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Digital Marketing Scam 

NP Digital San Diego is a digital marketing firm based in San Diego, California. Its owner is Neil Patel. And it has numerous complaints from its employees. NP Digital has a horrible reputation online too.

If you were thinking of working with NP Digital (San Diego or Bangalore), this review is for you. It would help you understand why you should avoid this shady service provider. Hereís a quick summary:

NP Digitalís owner is notorious as a scammer, it mistreats its employees, and it uses unethical tactics to promote its clients according to the reviews. You should avoid doing business with this company.


Digital Marketing Scam 

NP Digital San Diego is a digital marketing firm based in San Diego, California. Its owner is Neil Patel. And it has numerous complaints from its employees. NP Digital has a horrible reputation online too.

If you were thinking of working with NP Digital (San Diego or Bangalore), this review is for you. It would help you understand why you should avoid this shady service provider. Hereís a quick summary:

NP Digitalís owner is notorious as a scammer, it mistreats its employees, and it uses unethical tactics to promote its clients according to the reviews. You should avoid doing business with this company.

What is NP Digital San Diego (Neil Patel Digital)?

NP Digital San Diego is a digital marketing agency from Neil Patel. Even though this agency entered the industry only a few years ago in 2016, its owner has been a reputed marketing guru for a long time. 

So, this marketing agency has been quite successful in attracting clients.

Neil Patel is a renowned figure in the digital marketing sector. His brand image helped NP Digital San Diego become a popular agency. This company offers many digital marketing services, including:

  • Content Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • SEO 
  • Social Media Marketing

And many more. 

However, thereís a difference between being popular and being good. NP Digital San Diego leverages Neilís brand to fool people into thinking itís a great agency. I found several reviews from their past employees which stated how terribly NP Digitalís leadership treats them. Moreover, I found an eye-opening review from a past client of NP Digital. 

Employee and client reviews indicate NP Digital San Diego is an unreliable and shady service provider. I donít recommend doing business with them.

Neil Patel – A Brief Introduction

It would be foolish not to talk about Neil Patel when reviewing NP Digital. Neil Patel is widely known in the online marketing industry because of his numerous ventures, including Kissmetrics, QuickSprout, CrazyEgg, UberSuggest, and

If youíve been in the digital marketing industry for a few years, you mustíve heard of at least one of these companies. Neil Patelís strong brand image has helped NP Digital in growing too. 

Many of Neilís ventures have been centers of controversy because of their poor products or customer support. Many believe Neil Patel is a scammer and a lot of the people saying this are his past customers. 

It would be unwise to say Neil is a very ethical and moral professional. Hereís an ad Neil had launched for one of his companies:

As you can see, the ad makes it seem like the lady had no career prospects other than ďtaking off her clothes for moneyĒ if Neil hadnít taught her. Not only is this ad misogynistic, but also highly unethical for any digital marketer. 

NP Digitalís Owner is a Scammer

Itís important that you know about the history of NP Digitalís owner before you pay him. As I pointed out before, Neil has launched many ventures in the past. I found a detailed Neil Patel review exposing this marketer.

The review has exposed many of his lies. For example, Neil claims to be a marketing expert but he has been proven wrong many times. He told people that SSL certificates arenít helpful with site security. However, another expert pointed out that Google Chrome warns users if a website doesnít have an SSL certificate. 

The article also explained how Neil Patel ran a scam through QuickSprout by selling a useless course to people. Many SEOs claim that Neil is only good at promoting his products and services. 

People on Quora, a popular Q&A platform, have complained about Neil Patel too. In an answer to the question, ďIs Neil Patel a Scam?Ē an anonymous user shared how Neil promoted a fake tool to deceive people. Hereís the screenshot of that answer:

Neil Patel has a long history of running scams and deceiving users online. He has a horrible reputation of being a fraudster.

Othersí Neil Patel Digital Reviews Reviews:

People have complained about Neil Patelís services and products too many times online. Youíd find numerous 1-star reviews about Neil Patelís services on nearly every review platform. It didnít take me long to find Neil Patel reviews on his different projects such as Ubersuggest and Kissmetrics. 

Surprisingly, there werenít any reviews on NP Digital San Diego except one. I find that very confusing because Neil Patel stresses a lot on the importance of reviews for a business. So for his company to lack online reviews seemed confusing to me. 

Either his agency isnít attracting enough clients or Neil Patel is a hypocrite. I did find one NP Digital San Diego review, which I have discussed below. 

However, I have found several employee reviews of NP Digital San Diego which should help you decide whether NP Digital San Diegois worth your money or not. Because how a company treats its employees can tell you a lot about its leadership and ethics. 

Employee Reviews:

First Review

The reviewer currently works at the Indian branch of Neil Patel Digital and praised the colleagues working there. However this person has pointed out many negatives of this place. 

The complaint says that the management doesnít listen to the employees. Instead, it only listens to the seniors.

It also mentions that the leadership of NP Digital doesnít care about the work environment and refuses to give employee benefits. 

Employees donít receive any training from the company and the CEO doesnít take part in any activities. Depriving your employees of any benefits is a greedy act. 

In the ĎAdvice to Managementí section of their Glassdoor review, the person suggested NP Digital San Diego to treat its employees with respect.

They said the management should not ďthrow them away like tissue paperĒ. 

