Stephanie Wyre (Smart) Stroud, Oklahoma Oklahoma

It all began Christmas Day, 2012. It was the perfect Christmas morning. Little did I know the day, or weeks, or even months that lay ahead. We were all opening presents as a family- my husband, son, mother and father-in-law, and myself. I stayed up all night wrapping presents with my mother-in-law, to whom I am very close, making sure everything was just perfect! I even dug out my husbands Christmas stocking from his childhood that his late great grandmother had knitted for him before he was born. He hadn’t seen it in years and it was one of my surprises, for him to see it hanging from the mantle Christmas morning filled with all his favorite candies. I’m a very sentimental person.While opening presents with our son and my husbands parents, (we were doing Christmas at their house this year) I noticed my husband was entirely disconnected with the festivities and texting on his phone. I kept asking him who he was texting and he’d reply with names of our friends and s

It all began Christmas Day, 2012. It was the perfect Christmas morning. Little did I know the day, or weeks, or even months that lay ahead. We were all opening presents as a family- my husband, son, mother and father-in-law, and myself. I stayed up all night wrapping presents with my mother-in-law, to whom I am very close, making sure everything was just perfect! I even dug out my husbands Christmas stocking from his childhood that his late great grandmother had knitted for him before he was born. He hadn’t seen it in years and it was one of my surprises, for him to see it hanging from the mantle Christmas morning filled with all his favorite candies. I’m a very sentimental person.While opening presents with our son and my husbands parents, (we were doing Christmas at their house this year) I noticed my husband was entirely disconnected with the festivities and texting on his phone. I kept asking him who he was texting and he’d reply with names of our friends and some of his coworkers, telling me he’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. At that moment, his response sufficed my inquiry. But it continued. It continued throughout the rest of the day until I finally asked him if I could use his phone to text my parents and family Merry Christmas from all of us since mine was upstairs on the charger. He wouldn’t give me his phone for anything! THAT’S when I knew something was up.Knowing there was good reason he wouldn’t let me use, or even touch his phone for that matter, I knew he was up to something, hiding something. Or rather, someone. I was crushed. I knew. I didn’t know, but I knew. I had that horrible, bottom of your gut, heart in your throat, feeling. I knew whoever he was texting wasn’t our friends or his coworkers, it was a woman-and I’m using that word loosely.The day went on into the evening. I was so upset and hurt that I couldn’t even eat the beautiful Christmas dinner my in-laws spent days preparing. I tried so hard to keep my composure, for them, for our son, for the very sake of Christmas. I remember feeling so guilty for picking at my plate of this beautiful dinner so thoughtfully and lovingly prepared for the occasion. But I knew any bite I took I wouldn’t be able to keep down. My stomach, and my heart, were in knots. I was literally physically sick. I still at this point didn’t know what exactly was going on, but I knew, like every woman knows, that it was my worst nightmare.After dinner I asked to speak with him in private. I demanded his phone. Told him if he didn’t tell me what was going on, then we were going home, right now, and he can explain why to his parents. So finally, he gave it to me. EVERYTHING was deleted. He’d been on his phone all day and not a message remained that was during this time period in question. I kept the phone. Refused to give it back until he started answering some questions.I didn’t have his phone for 30 seconds when a text received. He immediately yanked it out of my hand but not before I read a the message from a number, just a phone number, there was no name or contact information. I only got a brief glimpse of the text but it said something to the effect of”we could lay a towel down”. Hmmm… Of what do you think THAT pertains?! I was IRATE! I asked him who the hell is this and what is she talking about? He said she was a friend from college and her name was Lori Johnson. When I asked him what the hell Lori was talking about when saying they could lay a towel down, he said she got towels for Christmas. I knew this story was bullshit. But he wouldn’t give me his phone back. He also deleted the text message immediately after forcefully taking his phone out of my hands.We drove home. I was quiet the entire way, choking back tears, but I didn’t want to let my son know I was upset and especially for him know why. After all, it was Christmas Day. We unloaded all the presents and settled back in our place. I got my son ready for bed and myself as well. I went to bed and bawled. He came in our bedroom and held me and told me he was so sorry and that Lori was nothing to him and never has been. She was just a friend from college and it was innocent conversation of them catching up from not talking or seeing each other over the years. I knew it was bullshit. If it was such innocent conversation he wouldn’t have been so hell bent on preventing me from seeing any and all of the texts. After hours of crying I finally fell asleep. I was so crushed, because of all days, this was Christmas.The following day I spoke to him about the events of previous