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How Tim Sanders Is Ruining Lives With His Fraudulent Course

Private Label Masters by Tim Sanders is an Amazon Seller course that is supposed to change your life for the better, but is it really as good as it sounds in the advertisements, or is it just a scam like Nine University?

In this review, I’ll elaborate on the Private Label Masters scam by Tim Sanders and why you should avoid it. So let’s not waste any more time and expose this charlatan.

Please skip to the conclusion if you’re in a hurry, otherwise, read the full post.

How Tim Sanders Is Ruining Lives With His Fraudulent Course

Private Label Masters by Tim Sanders is an Amazon Seller course that is supposed to change your life for the better, but is it really as good as it sounds in the advertisements, or is it just a scam like Nine University?

In this review, I’ll elaborate on the Private Label Masters scam by Tim Sanders and why you should avoid it. So let’s not waste any more time and expose this charlatan.

Please skip to the conclusion if you’re in a hurry, otherwise, read the full post.

Private Label Masters Claims

Discover How To Use “Compound Layering” 

To Start & Scale a 6 Figure Amazon Business

In Under 6 Months & with Zero Prior Experience.

The course is priced at $5,000.

This course is supposed to change your life around. It claims to teach you how to start and build a six-figure Amazon business that too in under six months without any prior experience!

Is this deal too good to be true or is it a once in a lifetime opportunity?

Let’s explore to learn more:

Private Label Masters Reality

Amazon sellers have claimed in threads that it takes several months before they even become profitable, let alone make real six figures. In order to make six figures as an Amazon Seller, you will have to invest in six figures (unless your product is revolutionary in which case you won’t be needing Tim’s course or this review for that matter, anyways).

They claim that you will be making a six-figure income in six months is absolute BS and lacks any logic behind it. 

The 20-minute video is just to make sure that Tim gets the potential customer invested enough to monetize him. If a person is watching a 20-minute video of Tim where he tries to prove how the viewer too can make “tons of money”, then psychological research shows that he/she/they will have a very high chance of placing an order.

Tl;dr: Private Label Masters is a scam.

Photo-forensics Report Of Tim Sanders’ Income Claims

One of the biggest ways how FBA course sellers convince people to buy their overpriced courses is by showing them “proof” of how much money they make. Most of the time they do it by showing a screenshot of their amazon seller page. Here’s the forensic analysis of the income proof image shown on privatelabelmasters dot com website right now:

The filename shows that the photo was indeed taken from an iPhone on 29th September 2020, so the income proof is possibly legit. However, Tim might probably have bought this image from an online source or took it from a friend. 

Other data shows that the photo is a screenshot taken from an iPhone X. 

Can this screenshot be fake?

Quite possibly. He might’ve hired someone from Fiverr or easily edited the screenshot in Photoshop. It is really easy to do photo manipulation and when you want $5,000 from random strangers online, then you’ll put in a lot of effort into “marketing”.

How the forensics is done

I know a lot of people are going to ask, “How is the forensics done?” and I really wish I could say something like, “I have a special lab where I deeply analyze the digital traces”, but I’m going, to be honest with you guys. There is a website called, which provides some deep data about the image you upload there for testing. I highly recommend this website for checking the meta-data and origin of an image. I’ve used it for checking the income proof image of Tim Sanders.

In conclusion, this data is possibly real. But that’s not all.

Who is Tim Sanders?

A charlatan? A rapist? A dentist? We don’t know! He has no proof of his existence online. He only has a suspicious YouTube account where he started posting around 2 years ago. The Like-Dislike ratio has been hidden in the video which is often the case with scammers who post spammy content and share it on shady websites (clickbait etc.) 

Other than the YouTube channel, he has a private FB group. One “expert” review claimed that this is group is only for the Private Label Masters customers, however, there’s literally a link to this group in his videos’ descriptions and there are no hardline criteria for joining the group. 

There is no history of him online. This is most commonly seen in online scammers. Take Wesley Virgin for an example. He has no history and makes up a lot of things about his past, kind of like politicians.

Why does Tim Sanders hide his past? Why can’t he be honest with people he is asking $5k from? Is he hiding something? Is he an ex-convict? Or is he a con-artist?

Let’s answer some of these questions shall we,

Why does Tim Sanders hide his past?

He does not want people to find out what exactly he does and how much money he is making. The more he shares about himself, the easier it will be for people to verify his statements. Evan Luthra lies about his past a lot, and he has been exposed by Coffeezilla. People are going to say “he needs his privacy”. And yes, he definitely needs his privacy, but having literally no proof of your mere existence while claiming to earn an 8 figure income and living the “good life”, you NEED to show proof. For all we know, he is just Photoshopping his screenshots and making a fool out of people.

Why can’t he be honest with his customers?

He doesn’t want to, he wants to get away with a scam and doesn’t want people to track him down. 

Is he an ex-convict?

We don’t know. If you have information about Tim Sanders’ criminal background, then please share it in the comments.

Is he a con-artist?

