Jeffrey Fratarcangeli

Jeffrey Fratarcangeli – Arrogant and Rude

My parents have been having a terrible experience ever since they started working with Jeffrey Fratarcangeli. They are trapped in a nightmare. Jeffrey is a terrible professional. He behaves rudely and is a very arrogant person. Apart from that, I’m certain that Jeffrey is unaware of how he should talk to clients. He might have been a great guy before, but he is a terrible professional now. My parents have tried to change advisors but they can’t. I am writing this review so no one else would fall prey to this fraud. 

Yes, Jeffrey Fratarcangeli is a fraud. He and his PR team make it seem like he’s the best financial advisor out there. But the truth is, he is one of the worst advisors you can work with. The only reason why he is still operating as a financial advisor is because of his staff and his PR team. Otherwise, no one would pay this guy. I’m saying this with confidence because the way he talks to other people is just terrible. My parents have told me that they feel as if Jeffrey wants to make them feel inferior to him. He is an egoist who doesn’t listen to his clients. 

When you’re paying someone tens, nay, hundreds of thousands of dollars, you don’t expect them to behave arrogantly. But the clients of Jeffrey Fratarcengeli are facing this problem. He treats people like trash and is too self-obsessed. I have heard him talk to my parents. They feel uncomfortable while talking with him.

If your parents or your friend or relatives are looking for a financial advisor, please tell them to avoid this man. His terrible attitude would ruin their lives. You wouldn’t want to recommend a terrible service provider to your loved ones. 

A big reason why I chose to write this review is because of the misleading PR this man has done. When I looked him up, I found multiple articles praising him. Nowhere would you read about his clients’ painful experiences. Possibly, it’s because most of his clients don’t like to share these details on third-party platforms. They probably think that Jeffrey would listen to them and improve automatically. My parents have tried to express their dissatisfaction with his horrible behaviour, but they haven’t seen any changes. It’s obvious to everyone that Jeffrey is too arrogant to change. He would drive his business to ruin but he wouldn’t improve. I’m agitated because I don’t like to see my parents feel disrespected. And that’s exactly how he treats them. He disrespects them in meetings!

Jeffrey doesn’t listen to my parents in meetings. He would talk about his plans for their investments but would never care to hear their aspirations and plans. No matter how hard they try, they never get through the guy. They have accepted that Jeffrey isn’t going to change. I even sent an email to Jeffrey and his staff before I wrote this review. But they never replied to my email. Such is their arrogance that they don’t even respond to client feedback. 

Who is Jeffrey Fratarcengeli?

Jeffrey Fratarcengeli is a Forbes’ top ranking financial advisor. He is an arrogant guy who doesn’t respect his clients. Jeffrey is the founder of Fratarcangeli Wealth Management and is its Managing Principal. He servers high-net-worth individuals, families, businesses, entrepreneurs, athletes, and similar others. On paper, Jeffrey would seem like the best choice for managing your finances. But in reality, he is a rude guy who is in business solely because of PR. 

I didn’t want to share my review on a third-party platform. But I had no choice. I sent them an email detailing my concerns with how Jeffrey talks to my parents but didn’t get a response. So, it’s clear that their customer support is nonexistent and there is no way to get through the guy. Like I said earlier, my parents tried to tell him about their dissatisfaction with his services, but he doesn’t listen. 

I suspect that many of his clients have tried to complain before but his staff doesn’t share this feedback with him. They are probably scared for their jobs. Nonetheless, no one should work with this guy. Jeffrey is an arrogant, rude, and self-obsessed fraudster. 

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