day. He promised me he wouldn’t speak to her again and reassured me it was all just innocent conversation of catching up. I didn’t believe him, but at this point I could prove nothing and had no way of finding out the truth since everything had been deleted. So I started investigating.There was no Lori Johnson on his Facebook. That seemed strange to me since they seemed to have had so much to catch up on, on Christmas, a day he should be spending with his WIFE and SON. This is one of my biggest issues with Stephanie. This was CHRISTMAS! She knew he was married and had a family. Of all days! Christmas! At least have enough class and decency as”The Other Woman” to cease contact on a such a special and sacred day. A day meant to spend with your family. His family. That doesn’t include her, a homewrecking whore.The New Year rang in and I hadn’t gotten any further in my investigation. This”Lori Johnson” was nowhere to be found online or anywhere. I even looked through friend lists of his friends from college. No Lori Johnson anywhere. I was starting to realize this was a bullshit name, fabricated out of nowhere. Then one day in early January I heard his phone go off while he was in the shower. There was that number! A number with no name or contact info. First thing I did was get the number! Then I replied to her text as following.”Sorry, I lost all my contacts. Who is this?” She replied”Stephanie”. So I finally had a first name! I proceeded to the bathroom while he was still showering and said”Lori Johnson huh? Stephanie text you. Wants to know when you’re coming in”. I was furious! He lied about her identity, and I now learned she was coworker, not an old friend from college.I locked myself in our bedroom and called her, from his phone. It went straight to voicemail. Called her a couple more times, voicemail. I then text her. Asked her what the hell she was doing texting my husband. She replied to the effects of”oh we’re just friends I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for any misunderstanding”. I told her to cease contact with him-immediately-and she told me she would.My husband left for work shortly thereafter. Finally, I at least had a first name. So I combed Facebook for a Stephanie. Nothing. Not even one Stephanie on his friends list. I needed a last name. Luckily, I had her phone number. So I paid whatever measly price online to do a reverse phone check. There she was! Stephanie Wyre. When my husband returned home I asked him what the hell was going on. He assured me over and over she was no one, just a friend. That she was nasty, pasty white, gross, that she wasn’t even attractive and he’d never get involved with her. He described her with such disdain and disgust that I halfway believed him. That they were just friends. But after he lied so much about her identity and deleted all the texts, the logical part of my brain knew there was more to this murky story.I again, got in his phone. The texts that I sent her were all deleted. This tells me the first thing he did when he left the door was text her. Because the entire conversation was gone. He was good about covering all his tracks. But in his call log, there she was! A 10 minute phone call with her. When I asked him about it, pissed of course, he said he called her to explain that their friendship was inappropriate and should’ve never began. I knew. I knew I had already been lied to so much that not a damn thing out of his mouth was credible at this point. But wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt of believing it was over, I left it alone and never contacted her again. I think a part of me, the biggest part of me, couldn’t handle knowing the truth or being lied to anymore about the matter. The weeks prior had already been too painful.Fast forward 10 months. It’s October, 2013. My husband had been acting strange. He’d get home from work and be outside in his vehicle for 5 to 10 minutes before coming inside. When he would come inside, he wouldn’t greet me with a kiss. Now throughout these months from January-October I would bring Stephanie up to him from time to time. Ask him if he ever saw her at work. He would always reply”hardly ever, haven’t seen her in months and when I do it’s only in passing”. I asked him to reassure me that there is nothing nor ever was anything going on between them and he’d reply with the same disgust and disdain that he did when he reassured me in January. That she was no one to him. That she was nasty, gross, ugly, that it was gross that I’d even think he’d ever touch her. I believe him because well, I agreed!One Sunday morning in October 2013, I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was up to something. Because of how he’d recently been acting. So I got in his phone. There were no texts, no calls, nothing leading to any clues he’d been doing anything I was suspecting. I opened up his photos. There was a screen shot! Clearly taken by accident, probably when he was busy at work. The screenshot was two text messages from her and two text messages from me. The text messages from her read as following”I talked to both of them today and neither of them said anything about it. So obviously they aren’t too concerned about it because they know I’m brutally honest”. Yeah, you’re so brutally honest that you’re having an affair with a married man after you LIED to his wife 10 months ago about being just friends and also telling her you’d cease any further contact with him. Honesty blue ribbon for you, for sure! The other text from her read as”You may not hear anything. Just thought