affiliates have flooded the internet with heavily biased 5-star reviews of Jason Bond Picks & RagingBull.com. We’ll talk about the reviews later in this report, for now, let’s focus on the post.

The response from the community was quite interesting and it caught me by surprise as I didn’t expect the people of this community to be so perceptive of Jason’s scam. All of the responses told the OP to stay away from Jason Bond Picks and called it as scam.

The top voted response is from u/Phattii, and it simply says “Scam.”. It got a chuckle out of me however there are other comments on this thread as well.

Redditor u/traderstew calls Jason a “Big time scammer.” and user u/D3wizardonetrick claims, “If it advertises on Stockwits it’s bullshit”.

The concerns shared by the stock market community on Jason Bond Picks’ obvious scam seem pretty genuine. However, there are still thousands of people spending thousands of dollars on Jason’s horrible courses and subscription service in the hopes that he will help them get a six figure income.

The comment which caught my attention the most was the one made by u/knkre. This user subscribed for the 30 day trial of Jason’s service and found it utterly useless so he asked for a refund 10 days into the trial. But instead of a refund, he received a scripted response from the customer support. The user simply advises people to avoid Jason Bond Picks & Raging Bull.
This is the email he received:

Thanks for reaching out.

If you wish to inquire about a refund you will need to do so by calling 833-265-1270 and speaking with one of our Client Support agents. Our services are non-refundable per our refund policy which you can find by clicking here. However, I would be happy to work with you and clear up any misunderstanding about RagingBull and the service that you signed up for.

Please let me know if you would like to schedule a phone call so that we can discuss your membership and explain why we send out the promotional material that we do. In relation to that, we are able to turn off your marketing emails so that you never get bothered with the new products we release. If you ever feel as if you are missing out on something you can always reach out and we will fill you in.

Let me know what you would like to do and we can go from there.

All the best,

VIP Client Services
(833) 265-1270

Jason Bond makes more money from selling courses than trading, this fact alone should be strong enough for people to avoid his scam products. But Jason uses various psychological techniques in his statements and videos, that convince people into believing that his overpriced subscription service & courses work. We’ll dwell deeper into the manipulation that goes behind Jason Bond Picks products in this report as well. If you want to check it out directly then use the blue box on the right of the screen.

Because of the way scammers like Jason operates, I’ve decided to save this post as a permanent record here. So in case, it gets taken down from Reddit, its contents will still be preserved here. If you are interested in reading the full thread, then you can download it using the button down below:

How Jason Bond Picks Scam Is Ruining Lives

Many Jason Bond Picks fanboys are going to comment on this post, calling me names, saying how I have a loser mentality and how I’m just jealous of Jason’s “amazing accomplishments”. I don’t even get bothered by such comments, I just feel bad for the people who write them, it is appalling how opinionated these manipulative scammers can make a person.

These fanboys need to realize one thing; Jason’s lies & false marketing affect actual lives and sometimes people can’t afford to lose the money Jason makes them invest in his course and services. What’s the result? Poverty, depression & life-long trauma, which is very difficult to recover from.

A counterargument might be, “But people can spend whatever they want to spend on, they are adults, let them do what they want to do.” If you think this response is dumb, then you haven’t read the comments on videos of Coffezilla or articles even here on GripeO. Yes, adults can make financial choices independently, but misleading & manipulating them is blatant fraud is punishable by offense, but thanks to hidden disclaimers, Jason gets away with his frauds.

To show how Jason Bond Picks is actually ruining lives at the moment you’re reading this, I have a live example.

Around 2 years ago, a user made a post on the subreddit r/PersonalFinance, about his mother who is wasting away money on “swing trading” and “stock picking” courses on the internet, he exclaims how his mother has spent $4,500 on these useless courses and wants to know how he can get her to stop.

Note: r/PersonalFinance currently has 14.2 million users and it is one of the biggest communities for discussing, well, personal finances.

In the post, the user explains that his mother has been falling for online scammers like Jason Bond Picks, who sell phony online classes that claim to teach people about swing trades and picking penny stocks. The lady is 57 years old (which makes her almost 60 right now) and only has $50,000 to her name. She spent $3,000 alone on Jason Bond Picks garbage course.

All the comments on the thread advise the OP about how to handle the situation. And unsurprisingly, everyone agrees that these courses are waste of time and money.

Let’s take a second and talk about what exactly is happening here. This lady is obviously in a financial rut. She realizes that she doesn’t have enough money for a healthy retirement and that’s why she is attracted to Get Rich Quick schemes, like the one’s Jason Bond markets. Is this a rare scenario? Much to most people’s surprise, this is the exact target customer base for Jason Bond & his fellow scammers at RagingBull.com. This leads us to the next section of the analysis.

