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  • Name: Print profits
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  • Phone: +1888-915-4776
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  • Reported Loss: 1000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


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It all started with a search result. I was trying to find some tips on making money through businesses like print on demand. That is when I came to this program called print profit, a course offered by Fred Lam. I was intrigued by the way it is described how profitable the course is and how the business can make you earn 6 figures in no time. It was hard to believe at first. But all the great reviews about the website made me trust it in just few minutes.I went through the course details and found out that the course was offered in modules with videos and content to help learn the tricks easily. It was mentioned that the videos were downloadable and could be accessed anytime and anywhere. I felt as if it was the right fit for me. Hence, I enrolled for their program. And, now when I think of it, I feel really stupid for making a payment of $1000 right away.I should have waited and looked for genuine reviews which may be hard to find, but you will find it. I am posting this review to try to reach as many people as possible who are thinking of enrolling for this course. Even if I am able to save one person, I will think that I got my money back.When I started using the course material, I felt I was learning nothing. Because I was looking for a perfect business strategy, I had browsed for it many times on the internet. I had learned about how people made thousands and millions through this niche. And, I knew a lot of strategies that people usually apply when trying the drop shipping business and print on demand business.I had acquired a lot of free knowledge from the internet about the niche and was looking for something advanced that I might have missed. I did not want to enter the war without much tools and preparation. That is the reason why I signed up for this course.However, for as long as I was watching the videos or accessing the content, I only waited for the time when I would have come across any important tip. To be honest, it never happened. I completed the course feeling incomplete. I never learned anything as I knew everything that they told. They even gave wrong information and details through their videos which I outlined to them and I was talked out of it.All the content that they have shared was basic and useless to someone who was looking to seriously get into drop shipping. Forget about print on demand, the course failed to put the right ideas across about online business as well. I have got some great ideas that I have learned through online blogs and those were pretty helpful in clearing my doubts.That brings me to one more reason to dislike this course. Whenever I had problems with the course details, I asked for clarifications. And, none of which has been answered till date. I believe that these guys are only focused on taking away your money and nothing else. Just one reasonable question which I forgot to ask myself when joining the course: why on this earth would Fred want to teach online when he can earn through his print on demand business?And if he is so interested in increasing his competition on the web, why cannot he do it for free? For the betterment of the society. The course was a waste of time and there was nothing crucial that it shared.After completing the course, I felt cheated and wanted refund. I called these guys and asked for a refund. I even had a chance to get hold of another member who paid for the course. He told me that his entire group of friends enrolled for the course and all are repenting now.He said that he also has asked for a refund and his request has already been denied three times. He writes email every now and then to get hold of someone who can approve the refund. But, there has been no luck.He said that there are other people too who are looking for refund. He also posted a negative feedback on their website which was taken off in next few seconds. Think about the reviews that may have been taken off by the admins every day. They must be paying good to these moderators for deleting negative reviews coming to their website every minute.I also requested for a refund which was soon denied. They said that I had completed the course and have not given attention to the details and that is the reason why I feel the course was worthless. They said that they cannot just refund everyone their money only if they claim that the course was unnecessary.They asked me to provide a proof that I worked for the assignments as asked and could not earn from it. This is insane. Why would everyone ask for a refund if they are able to earn 6 figures right away after learning how from you? Because this is what you claimed earlier. And, if that is not true and everyone is coming back for their money, then there must be something wrong with the course itself.Anyway, they will never hear. Fred Lam and Michael Shih are scammers. They read few books and create their course based on some dicey information. They promote it big and take away money from users and in turn, disrespect them calling them fools.You will regret buying their course and paying such a huge amount. But, it would be too late by then. Why don’t you access YouTube and get some better videos describing the strategies involved in drop shipping and print on demand for that matter.With Fred, you are only here to lose. The course is designed to scam people and leave them with no option but to repent.


Print profits

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