I’d tell you. They can’t say anything about it anyways. I wouldn’t stress over it.” I was IRATE. Here this tramp was again! This also explained why he was spending time in his vehicle after returning home from work, he was clearing his phone of all evidence.Now, it doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines of what these texts are about. Stephanie and my husband were concerned their employer was on to them and their affair. They were covering each other’s asses.I’d like to backtrack for a minute. Over the course of the months leading up to this I had done some further investigating of Stephanie. Here in Oklahoma you can access court records online, for free. I learned that she’d been married and divorced twice. She’s roughly 30. Who her marriages were to and by looking up her ex husbands and their prior marriages and divorces, that Stephanie’s oldest child was conceived and possibly even born when her ex husband was married to another woman. So I already knew that her taste in men consisted of one thing. MARRIED! I also found where she had filed 2 different protective orders on 2 different women. I can only guess why she’d need protective orders, can you?So back to the Sunday morning in October 2013 when I found the screenshot in my husbands phone that had the two text messages previously mentioned. I woke him up, asked him what the hell was going on between him and Stephanie. Showed him the screenshot, he wouldn’t talk. So I called her, from his phone. Asked her what the hell was going on between her and my husband. She told me, with an attitude mind you,”you need to talk to your husband”. I told her my husband is denying having anything to do with you however I have a screenshot that depicts otherwise and she again repeated with attitude,”you need to talk to your husband”. Like he was about to just put me in my place! Tell me that it was over between us and that him and her were gonna’ ride off together in the sunset. But my husband wasn’t talking. He did however yank his phone out of my hand. Luckily I had already text the screen shot that led to the discovery to my phone for further reference. He denied everything. Denied her. Denied having anything to do with her. He must be really proud of her, huh?My husband wasn’t talking. Wasn’t admitting to anything. I was crazy. I was the bitch. So I text Stephanie from my phone. Sent her the screenshot that I found in his phone. Asked her if their employer would be as interested as I was with what was going on between her and my husband. That’s when she admitted, after much interrogation, that they had in fact, had sex. But she wouldn’t give me any details about time frame, when everything started, all she’d give me was that yes, they’d had sex. When I asked her what the hell compelled her to have sex with MY husband, have an affair with MY husband, she’d redundantly reply with”he told me y’all were splitting”. As if that justifies anything. Just for the record, my husband and I have never split, never separated, never filed for divorce, ever! We live in a small town, she lives in a small town 8 miles away. In the era of social media, having a handful of mutual friends, I even found out my relatives are her landlords, it doesn’t take much asking around to find out if someone is splitting up or getting a divorce. And considering this tramp has been married and divorced not once but twice, this wasn’t her first rodeo. In fact, she’s quite the seasoned homewrecker.Over the course of our conversation via text, I sent her screen shots of conversations I had with my husband. All dated and timed. Dates and times that directly coincided with their affair. Conversations of him telling me how much he loved me, how beautiful I was, how thankful he is for all that I do for him. She had the audacity to tell me that if he’s messing around on me I’m obviously not taking care of things at home! Ohhhhhh! See, this is where homewrecking whores are so sadly mistaken. Men don’t stray because of their wives, men stray because of themselves. It’s about their own insecurities, their own self-doubt. But in the mind of a homewrecker, men stray because of them, the homewrecker. It’s a feather in their hat. That a man would rather have her, a homewrecker, than his beautiful wife and family. To throw away his entire life to be with her. Delusional, aren’t they? She also told me, after I referred to her in a few choice words, that she doesn’t do this drama. Hmmm, she doesn’t do drama but she does do married men! No, what she doesn’t do its consequences. That’s why I’m featuring her here, on this site!When I went to my husband about this new information she’d given me he said that she was lying to me because she was trying to split us up so she could be with him. I was fed up. Fed up with the continuous lies over the course of months! I couldn’t trust anything either of them were telling me, I had been lied to so much from the both of them. So I resorted to alternative measures. I contacted her mother.The days leading up to contacting her mother, I also contacted a few friends that I knew from Stroud, where Stephanie was raised and still resides. When they asked me why I was inquiring about her, I told them the truth. None of them, not a single one of them, were shocked or surprised. The responses from people who had known Stephanie years, some even her entire life, responded to me very matter-of-factly”yep! That’d be her!” It became more and more apparent to me that this was well known and notorious behavior of hers.I first contacted her mother via Facebook. But was worried