You can check out the post for yourself right here.

Jason Bond Targets Helpless People Who Can’t Fight Back

This is the most sadistic section of the report, so if you are an emotional person who is high in agreeableness, then please skip it.

Jason Bond makes thousands of dollars by selling people a subscription for picking stocks and selling courses. And people are not dumb, when they see that they have been losing more money than they earn, all the while Jason is using their investments to pump and dump, they want to take action.

These people then contact RagingBull support to ask for a refund, but the company seldom provides refunds as they know a lot of people are going to ask for it because the service is horrible. Now the customer has two options, they can either forget about the thousands of dollars they just wasted, or they can post a complaint, or they can take legal action. The majority of Jason Bonds’ victims will go for option 1 because they simply cannot afford to take legal action. And for the minority that tries to post a complaint against RagingBull or Jason Bond, they never get heard. Because Jason Bond has paid up dozens of publications to post 5-star reviews, which bury the real complaints.

Moreover, even if someone tries to file a Jason Bond lawsuit, Jason’s legal team will probably throw a disclaimer on their face which the victim had agreed to without even knowing. Now, they can still try to get justice, but it will cost tens of thousands of dollars and the probability of success will be quite low.

In the end, Jason walks away with thousands of dollars, all the while his victims Struggle to make ends meet.

The Fake Harvard Business School Speech

If you are still convinced that Jason Bond has “figured out” the market and is a trading god, then please definitely read this section.

In one of his many promotional emails that Jason sends, he stated that he was invited by Harvard University to motivate aspiring entrepreneurs. In the same email, he also exclaimed that speaking at Harvard was something he couldn’t even imagine but “through his passion for educating and trading he made it a reality”.

Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates have spoken at Harvard, so it should be obvious that they wouldn’t invite an uneducated low-life scammer like Jason Bond. But guess what? Jason has a video of him speaking at the Harvard Business School! Here’s the video:

Jason Bond’s speech at the fake Harvard Business School

The video can convince most people, but the investigators at tradingschools.org were not satisfied with it. So they went ahead and contacted Harvard University and from there they found that no one at Harvard had even heard about Jason Bond invited him to speak.

However, they were still not satisfied so they contacted Rick Calixto (who is the executive director of the Harvard Trademark Program). Mr. Calixto has the responsibility of making sure no one abuses Harvard’s trademarks anywhere in the world.

Mr. Calixto pointed out the subtle differences between the real Harvard logo and the one featured in the background of the video. It gets more interesting.

The Business Expert Forum is actually run by a nifty anonymous scammer who fake gurus like Jason hire to make a video of them speaking at Harvard. Yes, this is apparently a whole business!

These fake gurus use these videos to convince their victims into investing money in their scheme or buy their product or service. If Jason really is so legitimate, then why is he speaking at the fake Harvard?

Short answer: HE IS NOT!

Fake Jason Bond Picks Reviews Everywhere

If you go on Google and search for “Jason Bond Review”, you’ll see dozens of reviews, even a listing from Trustpilot. However, there are no unbiased reviews here. All of these reviews have been manipulated or were fake from the start.

Only 5 Star reviews show up when you google Jason Bond review, all of these are paid faked reviews

Businesses have been abusing Trustpilot for years now and I’m starting to think Trustpilot knows what’s happening but keeps their mouth shut because these businesses pay them thousands of dollars.

Other than Trustpilot there are a ton of other websites like daytradingz.com which have posted highly biased reviews on RagingBull.com and Jason Bond. These websites are getting paid to write these bogus 5-star reviews and even earn a big commission every time they fool someone into signing up for Jason’s course through their website.

These websites are bound by law to add a disclaimer stating they are affiliated with Jason Bond and RagingBull, however instead of putting this disclaimer at the start of the post, they hide it on the bottom of the page.

It is extremely unethical and these website owners should be also considered part-guilty in this fraud. They play a major role in deceiving people and should be held responsible for their choices.

Jason Bond Picks Review Verdict

Jason Bond is a total rip-off. His company RagingBull.com has horrible refund policies that rob thousands of innocents. Jason lied to everyone for years and ruined lives every day. He has been deceiving millions and now he will pay for his crimes in a jail cell.

This gives hope to fraud victims around the world. The FTC is starting to bust these misguiding and deceptive scams that are flooding the internet in this age. I hope FTC also takes action against other scams like Amazing.com and Cardone Capital, which are active today and are operating a similar scam.

This review has been syndicated from Gripeo To read the full review, go to – www.gripeo.com/jason-bond/


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