Sorors Only Review

There was a company advertisement on Facebook named Sorors Only. Selling paraphernalia for the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. founders day. She emailed from an email address: [email protected] on Facebook add. She was selling leggings and hoodies. She stated that they would be sold and handname only. I paid for the leggings and hoodie. The leggings were received in December, the hoodie has never been received. The last email that I received from the girl named Skylar of was in Feb. my order was placed on December 5, 2018. Iím furious that someone would do this and wanting to be recognized as a legitimate business for a black sororityísimportant founders day. Iím not going to be satisfied until I find out where my monies are! Please please help me get my monies back. Iím willing to give out all that I know about the business. I have emails and a history of communication from this [email protected] She advertised on Facebook and now I canít find the FB add but Iím still looking. Anything that I can help in this effort please let me know!


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