since I wasn’t a friend of hers on Facebook that it would go into her other folder and never be seen. So I found her email address online and sent the same message, along with the screenshot I had discovered in my husbands phone and screen shots of the conversation I had with Stephanie confirming their affair. She ended up getting both emails and responded back to me first thing in the morning. She was very compassionate, apologetic, sympathetic, and very understanding. Finally, I had a source for learning the truth.During conversing with Stephanie’s mother I learned that she knew of my husband but not that he was married. She informed me that her husband, Stephanie’s father, had seen his vehicle parked in her backyard and had questioned her about him. When her father asked if he was her boyfriend, she replied with”maybe”. How cute. Her parents concern was her parading men in and out of their grand daughters lives. When her mother first emailed me back she wrote”I am so sorry. I wish I could say this was the first, or even second time she has done this”. Just as I had been told by other locals, this was a repeated behavior! Her mother also said they’ve tried everything from church to counseling trying to get her to change her ways. Her mother told me in one email”I just as you, do not understand her obsession with married men.” She also told me very sternly in a phone call”she WILL NOT leave your husband alone!”Over the course of days I learned a lot about Stephanie. More than I wanted to know. I learned of dates that my husband was there, times of day, etc. Other details from her mother such as she never uses condoms (thankfully my husband was smart enough on that one!) and as of October 2013, they were still doing DNA testing to determine the paternity of her youngest child (my husband wasn’t even aware of this one, she had lied and told him both children were by the same father, her ex husband). This information sent me into a hysteria, and then to my doctors office. I got tested for EVERYTHING. Blood work and all. Those were the longest 10 days of my life. Thankfully, my husband did choose to have protected sex with this tramp and all testing came back negative. Talk about dodging a bullet.Here’s my biggest beef with Stephanie. I asked her in January to get out of my marriage. She knew my husband was married, she knew to whom, she even told me that she left her husband (one of them) because he cheated on her as if I’m supposed to sympathize with her and relate. She knew we were living together as husband and wife and were a family. Regardless of what he told her, she knew all these facts. Even if she didn’t, they would’ve been easily obtained just as the information I obtained of her by simply asking around in our small community, or just a few clicks online! Marriages aren’t perfect and at times rocky, but that gives NO ONE the right to get involved with a married man or woman. She knew my husband and I weren’t splitting or getting a divorce, she just thought in her sick, deranged mind that she’d be the woman who could make him leave his wife and son. To which she was wrong.After the affair surfaced and I finally got to the bottom of things, thanks to her mother, Stephanie flipped. Threatened my husband, blackmailed him, threatened to tell his boss and cost him his job, file sexual harassment charges, any and every vindictive thing possible to cost him his career. She was furious she wasn’t able to sleep her way to the top on the coat tails of my husband, and even more furious he didn’t leave his wife for her.Since October, I learned through other employees of their employer that she had set her sights on another man, also married-imagine that! Luckily his wife also works for the same company. This wife, being smarter and more aggressive than myself, went to Stephanie’s house and demanded she stop texting her husband because she knows what happened between Stephanie and my husband. Maybe that’s the silver lining of this. What she did to my marriage served as a dire warning to other women in the community.That’s why I’m writing this article for this website. Not so much for revenge, but as a warning to future victims of Stephanie. The first thing I did when learning her identity was google her name. If only one of the victims before me had done this, posted their story, maybe the affair wouldn’t have progressed as far as it did. My home is not the first one she’s wrecked, nor is it the last she’s attempted to wreck as of current, and considering her past I’m confident there will unfortunately be more. I just hope the next wife can google her name and compare this story to that of hers-before it’s too late.I don’t solely blame Stephanie. But i do blame her for a good 90%, and I’ll tell you why. I asked her in January to get out of my marriage and leave my husband alone to which she elected not. I never contacted her again until October when uncovering the aforementioned. I will be the very first to say that I’m not perfect, just as many other wives have stated in their stories. Neither is my husband. Our marriage wasn’t perfect. Neither of us are perfect people. But there’s one thing that we both are, married. And it’s no ones damn business besides ours what’s inside the walls of our marriage. It’s no ones place to intrude or invade those walls. This site isn’t about the wife, or the husband. This site is about the homewrecker. The homewreckers that invade, intrude, and destroy those walls that are there to keep them and others like them, out. >

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