Working in such a toxic environment would be a nightmare for any professional. This complaint shows a lot about how Neil Patel views his employees. 

Second Review

<NP Digital review 2>

According to this review, people at NP Digital lack clarity and are inefficient. The review also states that the different teams in NP Digital San Diego don’t collaborate properly. Moreover, the reviewer “Doesn’t Recommend” this employer to anyone. So you can understand how painful their experience would have been.

Third Review

The above reviewer is a former employee of NP Digital San DiegoSan Diego. This person has shared a detailed account of Neil Patelís poor handling of his agency. The person has claimed that NP Digital San Diegohas many fantastic people but they all work at the lowest positions getting the lowest pay. 

The person has pointed out that NP Digital San Diego offers terrible wages to its new employees. The company makes it seem like itís doing a favor to its new-hires. Like the other complaints, this person has complained about the upper management not listening to its employees. According to this review, the work environment at Neil Patel Digital is very fearsome. People arrive at the office wondering who will lose their job that day. On top of that, the leadership fires people randomly and out of the blue. The reviewer says that working here is a nightmare. 

Thatís not all. The person has also claimed that the job descriptions at NP Digital San Diegoare false and donít match the reality anywhere. The employees get ten times the work they had signed up for. NP Digital pays around 2/3rd of the industry average to its employees, so the situation becomes very painful for them. 

The review claims that NP Digital gives vague and made-up job titles to its employees. So looking for a similar role at a different company becomes quite challenging for the current employees. An important thing this review mentioned is that Neil Patel Digital teaches its new hires to give them good GlassDoor ratings. In my opinion, if Neil Patel was treating his employees fairly, he wouldnít have needed to force them into giving him 5-star reviews. 

Itís unethical for any business to force its employees to give it a good rating. 

Apart from these three, there were many other complaints available.

There were several positive NP Digital reviews on Glassdoor too but they didnít share many details. Moreover, the number of negative employee reviews on NP Digital San Diego is substantially high for any agency.

These reviews indicate that NP Digital treats its employees horribly. Associating with such a company can be detrimental to your brand image too.

Client Review of NP Digital San Diego

Finding a client review of Neil Patel Digital was challenging. But I succeeded in finding a detailed Neil Patel review with many pointers. The person had hired Neil Patel Digital to promote his business and their experience was terrible. 

Like me, this reviewer had done some research on Neil Patel and uncovered a lot of dirt on that person. But like I said, this review is about the Neil Patel Digital agency and not the guy himself.

Anyway, the reviewer states that Neil Patel scammed them and provided them with the worst services. This person used to run an Ecommerce store and wanted to boost its growth.

So they hired Neil Patel for their business. According to the reviewer, they had no reason to doubt Neilís credentials at that time because Neil was a reputed marketer already. 

This is the chief reason why Iíve written this NP Digital review. I know many people can get fooled because of Neilís marketing. They wouldnít think twice before contacting this marketing agency. This person made this mistake and paid a horrible price for it. 

The reviewer gave an advance to NP Digital San Diegobecause they demanded one. According to the review, Neilís team created a strategy for him, performed an SEO audit and made a few changes to their website. Within two months, their website was ranking 1st for their targeted keyword. 

However, after terminating their contract with Neil Patel Digital, they discovered that Neilís team had used very shady tactics to boost their rankings. As a result, their website got penalized by Google and lost all the progress. Itís probably why NP Digital San Diegodidnít pursue a long-term contract with this person. 

You can imagine the horrors this person must have gone through after paying $XXXXXX to Neil Patel Digital only to get penalized by Google. This is the kind of service Neil offers to his clients. 

Neil Patel Digital uses black-hat marketing tactics to promote its clients. As a result, clientsí websites get penalized from Google and lose their progress once Neilís team is done working.

Why You Should Avoid NP Digital San Diego

There are many branches of NP Digital. Apart from San Diego, NP Digital has an office in Bangalore, India. However, the employee reviews I discussed in this article were all about NP Digital San Diego.

Thatís why I have focused my writing on that specific branch of NP Digital. 

You should avoid working with NP Digital San Diego because of these reasons:

Shady Ownership

As I have mentioned earlier, the owner of NP Digital is a suspected scammer with a horrible reputation online. People have lost thousands of dollars because of his deceitful products and services. 

Partnering with him can be highly risky for your businessís well-being. 

Mistreatment of Employees

How a company treats its employees says a lot about its ethics. According to the various employee reviews of NP Digital, they are obviously one of the worst employers in San Diego. Their employees work in a fearful environment while receiving negligible pay for their work. You should keep this in mind while thinking of hiring NP Digital. 

Poor Services

The only client review I found on NP Digital San Diego was a negative one. And according to that review, Neil Patel uses shady tactics to increase the rankings of his clients. These tactics are unethical and can cause your business to get penalized by Google. You wouldnít want to lose your investments by hiring a black-hat marketer would you? 

NP Digital San Diego Review: Conclusion

I hope you found this NP Digital review helpful. People like Neil Patel get away with scamming others everyday. 

Thatís why I wanted to share this article here. 

More people should be aware of the shenanigans Neil Patel pulls off. If you know someone who might find this article useful, please share it with them. 

If youíve had a negative experience with Neil Patel or NP Digital San Diego, you can share it below. Thanks for reading. 

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