He is selling a $5k product with a questionable refund policy while having no information about him. He has posted fake reviews of his course to mislead the people he is advertising his product to. I guess you know the answer by now.

Private Label Masters Fake Reviews

Amazon FBA scammers are infamous for posting fake reviews to convince their potential customers to buy their courses. Nine University has done it, and their strategy inspired dozens of other course selling scammers to do the same. One of such scammers is Tim Sanders. He has bought reviews from several websites and posted fake ones on Trustpilot. 

Why post so many fake reviews? To hog up the 1st page of Google for keywords like “Private Label Masters review” or “Is Tim Sanders legit”. They don’t want people to know the reality about their course, so they flood the Google results with cookie-cutter reviews which give them a 5-star rating. 

One of the biggest reasons why I chose GripeO to post my analysis is their reputation of not taking down reviews just because the company doesn’t like them. Anyway, here is the report on the fake Private Label Masters reviews online.

Affiliate Reviews (Ippie, thedailysem, Drew-Reviews, etc.)

Okay, so all of these names are really big in the industry and I don’t mean to make them a foe, all of these blogs are just affiliate marketers who sometimes use shady methods to earn money. However, some of their reviews are absolute garbage as they are getting paid to write them, all the while they act as if they really liked the product. They don’t mention that they are affiliated with the company or person they are writing about anywhere in their post. 

There are two types of such blogs/websites 1) Which promote the sponsored course 2) Which promote their own course while promoting the sponsored course.

Both of these write good reviews on their hidden sponsors. Below are the screenshots of the fake reviews:

Phony Reviews On Trustpilot 

If you take a stroll through the Private Label Masters reviews on Trustpilot, we see a ton of 5 starred reviews. Some of these reviews even claim that Tim Sanders’ course changed their life. Now before I even start to talk about the bizarreness of these reviews, let’s take a look at why Tim would want these hundreds of fake reviews on this page. This will help you understand why he and his team are putting so much effort into posting all these phony reviews and how they are lying to people online.

This particular page of reviews ranks in the top 5 for “Private Label Masters” and people who are looking for reviews often want to find out if the product or service is legit or not. Scammers like Tim are smart enough to realize that their courses are horrible and they can’t expect to get good reviews organically from real customers, so they start abusing platforms like BBB, Trustpilot & GripeO to basically post fake reviews which can convince their “potential customers” to buy their courses. This is essentially a fraud and should be treated as such, but these platforms are often way too busy with basic management that these scammers get overlooked.

Now that I’ve explained why Sanders is abusing Trustpilot, let me show you some of the “totally-not-fake” reviews Private Label Masters has on the platform:

I’m not going to expand on each and every one of these reviews as it would take a million hours, but I can help you identify fake Trustpilot reviews. 

90% of “real” Trustpilot user profiles, post more than 1 review from their profile. There’s a reason why Trustpilot shows the number of reviews submitted by a user just below their name in a review listing, that number matters. There’s a reason why most organic users post more than 1-2 reviews on their Trustpilot account. People who post here like providing their opinions about the products or services of other businesses, whether it’s amazing or amazingly bad. They do it to help future customers know what exactly should they expect from the product or service. Post honest reviews is quite a wholesome and helpful activity, however, scammers like Tim abuse these platforms and highjack their own business listings. These fake reviewers often make temporary profiles, sometimes grab a random photo off Facebook/Instagram, and then post a fake 5-star review on their business listing.

Here’s a secret note for the real readers, in my experience of exposing these scammers post a ton of fake 5-star reviews on these threads to mislead customers, so if you’re posting a real review, then please use the word Alright anywhere in your comment. By doing this real readers can see whether it’s a shady PR firm member posting fake reviews, or a real customer posting a real review. Although I haven’t done this, I feel confident that this will help filter some of the shady reviews from the real ones.

Few Honest Private Label Masters Reviews & Complaints

I’ve screenshotted these reviews because it’s quite possible that they’ll disappear from the internet soon, as most often scam businesses delete such Trustpilot & Facebook reviews.

Private Label Masters Review 2020 Verdict

Horrible. That’s how I’ll describe this overpriced Amazon FBA course. With questionable marketing methods and lack of evidence, Tim Sanders is only out to scam hard-working entrepreneurs. You should avoid this course, there are much better and cheaper options in the marketplace that give realistic results. I won’t give a recommendation as this is an unbiased review unlike other Private Label Masters reviews you’ll find on the internet. 

What are your thoughts on Private Label Masters by Tim Sanders? If you’ve been through it, then please share your thoughts, is it worth the price, would you recommend it, your comments will be very helpful.

If you’ve already bought Tim Sanders’ course, then please request a refund ASAP, it is not worth it. Even though the refund policy put together by Tim’s legal is tricky, you deserve to get your money back. For a product as useless as Private Label Masters, you shouldn’t pay the hefty price Tim asks for.

This review (Private Label Masters) was originally published at Gripeo. To read the full review, go to –


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